Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MV Shoot!

Hello! How have you guys been? Hope you are all doing well! Sorry I havent been updating as often. Had a pretty hectic month. Last weekend was the shoot for two of my malay singles, Cinta Pada Mu and Cinta Tak Kesampaian. For those who havent heard of my malay songs, this is Cinta Pada Mu. :)

So the first day of shoot began on Saturday. First time working with Team Eva Luna. Great crew with high level of respect and humbleness. They are going through fasting and still managed to complete the shoot with professionalism. Thumbs up to Nazri and Joe!

Not forgetting my female lead Shikin for lending her talents to my MV too. Nice girl, and she is single, so guys, please you know my hint. Hahaha.

Shikin and I before the shoot began

My best make up artist, Alex!

Enjoying the sun while shooting at ECP!

Team Eva Luna with Me, Shikin and Alex!

Start of Day 2 shoot.

Enjoying my fav gummy bears in between breaks. Hehe.

Taking a go at an artistic shot of the flyer during break time. Lol.

The both of them were trying to balance the bottle of hair spray on the top of their head. Funny moments like this between shoots really make everything so fun!

Final location for the shoot, Juup Nails.

Isnt it lovely? :)

Alex once again!

Finally after a long day, I get to pamper myself with the professional manicure services of Juup Nails!

Cant wait for the MV to be out! Hope you guys will really like it as the team spent alot of effort producing it.

Special thanks once again to:

- Boss, for his artistic inputs towards the two MVs.

- Team Eva Luna, Nazri and Joe for their professional work.

- Female lead Shikin, for her talent.

- Alex, for his time spent helping me to make up and touch up, getting my hair always ready for shoot.

- Lao Da, for sponsoring Party World KTV as one of the venue for shoot.

- Ah Boon of Juup Nails, for the wonderful set we get to shoot my second MV. And also for pampering me with all the wonderful services after a long tired day! :)

- Jason and Jaclyn for also lending their talent to the shoot.

- Irene, for helping out the two full days.

And to all who lent their support towards the production in one way or another. Sorry if I missed out any.

Thank you very very much! Cinta Pada Mu! <3

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Party World KTV @ Downtown East E!Hub

Hello! Thinking of a new place to chill and party with your friends? Presenting to you now the newly opened Party World KTV @ Downtown East E!Hub !!

This newly opened outlet boasts a refreshing interior, which makes it very cosy when you and your friends are chilling out! Friendly staffs and efficient services also makes you feel just at home. Song lists are new and updated. What's more the state of the art sound system makes your whole karaoke experience complete. It's like singing indoor with a concert system! Shiok max!!

That's me singing. Hehe.

Leg massager on the bottom left of picture

What's more? Party World KTV is the first karaoke chain in Singapore to offer extra benefits to their customers with no charge! 

Each room is equipped with a leg massager as well as a full-body massage chair to loosen your tired muscles after a long day. Imagine you knocking off from work and singing karaoke in a massage chair... Wa......

Full-Body massage chair on the right of picture

Party World KTV @ Downtown East E!Hub is your ideal place for fun for any occasion!

Dance the night away..


What are you waiting for? Make your way down to Party World KTV @ Downtown East E!Hub today! Maybe you'll see me there. Haha. 

Make Party World KTV your first choice just like me! (",)

Check out the Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PartyWorldKtvDowntownEast

Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close, Level 5, E!Hub Downtown East

Call for reservation or enquiries: 6582 2220 / 6582 2221

See you there!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


In life, there are always many things that we cannot predict. There are many things that come to us when we dont want it, and things that dont come to us when we want it. Most of the time, we dont get to choose, leaving things to "fate" and "destiny". Does "fate" and "destiny" determine who we become or what we will be?

Few days back, I went to visit my ENT specialist for the second time. Some of you may have known since mid-May, my ears suddenly became blocked and as a result, it affected part of my hearing. At first I didnt think much of it and so I let it be, hoping that it would recover by itself.

After a month of persistent swelling, I decided to visit the doctor. His initial diagnosis was pretty harmless. He told me to take medicine and it will go off in a month or two.

However it's been almost 2 months, my ear havent recovered. So I decided to pay him a second visit. This time, he did a scope on me again and realised that the problem was more serious than expected. There was swelling inside my nose. He told me there was a serious infection and if not treated properly, will spread to my eyes and cheek area. This was the reason why my hearing was affected and also the cause of my frequent migraines.

However, he couldnt determine the seriousness of the problem. So he gave me 3 months MC and told me to see him in 2 weeks time. If the infection doesnt subside, then I may have to go for surgery. I didnt know things have became so serious. Haiz.

Hopefully everything will be ok soon...