Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Day!

Today is a happy day. Why? Because there are many reasons to be!

Not because I'm running a fever though. Lol.

Headed down to Marble Slab for a gathering. Thank you Dr Edmund and his staff for being to warm and welcoming towards us. Thanks for the hospitality and thank you EME for bidding $208 for a cup of "Elson Milkshake". (",)

This is Dr Edmund. A kind friend who is very supportive towards me and my music. Thank you Dr Edmund for everything!

Another reason to be happy is because I get to see faces whom I have not seen for a loooong time. For one there is Tutty and two Shikin who specially came down to see me. I miss you guys too. Glad to see you all!

Arent they adorable? (",)

Today I also got to see Yvonne Koh like finally. She is the one who always commented on my Facebook but I never got to see who she was until today.

Not only so, I also got to know new friends! They are Crystal Wong, Dan Rui, Crystal Tan and Josephine!

That's them with Valerie in the pic.

We took this opportunity to celebrate the success of "The Final Showcase 2011" concert. Got a cake and everyone celebrated!

Here I would like to extend a great thanks to everyone who turned up today to see Elson. Without you guys, I wouldnt be who I am today.

They are (in no order): Boss, Serena, Joseph, Shirley, Summer, Doreen, Tutty, Yvonne, Sillykid, Crystal Tan, Crystal Wong, Josephine, Dan Rui, Tutty, two Shikin, Joycelyn, Valerie, Joanna, Kenneth and Irene.

Check out the pic!


I'm also very happy to announce that from today onwards, I will have three fanclubs! One being Elson Music Empire (EME) and the other two I havent got the name yet!

Thank you Dan Rui, Crystal Tan, Crystal Wong and Josephine for helping me set up my second fanclub.

Thank you Tutty and two Shikin for helping me gather the malay supporters.

It's my dream to see the whole Elson family grow and I hope that there will be more and more friends joining us to be part of this big family! Every person is a form of encouragement to me. I truly appreciate everything that all of you guys had done for me.

Love ya all! <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

- Heartfelt Thoughts

Finally, after months of preparation and anticipation, concert ended on a high!

I'm truly lost for words. So many words of thanks and so many heartfelt words to be said, yet I dont know where to start.

For one, I'm glad I've achieved the feat of being part of Singapore's history by being the youngest singer in Singapore to open a full pledge concert.

With that said, maybe I'll just share some photos with everyone first.

J.Ai and me during rehearsal. Haha.

Then there are also bouquets of flowers sent by various friends. Sorry if I left any out.

First and foremost from Angelsky8

Sony Music Entertainment and Publishing!

From my lovely friends from school
Mr Osman from Life Record

Elson Music Empire (",)

Lorraine Tan!

Many friends came to support me today. One of them is Tracy 美玲 who rushed all the way back to catch my debut concert. (",)

After some amazing performances by the Royal Artistes, The concert finally began!

I saw this! So cool! (",)
Piano segment

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following guest artistes for supporting me and sharing the stage with me.

Lorraine Tan 陈莉芯

Moliano from Lovehunters. Super duper cool!!!!

Not forgetting my dearest friend who made this possible, J.Ai.

Bryan Teoh 张永佳 and the wonderful band Paparazzi.
Lovely vocalists
All Royal Artistes

And that's me after the concert! Haha.

Many word of thanks to say. I dont know where to start. But still I need to say them.

First, thanks to Boss William Soh for everything. Without him, there will no be Elson Soh. Thank you for always believing in me.

Life Record, Mr Osman and Maria, big thank you to you for your encouragement and guidance all these while. Also for the advices that you gave, I kept them in my heart and my mind and will take them through my musical journey.

Angelsky8. J.Ai, thanks for all the support and believe that you have given to me through the years. The memories, coffee session, the times we share on stage and everything goes beyond just a sponsor, but rather as a special friend to me who never gives up on me. Thank you J.Ai.

Sony Music, for being part of my debut album. It's an important milestone. Thank you Susan and Sharon.

Dr Edmund Lam. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Royal Family. Thank you Serena, Joseph, Joanne and Irene for the dedication. For all that you've done for me. Your actions really touched me deeply. Not forgetting Genevieve. Our month old employee who have shown great commitment and dedication to her job. Though I've said many times of the words of appreciation, some are still mandatory. Thank you. (",)

Royal family also includes the Royal Artistes. Thank you for giving your all to the company and to me. Bryan, Joseph, Yumi, Peter, Joanne, Marco, X-Clusive and Nicholas.

The tough times we shared will not be forgotten. We'll always be a family, through thick or thin.

Elson Music Empire Fanclub. You guys have been so great, so wonderful, my life would have been different without you guys being there for me all the time. Irene, Summer, Shirley, Sillykid, Valerie, Joycelyn and Yuki. Thank you for everything. Love you guys.

Guest Artistes. Lorraine Tan. J.Ai. Thank you for making my concert extra special with the presence of your wonderful singing. (",)

Alex and his makeup artists!

Unusual Group for the whole stage set-up. Thank you Johnny, Alan, Ashlie, Shawn and June. Thank you also to all the crews and backstage staffs.

Live Band. Ah Hao and Jian Feng of Paparazzi from Malaysia. Bryan Teoh as Music Director.

Backing vocalists. Isabelle Phua, Lim Chin Feu, Law Swee Peng and Winnie Ho.

A big thanks to all our working partners too!

Concert Venue: The Max Pavilion
Official Radio Station: YES 933 FM
Official Chinese Magazine: iWeekly
Official English Magazine: Teenage
Official Newspaper: 聯合晚報
Official Online Media: OMY
Official Outdoor Media: SPH Media Box Office
Official Health Publication: Health Weekly
Official Women: Portal Cozycot
Official Youth Portal: Youth.Sg
Official Privilege Card: Passion Card
Official Cards: SAFRA, NTUC Link Card, Nebo Card
Official Printing Partner: Sunrise Printing
Official Outfit: People Of Asia
Official Sportswear: Converse
Life Record
Produksi Hati
Asia Entertainment
Capital Mall
Bukit Timah Plaza
Downtown East
Intensity Productions
Solution SMS
SG Deal

Lastly not forgetting all of the sponsors who made this possible.

Partyworld KTV
WTS Travel
Donut Empire
Kee Song Group
Mee Mee Optics
Team Salon
House of Mini
Bian's Cafe
Bath Culture
Liu San Ge
Grace Mask

Last but not least, the 3500+ audiences who attended and been part of this concert.

You guys have given the memory of a lifetime. Thanks for being part of this. I love all of you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Counting Down: 9 Days!

It's been a hectic week for me. 9 more days to my concert! A series of promotional activities lined up!

Thank you to all who came down to Iluma to support my appearance. (",)

Next appearance was at Yes 933 FM. Interview with Soya Bean Babies with Jia Fa 大哥。He's really friendly and took really good care of us!

Catch me on air again with City Love and Bryan on 4th July also on Yes 933 FM!

Attended 30th Anniversary birthday party yesterday.

Upon arrival with Soya Bean Babies

Terence and I. Nice to know him. (",)

Female power!

Jie Qi 大哥。Thanks for your support!

Old friends and New friends. Glad to see them all shining now! (",)

Great to catch up with Nat. Remember to support his album!

Dawn was really friendly. (",)

Le Yao with Soya Bean Babies

Nat with Soya Bean Babies

Last pic with Mary 姐 before we left. Good to see her after so long. She's becoming more pretty each time!

Been busy with concert rehearsals for the past month. Can feel my body feeling the effect of the hectic schedule. I need some hugs. (",)
Hope to see you all on the 9th July for my concert. I'm happy also because a special friend will be flying back specially to catch my concert. She's been too busy filming lately and I finally got the chance to get her to come back to see me. Haha. Woo!