Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss Maxim & Miss FHM

Yesterday meeting with Hannah to discuss about the upcoming concert performance until 1am, then got to rush back home collect my clothing and book-in camp. Quite rush and tiring actually, but it is a fruitful meeting, so it is worth the effort!

This is my first time meeting Hannah, she is a sweet and nice gal to chat with. In fact, we have a common friends and her name is Fiona. My boss ask Hannah to be my next MV female lead and do some performance together with me. Do you know I m "blessed" with two famous magazine cover gals? Jamie Soh (1st runner-up from Miss Maxim 2007) for my first MV and Hannah Lau (1st runner-up from Miss FHM 2007) for my second MV. I think all my army friends must be..... 羡慕我吧! 哈哈!

I took a picture with Hannah below her block, then both of us was like..... "we look ugly!". I m waiting for her to email me, so that I can post it here to share with my friends. Anyway, I really like her as a friend, as she advise me alot during the meeting. Gald to have a friend like her!

Today no doubt I m in camp, but apart from blogging, I m also practising all my concert songs and memorising the lyric..... Then I also conduct some planning for my own future as well. After ord, I intend to enrol into SIM to further my study, plus work hard for my music career too. I know many friends including my family and relatives, also support my music as well. Do not worry! Elson will work hard! Elson will not be playful anymore!

Lastly, Listen! TOP Concert 2009 tickets are selling fast! If you want to support me, NO! must support me! (",), then must email to book tickets from my company ASAP! The concert is on 7 March 2009 at Jubilee Hall starting 8pm to 10.30pm. Many of our company artistes will be there to perform. You should not miss this concert! Hope to see all of you there!

Friday, February 27, 2009

"Myself" at Bukit Timah Plaza

I went down to Bukit Timah Plaza and I saw "myself" on the stage backdrop! GOSH! So BIG! My boss say it will be there until end of March 2009. Anyway this is a singing competition organised by my artiste management, and I m placed in the semi-finals to let all the finalists challenge me in singing. I feel so proud, but I m worry, as I m having bad sore throat recently. Nevertheless I will do my best in the semi-finals. Whoever want to challenge me, must give chance to me ok? (",)

If any of you want to take part, you can visit my company website at to check out the details. Wish you all the best in advance!

Anyway, today is my only book-out day, tomorrow have to book-in camp again for duty. I will try to blog more about my upcoming activities tomorrow then. Need to go out for movie with my friends soon. If any of you want to sing karaoke, must remember to call me.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Past media interviews

Today was a very tiring day for me in army, because I have to do so many vehicle maintenance within a few hours. Many of my camp-mates went ord and now I m waiting for my day to come! Countdown to 14 March 2009! (",) Times really flies..... I can still remember what I do before I enlisted into army. That time I was still busy doing promotion and interviews for my first single album, then I had to stop all the activities due to my enlistment.

Army days is fun and I have made many good friends in my camp. My officers and sergeants are nice people who often take good care of me. They know at time I need to go for my second single album promotion, they will try to release me if there is nothing for me in camp. I really appreciate whatever they had given me until today, including their support in my performance and events too. Thank everybody at Kranji Camp!

Anyway, looking back at my past media interviews, I cannot stop laughing because I look kind of dumb last time. But it is a good experience for my age and also prepared me for my music career after my ord in March 2009. Here are some of my past magazine interviews in Teens, Teenage and Choices magazines to share with all of you. I must thanks Joyce Stella, who help me keep all these articles. More articles at the side of my blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Makeup Artist Shop Membership Card

Good news to share with my friends! I have got another new sponsor today - Makeup Artist Shop. The lady boss sponsoring me with free cosmetic product and agreed to be my personal makeup artist in future performance. Her shop is at Clarke Quay #03-04 The Central Shopping Mall and her name is Chin Koh. She also agreed that my friends and supporters can entitle to a 20% discount upon flashing their membership card that have my photo on it! I m so happy and I will be distributing the cards to all of you when I receive it. Must support me and Makeup Artist Shop. You can also visit their website at Cheers!!

Another good news is that I will be performing starting my school tour performance in late March, together with the artistes from M5 Royal Music. I hope to know more new friends from the school that I will be performing. Remember to help me spread the words around your friends.

Lastly, I had finish a new song 梦想起飞 (Living our Dream), actually I compose this song specially for NDP 2009, but chances of getting selected is quite low. Never mind, I can always do a demo and play it down here if the organiser do not want it. I like the lyric very much, because it is very meaningful. I will post it here once my boss give me the green light. (",)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My dance partner Hannah Lau

Do you guys know what happen now!! My boss do a special arrangement for me in this upcoming March concert. I think I m going to faint liao. SCARED!! My boss invited the FHM Girl Next Door 2007 1st Runner-up & Singha Cool Babe to perform a dance song with me! I was like OMG, what happen? I cannot dance actually..... but I m WILLING to LEARN! (",)

I m very happy to have Hannah Lau as my dance partner, because she actually perform with Jay Chou's World Tour 2008 last year! I m so honoured to have her as my dancing partner! Guess what she told my boss when my boss told her that I m shy when come in contact with female dancer, she say she will train me to dance and not to be shy. Actually 我怕怕 in looking at her directly! My friends will "kill me", she is many of my friends' dream girl.

I m going to start my practise with her this Saturday, and my boss say she is very professional after watching her performance with Jay Chou at Youtube. My feeling now is SCARED, EXCITED, CONFUSED and many more. Looking forward to the day.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Boy Boy" photo

I was clearing up my laptop today, and I realise that I have this photo that I took before my enlistment into army. Oh gosh..... I look so "boy boy" two years back. But now? I think not much changes leh..... My friends still say I look like a boy. Very funny ~~

I personally like this photo very much. It was taken by Lisa Lum, the boss from The Colourful Faces Studio. In fact, most of my photo are taken at her studio. How you rate this photo? Nice?

Anyway, I had a bad flu today, maybe lack of sleep recently. Need to practise for my upcoming events, write songs, do camp duties, go dating?!? Of course not!! No time for dating too. Now very busy with my music stuffs and army. But if any of you want to go sing karaoke (no clubbing for me), must remember to call me! I can bring you to Party World KTV, because I have special discount there. (",)

Remember come support me in my concert, dun need to bring flower, just bring more friends on that nite and "scream" for me when I start singing!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Listen! TOP Concert 2009

Today I receive so many emails from my boss, he ask me to get myself ready for the upcoming concert (Listen! TOP Concert 2009) on 7 March. When I saw the song list, I was quite shocked as my boss give me so many songs to perform. Maybe you think I will backout, but I wont as I love to SING!! I m happy about it actually.

I hope to give my best during the concert as my family and friends will be there. I also hope for more supporters and friends attending our company concert. I believe the concert will not be boring..... because got me mah..... (",)

If you want more information on the concert, maybe you can visit my company website at Anyway, I will be starting on another new composition soon.

Ok..... I have to sleep now as tomorrow will be another busy day in camp, because currently my unit is on standby for an operation.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My first blogging

This is my first time blogging after two years. Hope it is not too late.

First of all, I hope to thanks my family, my friends and supporters for the encouragement and supports in my music. Secondly, I hope to thanks my company (M5 Royal Music) for doing up all the photo in my new blog.

I will try to blog more often on my current activities and upcoming events. Hopefully I can meet all of you in my gathering soon. Take care! (",)