Sunday, May 31, 2009

Filming for Most Kissable Guy

Yesterday the filming for Most Kissable Guy is fun and enjoyable. Karyn took picture of me and the whole filming took us about 4 hours plus. If you guys are free and want to try good food, maybe you can go to Dallas Restaurant at Boat Quey. Their food is nice! Lol! Think I will upload the food picture tomorrow as recently I have so many picture yet to load into my blog. (",)

As for who is the lucky girl that I date yesterday, you will have to check out Channel U in June 2009! Remember to tell me when you see the commercial ads at Channel U. I will post up her photo when the Channel U make the announcement. Meanwhile, make a guess who is the lucky girl that won the $1000 Clinique Products.

To check out my picture on what is happening yesterday, click to

Still remember him? He is Andy, finalist from Most Kissable Guy! He come down to support me and yesterday is his birthday! I m so happy that he turn up at the filming area to show his support to me! We celebrated his birthday and have our lunch at Dallas Restaurant.

Go to my blog (My Photo) to check out his girlfriend's picture. Wow! She is so beautiful! Lol! Oops! Anyway, Andy is my good brother, so he wont mind one. Lol! Also, Happy Birthday to Andy once again!

If you want to know what we eat, then remember to check out my blog in the next few days. I will show you some more photo on the food that we eat. Anyway, thanks EME FC for treating me and the production team and everybody today. Thank you!

Oh ya! If you want to book this place for event or function, you can contact Mei Zi (Events Sales Manager) and check out their website at

After we finish our lunch, Boss, myself, Mandy and Nicholas went over to Bugis Junction Jean Yip Makeover to pick up my photo. Wow! I m so HANDSOME! Lol! I mean myself in the photo. Must really thanks Kenny and Desmond for doing a wonderful makeover for me in their studio.

Anyway, I met Wanxin at Bugis Junction, she is one of my students last time when I teach singing. She is a nice gal and she is one of the four 招财猫 in the group that I teach. The group consist of Wanxin, Shijia, Gillian and Belinda. You know why I name the four of them 招财猫? Make a guess then! Lol!

Our last stop before we went home, we actually went to 四马路观音庙 to pray for good health and many other things. And I wont tell you one! Lol! Then Nicholas and Mandy went to check out the pricing for some printing. After that, we went to Sunshine Plaza to eat ice-cream, and the shop name is known as O'Divino, and you can check out their website at

If you have not try this ice-cream before, then you must go try out as I also love it too!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jean Yip Makeover & Outing!

Yesterday was my first time stepping into Jean Yip Group (Jean Yip Makeover) for my studio shoot. Well, my first impression was like "WOW! So Professional!" Actually they do not know who is Elson Soh, but they still treat me very nice and teach me alot of things too. Until Boss tell them that I m a recording artiste, they are not surprise actually. They even visited my blog and I given two sets of my CDs to Desmond and Kenny. They even took photo with me! (",)

To view more photo, click to

Thank you Desmond and Kenny for the makeup and photoshoot. I like the photo very much and hope to see the edited version tomorrow after my filming for Most Kissable Guy. I will try to upload a few of my photo to share with everybody after I collected it tomorrow.

Anyway, share with you one very interesting blog, actually this blog belong to Desmond and after reading it, I felt that you guys should go to view it as well. In future, if I need to write Chinese lyric for my song, I know where to go liao. Lol! Click to

After the photoshoot, I bring Boss and Nicholas to Sakae Sushi for dinner. The dinner was great and I enjoy it very much. Saw the photo below? Her name is Jophy, and she work at Natural Project. Do you know she actually know that I m the Top 3 at Most Kissable Guy Contest? I was like kind of surprise as first time people "discover" me in the public. Anyway, I brought a nice shirt at Natural Project. Lol!

Straight after that, we went to Adidas outlet at Bugis Junction to buy a new pair of shoes for my shooting tomorrow. I have to buy as Nicholas is "complaining" that my current sport shoes is very SUPER old liao. Lol! Check out my new shoes tomorrow.

I went to meet Mandy, Timothy and Gilberto at Neil Road, together with Boss and Nicholas. They brought me to The Bar (they say it a place for gays to sing KTV), and I enjoy singing there actually. Anyway, the place dun seem so "gay" to me and the people there are nice and mostly are working executive. Do check it out if you are nearby the area in future. (",)

Timothy pay for everything at The Bar, including the food that we ordered. Thanks Timothy! But sorry to everybody that I have to go back early as I got a sudden fever attack and flu during the singing session. Tim, sorry that I cant accompany you last night, but promise I will treat you to lunch this Sunday before I go for the chalet gathering in the evening. Sorry to everybody!

Oh ya! I brought a few sets of Giordano Tee-Shirts for EME FC committee members - Yuan Zhuang, Carol, Daniel, Tricia, Geraldine, Timothy and Mandy. I also brought for my good friends - Yujing and Gilberto. Limited budget, so cant get everybody the Tee-Shirts. I promise once I get my next month event pay, I will try to get some presents for the rest of you! (",)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jean Yip Makeover

Just take my early lunch with Boss, and now he is waiting for me to finish my blogging before we set off for our activities today. Today going to be a SUPER BUSY day for me! I dunno how I m going to finish everything within a day.

I will be heading to Jean Yip Makeover Outlet at Bugis Junction for a studio shoot today! Very happy! Boss told me that he had tied up a few modelling project with them in the past and after so many years, I m the first artiste that he is bringing me there. I feel so proud now! (",)

This is the new set of outfit that Boss selected for me from Crocodile. I like it very much, as Boss's taste actually quite good, just that he dont like to dressed up himself. He is quite a simple guy with polo-tee, jean and slipper. Lol!

After photo-shoot, I have to rush for another video recording for a new Chinese program. Do stay tune for my new program, and if you like My Lifestyle 生活日记, then you shouldnt miss this new program. Because you will see a "DAMM Funny Elson" at Youtube again!

Thanks Stacy for making me such a nice card. She say that I look handsome in the above photo. Lol! Thanks for the compliment! Anyway, tonight I m going to sing KTV with a few good friends, and they are bring me to a "gay pub" to sing. Lol! I will update all of you when I m back home.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Yesterday was a busy day, and would say I m very tired after all the recording of my Youtube videos. Boss and myself spend nearly 5 hours doing recording. Remember to check out all my new demo songs at inside my blog or Youtube. Hope you guys like it! (",)

After recording, I went to teach tuition, and after that meet Boss, Daniel and Carol for supper at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Daniel and Carol ask the cafe to play my song, and I was like quite shy when everybody start looking at me. Lol! I really appreciate the effort from both of you.

This is what they eat before I arrive at the cafe. Good life! Lol! Saw the photo below? They are the teachers of Daniel and Carol during their secondary school days. Daniel and Carol passed them my CDs and invited me to take a picture with them. Thanks for supporting my song!

This is what I eat for my supper cum dinner yesterday. No wonder Boss always nag at me for eating so much supper. Lol! Anyway, thanks Boss for signing up a membership card for me at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Lastly, thanks everybody once again for voting me at Most Kissable Guy and SG Blog Awards. Remember to continue writing comment and get your friends to nominate me at SG Blog Awards. Thanks to everybody that had nominated me under Best Local Celebrity Blog under SG Blog Awards. (",)

YZ and Carol, jia you for your upcoming exam!
Tricia, hope you dun stress about your friend anymore.
Daniel, thanks for doing up the website.
Tim, I see your effort all the while. (",)
Yujing, thanks for always promoting me in your blog!
Geraldine and Joey, thanks for your protection. Lol!
Mandy, thanks for your nutrition products.
Nic, thanks for your support in everything!

Lastly, all of us jia you together! Including those that I didnt mention, you should know that I also care for you guys! Otherwise I wont be talking to you in MSN, smsing you or tagging your chatbox inside your blog. Take care everybody!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Substitution (替代品)

Who want to be a substitution in any relationship? Well, I have a new song and the title is 替代品, and the lyric is wrote by my mentor. If you read the lyric, it is another sad love song by 黑夜, my mentor. Thanks Laoshi! (",)

Check out the video at

Thanks Mandy for the 补品! Do you know what time she send me? It was around 2am after her work. She come to visit me together with Daniel. And do you know why they come at this hour? Because Daniel need her laptop to do the website design for my fanclub. OMG! I m really touched.

Boss treated them to McCafe and the 24 hours coffee shop for supper before they start work, but later part, Tricia and Geraldine also join them to do the website together. They also discussed many things regarding the fanclub. The whole session ended in the morning 7.30am and they brought me breakfast. Thanks everybody for the hardwork. (",)

Haircut Appointment

I overslept yesterday because I was super tired and it was raining very heavily before I left house. And so I was late meeting Dewei for lunch at Plaza Singapura. Luckily for me that he is a nice guy and didnt blame me for my late arrival. Lol!

Anyway he treated me to lunch at Pastamania. We chatted here and there, and before we knew it, it is 1pm already, time for my haircut appointment at Angelsky8. Check out my nice food and this can consider one of my favourite food at Pastamania.

Today I brought Leehom's album as reference. Darren, my stylist, says that I can copy the hairstyle but with modifications because Leehom has a longer face shape than mine. Anyway I trust his professionalism and within an hour, he finished his job. I thought he did a very wonderful job. (",)

After cutting, he taught me how to style my hair, and imparted me some of the "secret techniques" that his teacher taught him also. He also recommended me the type of shampoo, hairspray, hair wax and haircare products suitable for me. I realised everything that I have now are not suitable, have to buy new ones again, but no money. Lol!

Anyway I just want to say, thanks Darren, I appreciate everything today!

To view more photo of me at Angelsky8, click to

After that I walked around abit before meeting my cousin for early dinner and discussion regarding her wedding. I m very excited for her!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Elson Music Empire (Singapore) Fanclub

Elson Music Empire Singapore Fanclub
(苏奕铨音乐帝国新加坡后援会) will be officially launch our own Fanclub website, tee-shirt and icon next month. Remember to check out our date of launching and must come down support me too!

Saw the Icon of the Fanclub? This is designed by Tim, my Fanclub Designer. He is a great Designer and he is my good friend too. Thank you Tim!

According to EME Singapore Fanclub, they will be releasing two sets of Tee-Shirt, one is Polo Tee and one is Round Neck Tee. Polo Tee will be exclusive for Fanclub Committee and Gold Card members, and Round Neck Tee will be for Silver Card members.

If any of you want to get the latest information of Elson Soh (苏奕铨), do join EME Singapore Fanclub and enjoy all the exclusive outing and activities, including latest updates of Elson Soh.

Gold Card Membership (12 Months) - $240
Silver Card Membership (12 Months) - $120
Ordinary Card Membership (12 Months) - $60

Gold and Silver Card inclusive of the below following:
ONE free Fanclub Tee (depend on the type of membership),
ONE exclusive Music DVD of Elson Soh,
ONE exclusive autograph A3 poster,
And many more benefits as well.

For more information, do email EME Singapore Fanclub at and they will get back to you shortly. I hope to see more people joining EME Singapore Fanclub as I want everybody to enjoy listening to Elson's music and his performance.

I know that the membership fee is quite expensive, but I think it is worth the value because of the effort that the Fanclub put in and also the upcoming activities organised by the Fanclub. Apart from that, EME Singapore Fanclub will contribute part of the membership registration fee to Elson's upcoming full album and all other publicity materials.

Thank you everybody who love Elson and I hope this Fanclub is a place for all my friends, supporters and music lovers to gathered. Remember my word, you are not a FANS of Elson, but rather you are a FRIEND of Elson. Elson love the get-together feeling with friends and not fans.

EME Singapore Fanclub is currently lead by Yuan Zhuang, Carol, Daniel, Tim, Tricia, Geraldine, Mandy and Nicholas. Thank you everybody for your effort in grooming Elson!

Stalker or Guardian Angel

Yesterday went out with Dad. We had lunch at Yew Tee Point before heading down to 四马路观音庙 to pray. Quite vexed recently, dun want to say much also. I just hope everything can be back to normal and give me a peaceful life.

After praying Dad left for work and I walked around bugis area for some time before calling Mum to meet her for dinner. So I went down to city hall to meet her. I had Soup Spoon for dinner.

This is me with my meatless minestrone and this is my happy mummy with her clam chowder soup. Looks delicious right? I havent had one-on-one dinner with mummy for quite sometime already. Anyway her birthday is coming and she kept asking what I buying for her, but I really very broke now. Still, I see what I can do then. Lol!

Yesterday night, alot of things happened. Boss nearly beat up somebody below my block as this person seem to become a stalker. Not only Boss is angry, even Tricia, Joey and Geraldine are not happy with what this person had done. I told this person that I need my own personal time and freedom. But after meeting this person yesterday, this person didnt went back home. And this person hiding around one corner "watching" me and the rest of my friends.

I m scare and shock when this person smsed me that this person know what I m doing now, and this person "watching" me from somewhere. I try to search for this person outside the coffeeshop, but I cant see this person. I forward the smses to my Boss and we left the coffeeshop with Tricia, Geraldine and Joey to search for this person.

We found this person and Boss wanted to call the police after confronting this person with my friends. This is the first time I see my three female buddies so aggressive when they confront this person. Lol! I got a SHOCK actually! Also this is the first time I see my Boss grabbing somebody's collar and wanted to punch this person. Anyway this person is safe because my three female buddies stopped the fight, but Joey injured her finger when she trying to stop. I m so sorry for causing you to get injured. Boss also suffered some scratches on his hand. Sorry and hope all of you are fine.

Lastly, I hope that this person after this incident can be more sensible and think before you want to do anything. It is not good to "watch" somebody and affect his personal life. If you really like that person, you should make sure that he/she is happily doing her things and not always disturbing him/her, causing him/her to be affected by your silly action.

Anyway, this is not the first time you committed something like yesterday. I hope you can awake after whatever had happen yesterday. You are not a "Guardian Angel", but seem like you had become a "Stalker" now.

Birthday Girl - Shixian

This is the birthday pictures from the party I attended on last Saturday. The birthday girl is Shixian, and I known her since secondary 1. She has been a very good friend of mine and I m glad that she has finally attained adulthood. Wish her all the best here. (",)

This is a picture of me and her. The party's held at Kranji Farm Resort. Quite a nice place. My first time there also. Lol!

The theme for the party is "retro" but because of the Shin Ming interview before that, I didnt have time to dress up and I went there being so not retro. Lol! The group photos are all me and my secondary school friends.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A True Story

Very SHOCKING! This is a real story of a young college girl who passed away last month in Pasir Ris. Must read the whole story! (",)

Her name was Priya. She was hit by a truck. She was working in a call center. She had a boy friend named Shankar. Both of them were true lovers. They always talked on the phone.

You would never find her without handphone. In fact she also changed her cell connection from M-One to Starhub, so that both of them can be on the same network, and save on the cost. She used to spend half of the day talking with Shankar.

Priya's family knew about their relationship. Shankar was very close to Priya's family as well. (Just imagine their love). Before she passed away she always told her friends: "If I pass away please burn me with my handphone". She also said the same thing to her parents.

After her death, people couldnt carry her body! A lot of them tried to do so, but still cant. Everybody had tried to carry the body, the results were the same. Eventually, they called a person known to one of their neighbours, who can speak with the soul of dead person and who was a friend of her father.

He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly. After a few minutes, he said: "this girl misses something here". Then her friends told that person about her intentions to burn her with her phone.

He then opened the grave box and place her phone and sim card inside the casket. After that they tried to carry the body. It was then moved easily and they then carried her into the van.

All of us were shocked. Priya's parents did not inform Shankar that Priya had passed away. After 2 weeks later, Shankar called Priya's mom.

Shankar: Aunty, I m coming home today. Cook something nice for me. Don't tell Priya that I'm coming home today, I wanna surprise her.

Her mother replied: You come home first, I wanna tell you something very important.

After he came, they told him the truth about Priya. Shankar thinks that they were playing a fool. He was laughing and said "don't try to fool me - tell Priya to come out, I have a gift for her. Please stop this nonsense".

Then they show him the original death certificate to him. They gave him proof to make him believe. (Shankar started to sweat) He said: "It is not true. We spoke yesterday. She still call me".

Shankar was shaking. Suddenly, Shankar's phone rang. He said: "See this is from Priya, see this....", he showed the phone to Priya's family. All of them told him to answer. he talked using the loudspeaker mode.

All of them heard his conversation. Loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming. It is the actual voice of Priya and there is no way others could use her sim card since it is nailed inside the grave box

They were so shocked and asked for the same person's (who can speak with the soul of deal persons) help again. He brought his master to solve this matter.

He and his master worked for 5 hours.

Then they discovered one thing which really shocked them....

Starhub has the best coverage - Wherever you go, our network follows!

Dont shout at me. I got this story from my email and I think it is fun reading it. So what you can do? You should also paste it at your blog, and let your friends "enjoy", just like I enjoyed.

The Newspaper Interview

娟姐 and Catherine 姐 visited me yesterday when I was doing my interview with The Newspaper at my house. They also brought me two stitch! Nice? Thank you!

Anyway, do grab a set of The Newspaper on Tuesday or Wednesday to check out my interview with them! (",) Not forgetting to check out Shin Min Daily News as well!

Thanks EME Singapore Fanclub for doing so many things at a time. I m impressed by their effort in recruiting supporters and friends to support me, also doing up a website and tee-shirt for fanclub members.

Oh ya! Saw the cutie at the below photo? His name is E 仔 and he is the first icon in EME! My committee say that E 仔 look like me! Lol! You know the reason? Because we both look equally cute mah! Faint!

More photo and write-up available at

After my interview, I went for dinner with Boss, Nicholas, Daniel, Carol, Yujing, 娟姐 and Catherine 姐. Then we went to watch movie at West Mall, and meet up Joey, Tricia and Geraldine. But too bad that Joey didnt join us for the movie.

We went to watch Night At The Museum 2 yesterday, but the show is not as good as the previous one. But overall, it is still watchable and nice. (",) If you have the time, go watch it!

Ok. Should stop here. I will continue to blog tomorrow when I wake up. My off day again as Tuesday and Wednesday is going to be a busy day for me! Lol!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

爱情字典(5) - 祝你幸福

爱情字典 episode 5 is here! Sorry to keep all my novel readers waiting! This time round, I pick one of my own song as the background music, as many of my friends and supporters love this song. Hope my readers also like it as well! Anyway, I m not in a mood now. Sorry!

Click to

PM: Anyway, the time now is 5.25am and seem that YOU are not interested to update me again. Where is your Promise? Where is our Agreement? Is it just to cover the mistake and hurt that you had done to me? I m very disappointed again. 痊愈的伤口, 为何又被你狠狠地撕开?

I began to get sick of blogging, because the reason for blogging is no longer there. You want my answer and I tell you now - 爱情和事业, 我会选择爱情! Do you know I havent been online from yesterday till now? Do you know that I had been avoiding replying the smses and calls? All because of YOU! 可以告诉我何时才可以离开这伤人的世界吗?


Yesterday I had a interview with Shin Ming Newspaper (新明日报) at around 2pm. The interview was around my house area, the coffee shop that I always eat my lunch and the recent EME gathering.

Before the reporter and photographer arrive, I had my simple lunch together with Boss and Nicholas. Anyway my interview might be out today (Sunday), and do check out 新明日报.

Oh ya! The interview last around an hour and around 3.45pm, I receive another call from another reporter from SPH. Quite surprise to receive the call after my interview. (",)

A big surprise yesterday! EME's committee and supporters come down to visit me, and I would say this is a SURPRISE visit. They brought me a lot of stuffs from NTUC Fairprice again. Lol!

Do you know my mum recently post me a question? She say: "我们是不是养不起你? 为什么一直叫朋友买东西给你?". I was like BLUR and dunno how to answer her also. Anyway, dun waste money anymore, I really appreciate you guys and all the stuffs that you get for me. (",)

I took a few photo with them before I leave for my event. I heard from Boss that EME committee is going to do up my fanclub stuffs and settle all the admin issues at Choa Chu Kang Lot One. Thanks to everybody for the hardworks and effort!

For more photo, click to

I heard that you guys going to SHOCK me again today. Lol! I m wondering what is going to happen again. Looking forward to it!

Lastly, as usual you didnt reply again. Waiting and waiting..... I m asking myself again when will I be giving up everything. I m tired as you are selfish at time. I m working hard now.

PM: 爱上你也许我不够冷静, 只想对你说声Saranghamnida

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Disgusting MSN message

I receive my Clinique product sample yesterday. Thank you! Anyway, remember to vote for me at The voting will be closed on 27 May 2009 / 12pm. Do ask your friend to vote for me, plus Andy and Zheng Lin! (",)

Yesterday, if you login to OMY (, you will see me again being featured as their Featured Blogger! So happy to see my blog entry being featured again! Thank you!

The above banner is done by Tricia and Geraldine for my yahoo group fanclub. Remember to join and support me! Lol!

Went to Causeway Point to meet Boss yesterday at around 3.15pm, and he treated me for lunch at Pastamania. We ordered Chicken Cheese Salsiccia Combo Set and soft-drinks. Actually I meet him just to show him some disgusting message that somebody send me through msn recently.

Anyway, Boss was kind of SHOCK when he saw those message by that person. Lol! I will let everybody know what is the outcome after Boss come out with a decision. (",)

Just finish a new song, and I simply love it so much! Especially the lyric, as my mentor edit it for me. My mentor actually edited most of the lyric, maybe around 70%. Lol! Do check it out and leave me a comment at my chatbox!

Preview of the lyric only available at