Tuesday, August 31, 2010

YY Only One Showcase @ Swee Lee Music Cafe

Sunday was an exciting day. It's the first time YP and YT doing a showcase and also the first time that I do my own guitar unplugged. I admit I wasnt as ready as I should be, reason being that I have so little time (like 1 day) to prepare 5 songs which I havent really sang before. Nevertheless, I did my best already and I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves that day. (",)

Faith so happy. Haha.

Wei Qian
Yi Ting. Pretty right. :)

This photo seems so happy. Haha.

New Royal family member Roy.

So cute la both of them. (",)
Lastly, Boss sing! Haha.

It's been quite sometime since Boss last sang in public. Happy to be able to sing with him again. Thank you all for coming down. Thank you Edwin 大哥 for coming down and support also. I dont know why but each time he comes, it's like an added motivation to do better. I feel I'm better with his presence. That's why he's my mentor too. (",)

Alright, see everyone on Friday and Sunday! 好期待,好紧张喔!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Calling all readers! Please help vote for me and help spread to all your friends as well to cast a vote for me. Very much appreciated..! Thank you!

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Was nominated by Royal to join the SIM Casting Call competition. I think it's quite fun but also nerve wrecking as you see the votes. Lol. 加油 everyone!

Happy birthday to Edwin 大哥!Lol. I think this is the 3rd time I'm wishing him happy birthday but as the custom goes, more wishes means more prosperity, right? Happy Birthday my mentor Edwin 大哥. Thank you for always being there and being a wonderful guiding figure moulding me into what I am today. I will continue to work hard towards my dreams and not disappoint you or let you down. Many wishes to you and all the best!

It's also Yi Ting's birthday today. Lol. Happy Birthday my little junior. Study hard, work hard and play hard! I wanna see you up on the big stage someday alright. 加油!(",)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Search For The Star 2010!

Wrapped up an eventful Sunday attending Search For The Star 2010 Finals as guest judge and artiste. Met alot of new and old friends today. They are always so supportive of me. Of course I also miss everyone dearly. I feel that I havent seen them for a long time but Shi Xian and Shi Xuan say "Very long meh?". Haha. At least to me it felt long. Maybe because I miss you all more than you all miss me. Lol.

I met Veron and Wei Qian for the first time also. Both very talented and hardworking artistes. They are also very warm and friendly. Do lend your support to them ok. (",)

Congrats to the winnner Nikki! Aint she cute? (请问你几岁?) HAHA!

师妹 Faith. She very hardworking. 我得多多向她学习!

Wei Qian! She autographed an album for me. (",)

If all are my wife I'd be very happy. Haha. Kidding!
Made by Silly Kid. (",)
Given by Shu Ping. Cute? I wear to school next month ok. HAHA.
DONUT notebook. Ahem. Donut Empire. Lol.

Congrats Nikki on winning the top prize! I think overall everyone did great. I didnt expect everyone to be so strong. I guess I learnt alot today also. Must work harder! To everyone up there, you all did well today. Hopefully see you on stage again in the future!

To all that came down to lend your support to me: Thank you! I love you all ok. Hug Hug!

To Youth Box (创办人): Thank you Mr J. Or Miss J. Hahaha.

To Boss: Thanks for the trainings and preparations that make me better today. (",)

Hope to see everyone down on my showcase with Faith! 5th Sept 2010 at Swee Lee Cafe. Book your tickets now!