Monday, August 31, 2009

Yummy Korean Dinner @ Dempsey Hill

I was almost late for lecture today! Luckily I wasnt. Lol! Had my first economics lecture today by Mr Mark Harris. I really do hope I can cope. (",)


Had lunch with some friends and after school I went home to change before meeting Boss for dinner with God Sis, Loveena and her friend and mother.


We had Korean food! It's very nice. At dempsey hill. I recommend everyone to go there next time.

Cabbed home. 6 more days to my birthday!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ballon Stitch

It's a Sunday today and I finally get to get some rest. Well not really considering I have tuition from 11.30am all the way till 5.30pm. No lunch break in between too. Lol!

Met Godma and Boss at night and I drove them to Uncle Four's grandmother's wake, as Boss do not know the way there. Anyway, quite nice to chat with Godma. Havent really sat down and talk to her for some time already.

After that they dropped me at my place before heading back to Bukit Timah Plaza. I heard that every tentants were happy doing this fair, and almost every of them want to come back to rent our space again next week. (",) Thank you for your support!


A photo that I left out yesterday. Saw the ballon Stitch? Cute right? Lol! More pictures from the event will be uploaded to My Photo in my blog soon. Stay tune.

8.30am lesson tomorrow. Woo! Got to sleep now! Good night to everybody!

Saturday, August 29, 2009



Weekends for students are usually fun and relaxed, but for me, it's different. Lol! Headed down to Bukit Timah Plaza for the 2nd day of our P24 Bazaar Sale. It's pretty crowded today. Today's Emcees are Jeana and Lawrence!


I met a few new friends today. One of them is Agnes from Campus Superstar 2. She is really nice, warm and friendly. Totally unlike what I've heard about her from others. Luckily I'm someone who uses my heart and not words to judge a person. I'm sure the truth will somehow come out by itself one day. Well, I'm glad everything is fine between us now!


Bro Javin performed too. He is getting fitter each time I see him. Lol! I sang Liao Jie and Carol brought a Stitch balloon on stage for me! So cute. Lol. Thank you EME for support today!


Thank you Yuan Zhuang, Carol, Shirley, Meiling, Evon, Yu Jing and Xing Yu for turning up today!


Today our food stall 乐乐杯 set up a trial run and it was successful! Good business. Thank you everyone for their support! We will jia you! 吃了乐乐杯,天天都快乐!(",)

2nd friend I met today is Magdalene from Educalc. (see She is a very successful yet humble lady. Very friendly, very warm and nice lady. Enjoyed talking to her too.


3rd friend I knew today is none other than Yu Jing's sister, Yi Ling. The 3 brother and sisters really dont look alike. Lol! Anyway, I'll be doing a tie up with Yi Ling's blog shop pretty soon. So you guys can stay tuned!

After wrapping up, we had a debrief before heading to dinner at Famosa Restaurant at West Coast. Yummmms. Hope you guys enhoy the supper. (",)

Everyone's tired after a hectic week so we went home to rest after. Do remember to rest well! Take care!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Econs Lecture



Dad fetched me to school again today morning. It's mass lecture today. So everyone gets to get together to have lecture. But it will be the first and the last mass lecture we have. So sad.


Anyway we took some pictures before and in between lecture. (",)

After lecture we had lunch at the canteen. Then I went to Bukit Timah Plaza to meet the RIG team. Helped out here and there. Drove to Marriot. Nice car Jason has. Lol! Then went to massage. Very good service there. Friendly people too.


At night we head to Lim Chu Kang to attend Jason's great grandmother's funeral. Hope he is feeling ok. Do take care and be strong.


Check out the flyer by Premium 24 (Singapore). This is a event co-organised by Bukit Timah Plaza. Remember to come down on 29 August 2009 to support Javin They and Agnes Low from Campus Superstar II, from 3pm to 4pm. Not forgetting to support me on 5 September 2009 from 2pm to 4pm

Very tired now. Gonna rest!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prepartory Workshops

Day 3 @ School


Today is the first day I'm attending lecture! First lecture was Principals of Accounting by Mr Balwant Singh. He was quite serious at first but slowly loosen up as the lecture progressed. Anyway, I didnt take accounting before and was pretty puzzled by certain terms he was using and so I asked him. But he didnt answer my question properly and left the entire class confused.


However towards the end of the lecture my question was kinda answered through the lesson proper and indeed, there wasnt any meaning to the words I asked him to explain. Lol! But he asked for my name and praised me. There's already homework on the first day of school!


During break I joined Abel, Annabel and Aik Heng for lunch. Johnathan joined us too. Tried the cafe. Food was okok, but it was a good experience.

After lunch was 2nd 3 hour lecture by Dr Phil Stephenson. I honestly think he's quite good looking, but I cant really make out what he was saying through his accent. Lol! I almost slept during lecture today but I told myself that I want to do well and so I persevered! I managed to get the maths concepts right. (",)

Lesson ended and I went home myself. Had tuition at night. Tomorrow 3 hour lectures again and again.

God Sis Sarah called me today and told me she misses me. Actually I miss her too. So sweet of her to call and also give me encouragement to me. Thanks sis!

Somehow or rather recently, I wasnt feeling happy. I dont know why. Everyday I laugh, I smile, yet my heart doesnt feel a single tinge of happiness. Was it the stress of school? Or was it the stress given by other people? It's only 3 days into school and so many things are happening. People are demanding this and that. I havent even adapt to school life and my timetable, school work. Yet they are already saying that I this and I that.

And I heard something very funny today. Someone told me that he heard that my classmate look like my ex. I dont even know which classmate he is talking about because none of my classmate look like anybody I knew.

Stressed up. Who bother to understand what I'm going through? ARGH!!!!

Before I forget, this Saturday onward, you will see my picture around Bukit Timah Plaza for the next two weeks. Remember to check it out when you visit the plaza. Take care everybody!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UOL Freshie Orientation

Freshmen Orientation today! So excited. Lol! Wore the Orientation tee-shirt, headed out and met Reagan and Guo Ming at Clementi.

After some briefing, we were divided into 8 groups. I'm in group 3, and my OGL is Tee Kay. He's damn funny person, and very friendly also.


Games were fun and enjoyable, but the sun was unbearably hot! I got a very bad tan today and my arms and neck are now red like lobster, and also burning. Lol!

Lunch was quite messed up though. Queue was very long. Everyone spent like 20minutes to queue under the hot hot sun before we finally get to eat.


After lunch we had games and my team won! T.K (my team's name) Go go go!

Some group of girls from Indonesia approached me to take photo with them after camp debrief. They are really cute and nice people. My fellow course mates also.


Met and know quite a number of new friends today. Lesson starts tomorrow officially. No more playing! More pictures are available at My Photo at the side-bar of my blog. (",) Do check it out!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back To School

LONG entry today. Bear with me. Lol!

Today marks my first day back to school! Tertiary life is really different from JC and Sec sch life, though the basic disciplinary rules still apply. Dad fetched me to school today because it's my first day. As I neared the school, I felt kinda scared and excited at the same time. Scared because I cannot cope, scared because my commitment of 3 years starts today. Excited because I kinda look forward to campus life.


First thing I saw as I stepped into school is the looooooong queue. At first I thought it was the queue for normal lectures. When I walked further up front then I realised it's for us. Lol! So I walked all the way back to the back of the queue and queued.

I was quite alone today, until someone familiar tapped my shoulder. Guess who? It's my former campmate Reagan! I also got to know his friend Guo Ming and the 3 of us hung out together for the rest of the day.


School kicked off with talks and lectures and also introductory talks and sharing of experiences by our seniors. After that we were made to sign a "contract" which states that we are to know our roles and responsibility as a SIM student. Each and everyone of us is then required to go up stage to shake the hands of every single lecturer and staff up there and "give our promise" by handing over the "contract" to them. Another thing to note is that my class has only 50% local students. Means I'll get to meet alot of foreign friends. Maybe next year when I specialise then will I get to meet more local students. But well, it's ok. I'm friendly! Lol!

After that, we were asked to take an English test. OMG! Test on the first day of school! Faint. It took me sometime to get my flow back after not having done any tests or written any essay for more than 2 years. Lol.


School ended and we headed to Ngee Ann Poly for lunch. This is my lunch for today. (",)

Soon after lunch they headed home while I headed down to Paya Lebar. Cabbed to Puma office for meeting. The cab was so warm I almost died of heatstroke. Lol.


Today was the official meeting for Friends of Puma with regards to their online campaign. Qian was very cute. She bought potato chips and chocolates for everyone! Lol! And it was nice to see Gab again. He looks tired today though.


We were also present a mini gift set by Puma which includes a Puma F1 toy car model, a limited edition Puma F1 driver figurine, press kit, blogging details, program rundown for the F1 campaign and also a can of Redbull. Lol. Soon, you all will be able to read me blogging from the Puma Motorsports website and also find out how to win tickets to VIP F1 parties and meet the driver sessions and many other attractive prizes simply by just reading my blog! All in all, people involved in the online campaign are Trixy, Diana, Nadia, Jayden, Lawrence, Benjamin and me.

After that I cabbed to Mediacorp. Gave Trixy a ride. Lol!


Have been missing quite a couple of lessons lately due to my very hectic work schedule. Today's lesson was quite relaxing. Managed to catch a couple of photos while waiting outside the room for our turn . We were waiting for our turn to do one-to-one practicing with teacher. Everyone chatted and we all became quite high. Some even sang. And our senior New is very humble person who likes to sing. He asked me to teach him once he got a stable income because he didnt want to undercut me. Very touched by him. (",)

Met Boss, Kelvin, Mandy and Dewei at the coffeeshop opposite Tekka Mall after lesson. The taxi driver didnt know where the exact location is and we ended up going two big rounds before finally reaching our destination. Lol! Got my namecard today! But Boss say he want to change the design and layout in our next printing.

That's all for my looooooong and busy day. Now to blog something to side track abit. My birthday is coming and I just wanna put down my top 3 wishlist (even though I know it's most likely not going to come true). Lol!

1. MacBook Pro laptop

Super nice. I really like it alot after Langer showed it to me. But very expensive. Sad!

2. iPhone 3G (S)

Also very nice.

3. LV Viktor Sling Bag
Wanted one since long ago. But well.. Again another dream.

And so, these are my top 3 items on my wishlist. Lol!

Gotta wake up at 6.30am tomorrow. It's orientation and team building. I really envy my friends at other schools and courses who get to enjoy week long orientation camps. I really yearn for one. But well, no choice already. Lol!

Falling sick soon. Feeling feverish. Hope tomorrow will be alright for me.

Good nights everyone!

Monday, August 24, 2009

SIM University - Study!

Tomorrow is my first day at SIM University! Very excited now! Nothing much to blog about today as Boss give me a day off to prepare for my school opening. He also urged me to work hard in my study too! Thanks Boss! (",)

Anyway, I will keep everybody posted after my school through my blog. Lol! I will take some pictures and share with everybody. Stay tuned for more update!

I had uploaded all the pictures taken at Bukit Timah Plaza in My Photo page. Do click the side bar and check it out. Alternative, you can also search the pictures at Facebook or Friendster, not forgetting Yahoo Group as well.

One thing to update before I sleep, is that my birthday is on 6 September 2009 (Sunday). Remember to confirm with me if you are able to attend my party on that day. Confirm with me by this friday ok? My party will start from 7pm to 10pm.

Got to sleep early today! Good night to everybody in advance!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day Three @ Premium 24 BTP Bazaar Sales

Had tuition today. Can see my students all putting in their effort already. One got A1 for his maths common test! Very happy. Lol! Thanks dad for fetching me to and fro also.

Before I left home I had an argument with my mum. I know she is worried for me. I just wanna reassure her that I know what I m doing and I will do my best to not disappoint you. Sorry.

Went home, changed and headed down to The Pizza Place for EME gathering. Popped by 观音庙 to pray on the way. Hope everything will be smooth and good. (",)


Anyway, happy to see Keng Huei and Jane. Havent seen you guys for some time! Also glad that Gilberto, Yu Jing, Carol and Shirley turned up. Shirley always sleep and dont want to let me pass. Always bully me! Lol! Kidding. I had fun today. Thanks everyone!

After that we "da bao" the other orders down to Bukit Timah Plaza for everyone to eat! It is like a mini 庆功宴. Quite warm and nice to see everyone gathering to eat together. Talked to Jason (numerology) today again. We talk about everything under the sun. Talking to him seems like an everyday affair now. Lol. Somehow, I do enjoy talking to him also. Everyday he will also give me new advices on my problems. And he treat me 菊花茶 also. Thanks alot!

Oh ya, and also thanks for the Kueh. The aunty was very generous, distributing the leftover kuehs to everyone present. I got a pack too! Lol!



Camwhoring was fun. The many group shots we took, and I also borrowed Yu Jing's huge glasses and took a picture. Everyone took a big headed shot for the camera too. Lol!

De-brief session was good today. First time I sit in the full-strength meeting. Finally I see the light. Hope everything goes well for everyone! 大家加油!

I will be uploading the rest of the events and activities photo soon. Remember to click and check out my PHOTO blog page when you guys are free.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big hoo-ha


Second day for our fair today. Things are starting to get better I would say. Anyway quite happy today to see some old friends, namely Alicia Koo and Javin They. They are still as good on stage. I performed today too. Lol! Thanks Evon, Carol and Yu Jing for coming down to support me today.


After performance, Boss and I went for a 20min massage. Godma went also. Very shiok and the person gave me extra minutes to relax my head and arms. Boss jealoused. Lol!

Met some more new friends today. Friends from Hock Hua Tonics, Jessica from Make Up Artist Shop, the friendly girl from the cuttlefish stall and not forgetting Betty and her colleague from Zi-Diamond. It's great knowing you all. (",) More photo will be posted up soon! Lol!


Today Dewei, Mandy, Jasmine and Jason went to have their name told by Numerologist ( also named Jason. It's really really spot on. Lol! And speaking of Jason, for the past few days, he have been offering me advices and words of wisdom. Boss scold me say I paid only $20 then ask from Suntec to Bukit Timah. Lol! Just wanna say thank you Jason for all your words of advices! Greatly appreciate it.

At night I went for Kaijie's birthday party. Everyone's getting older. I m next. Lol!

I guess words have been in my heart for pretty long. I always wanted to say it, because I felt it. I know someway somehow, things have changed after the big hoo-ha between Youthbox, EME and RIG. I know things can never go back to how they used to be. But certain things inside me wouldnt change. I value and emphasise alot on everyone in my life being like a family. It has always been like that and will always be like that.

All my god sisters and brothers and members of EME and all my friends and supporters whether in the past, now or future, I really do treasure each and everyone of you. I do care and I do try my best to 疼 you all in one way or another. Use your heart to feel instead of using your heart to hear. Some things may not be like what you think it is. No matter what happens, I will never do anything to want to harm or hurt or insult anyone of you. Because I m not like that. That's all I wanna say.


Jeane, you had performed well today! Boss is very proud to have you as his event emcee. Do work hard and hope to see you more often in our future event. (",) Good night everyone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Premium 24 first event cum roadshow

Today Premium 24 hosted its first event cum roadshow! Many of Boss's clients supported him by getting a space in the roadshow. Of course we also have a booth there promoting our talents and package on photoshoot. I m happy and excited at the same time. Hope everyone can help support us by becoming our online member!




Did you check out all the above pictures? This are some of the clients who rented a push-cart or table space at Bukit Timah Plaza. Remember to become our new members and receive the latest from our clients on their newest promotions and activities. There are also prizes to be won monthly for all our members. Stay tuned for more updates!

Met the Numerology teacher today Jason and we chatted quite abit. I also met some new friends today. Not forgetting Nick, my fellow 21 year old friend who already owned his own online business. Can visit his online shop at Support!

After that I had lunch at Liu San Ge with Boss and Adrian. My 4th time this week! Lol! Left for tuition after that.


Later at night, I cabbed down back to Bukit Timah Plaza to meet Boss, Kelvin, Mandy and Liu Lao Ban for chit chat cum supper session. Liu Lao Ban specially cooked for me a dish that's not in the menu - Fried Tomato Egg. Really very nice! (",)


Went home after that. Long day again tomorrow. Oh ya! Anyway please do keep the cap ring from any canned of drink that you drink. We are assisting Liu Lao Ban in a charity project now. Please help him and do some nice charity work.

Recently alot of bad luck things happening. Really hope things can get better. Jia you everyone.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shop & Win @ Bukit Timah Plaza

First and foremost, I would like to welcome the two newest members of the RIG family! Welcome welcome! Hope we can all chiong and prosper in the upcoming year ahead. Huat ah! Lol!

Head down to Bukit Timah Plaza for meeting with Eileen 姐 today. Had lunch at Liu San Ge. So yummy! Also I will be starting my new fashion brand with Eileen 姐 soon.

After that we went to register for another new company! Woo!


Haircut at Angelsky8 is next. Thanks Darren for the lovely haircut. Today you dont want take picture with me. So I post my own picture. Lol.

At night I went dinner with my parents and we prayed. Met Langer for supper as I havent seen him for some time already.

Met Boss to pray again for RIG team.

Those who havent or forgot to pray, please do so!

Tomorrow till Sunday, there is a Evergreen Stationery Fair in conjunction with Shop and Win @ Bukit Timah Plaza, daily from 11am to 8pm. If you are interested to drop by, remember to support Javin They (finalist from Campus Superstar II) and Alicia Koo (finalist from Be A Star II). They will be singing a few nice songs for everybody from 3pm to 4pm. (",)


Not forgetting our lovely emcee on this Saturday, her name is Jeane Reveendran and she is very good entertaining emcee.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gift and Stationary Exibition


Went to the Gift and Stationary Exhibition at Suntec City today to support Godma! Was surprised at the huge set up for the entire event and also the crowd that was there despite it being a weekday. Signed on the standee and took pictures with a few members of the public, some reporters and also my new found friends!



After that was supposed to have dinner happily but in the end, no happy ending again. Haiz. I dont know why everyday have to end this way. Why? I feel so sad that everyday, my day ends with such bulk of unhappiness. I really dont know what else to do. I hope both of you can be more responsible and more hardworking as well.

Hope everything can go well soon. Hope two of you know what you are doing. (",)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eyebrow Treatment & Manicure

Today, Boss was supposed to join me and God sis for lunch. But in the end last minute Godma wanted him to do something, so he couldnt join us.


We had lunch at Wasabi Tei located at Fareast Plaza. The interior looks like an authentic Japanese restuarant. Look at the picture, do you feel like you are in Japan? Lol! The food there is also nice. I enjoyed it quite alot. Yummy! I had a Saba fish set.

After lunch, God sis brought me over to her friend's shop to do up my eyebrow. There's this barren patch on my right brow since I was a child due to an accident at home. God sis say it's not good to have a "hole" in my brows and so she brought me here to "fix" it.


Many celebrities go there for their service too, like Stefanie Sun and Joanne Peh. Their shop is Amy Beauty Link Inernational, located #05-72, Far East Plaza. Their lady boss Amy Lee, is a very warm and nice person. Their staffs are also very friendly and helpful. They offer services like Eyelash Extension, Eyebrow, Eyeliner & Lip Embroidery, Waxing, Facial, Eyelash Perming/Trimming etc. Mention Elson and you are also entitled to a special rate!


Before the treatment, I requested to put some light anesthetic to numb my brow as they told me it would be alittle painful. Lol. The anesthetic takes about 20minutes to take effect. So i walked around before heading back. Treatment time! It wasnt as painful as i thought it would be. Lol. But it's really interesting as in how they can actually "fill in" the hole. After treatment was photo taking with everyone, including the lady boss Amy. I think she looks abit like my God sis Sarah. Lol!

Amy 姐 then asked if I wanted to do Manicure. I told her I havent done any before and wasnt sure if I need to. But she just ask me to do and before I could say anything, she went over to ask them over to do it for me. She even sponsored the entire session! So touched! Thank you so much!


After that I stayed awhile to chit chat with the lady boss and she brought me over to Francis & Jean saloon, where I took a big group pic with everyone there. They are so warm, so friendly!

Bought a hairspray for $39 today because I really like the scent of it. (",)

Walked over to Orchard Ion and for the first time, I managed to walk around inside a little. As I was walking around the basement, a scent caught me and after finding out from Lingzhi, I found the trace of the scent. Loccitane Green Tea perfume! I like the scent SO much! I wanna buy it on the spot. But i refrained myself because I know I no money, and also I just bought my CKone perfume yesterday. BUT BUT BUT, I really like the scent of the Loccitance Green Tea perfume. I want!


Cabbed down to Central to meet god sis and bro. Looked at the shops awhile and we parted. Headed to Long John for meeting but our laptops couldnt last that long. Starbuck's full. So we headed to TCC. But Boss had a better idea. He went up to Make Up Artist Shop to borrow Chin teacher's laptop! Lol!


Havent visited Chin teacher and her shop Makeup Artist Shop for quite some time already. So quite happy to see her today! Her new hairstyle and colour, so cool, and she also slim down abit too! Lol! She gave me another set of makeup after learning that my previous set had finished. Thanks alot! Just to share with you guys, my makeup foundation powder is special because she specially mix the colour to match my skin tone.


Jeane popped by awhile for briefing. Boss asked her to host our upcoming event and also sponsored her to do a studio makeover photoshoot at Jean Yip The Makeover. Anyway, she really doesnt look her age (secret). Lol!

Joined the rest back at TCC. But the meeting didnt last long as something happened halfway through. I just hope things like this wont happen again. Hope you guys really really learn.