Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Urban Fitness Lab

Headed down to Urban Fitness Lab today at Boat Quay to learn more about their services. I was greeted by their friendly instructor (who coincidentally is going to be mine) Tanuja and their pretty manager Patsy.

I did some tests and checks and realized that some part of my body isn't as healthy as I thought it was, like certain areas have more fats than muscles etc. But I'm so glad I will soon be able to enjoy the services of Urban Fitness Lab. It's time to shape up myself!

Friendly family of Urban Fitness Lab

The interior with the Power Plates machine which I will be using

Soon you will be seeing me in this pose! Haha.

I'm proud to be their 1st celebrity friend to be shaped up by Urban Fitness Lab. What's more, I will be the first celebrity in Asia to use the Real Ryder machine! Omg. Cool enough.

So the first session will be on Thursday morning. I hope I do well to lose those unwanted fats. Hehe.

Wish me luck! (",)