Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today is Halloween Day! Happy Halloween to all!

But of course my weekends nowadays are spent clearing up my home. Another portion of my room is gone again today. Woke up early and went to CPF Board at Causeway Point to do my Singpass application. I waited quite awhile. Hopefully it works now.

Headed home to sleep for awhile more because really cannot take it. By the time I woke up it's already like mid-noon already. So I ate lunch and started clearing out my room. I think I'll paint my wall warm yellow, what do you all think?

Evening was much more fun! Mum, Dad, Sis and Aunt May decided to do something special for Halloween. So Sis suggested I dress up for the occasion. So for the fun of it, I specially bought long sleeve shirt and decided to play L from Death Note.

This is L from Death Note
This is me, after makeup! Look alike or not? (",)
Check out the eye-shadow my Sis drew for me. Lol!

Dont get shock ok. Haha. Anyway a lot of people say I look like him. Attended my cousin's birthday celebration, had supper and we all headed home.

Carol I got your random msg again. Lol. And Joseph, cheer up!

Sunday tomorrow. Hopefully it's a fruitful day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Bag

I crawled my way to school today. I think 630am-3am schedules every alternate days for the past few weeks are taking a toll on me. After midnight every night, my eyes starts to ache. Sigh.

Met Boss at Ezen's CCK outlet. The world is super small. One of Ezen's stylists actually knew me! He attended my birthday party with Nic and he recognised me. Lol. Also had a small chat with the other stylists there after that. Nice to meet all of you, Derrick, Catherine and Sam.

After that we headed down to Ezen's Jurong West outlet. Esla 老板 very nice to me. She gave me some skin care products and also a very very nice bag! I really like it alot. The quality, design and everything is so unique and cool. Fell in love with it the first time I see it. The best thing is that there is only one piece of it in Singapore! haha.

Dinner and meeting after that. Headed home at 230am.

Yuan Zhuang, Tricia and Jasmine smsed me today. I replied pretty late. Sorry!

My cute brother Joseph sent me a video today. Very sweet. Thanks!

Ok. Tomorrow got to wake up early to settle some company admin stuffs. Eyes aching. Good night everyone.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ezen Group

It's been a pretty hectic week for me. Somehow or rather, I feel lethargic everyday. No matter how much hours I sleep or how much hours I spent compensating on naps, it never seems to be enough. At the end of each day, I feel totally exhausted, my eyes hurt and my attention span shortens drastically. Seems like something's wrong with me.

On a happy note for most people, weekends are coming. Lol.

Anyway, I'm quite happy today for some reason. Finally met the CEOs of Ezen Group, Esla and Terence 老板. They are two very warm, friendly and humble people. The moment we met we spoke and interacted like we have met for many years. Esla 老板 even made a drink for me to 降火气. Thanks alot. (",)

I spoke a lot with Edwin 大哥 today. Indeed, he is a source of inspiration to me. He shared his life story with me and I learnt alot from him today. Sorry I cant really share it here with everyone, but the important words of the day is something he said towards the end of the conversation, which struck me.

He said, "我不怕用钱能解决的问题,我只怕有钱也不能解决的问题。" Translating it directly, it meant "I'm not afraid of problems that can be solved with money, but rather problems which cant be solved with money."

Simple words, but so often than not, we tend to forget them.

I mean, how often so we worry about problems that can be solved with money, till the extend we get so tensed up, depressed and upset? Or we pick a fight with our love ones and hurl unnecessary obscenities and hurt them in the process? Family breaking up or relationships ended all because of these problems?

He said, "Do whatever you do and do your best. You want to be an artiste, be the best that you can. An artiste's lifespan is short. In future when you venture into other stuffs and you look back at your entertainment years, make sure you smile and say "I was a successful artiste, I dont regret anything at all". At the end of the day, just be who you are. Dont try too hard to be somebody you are not. Be a true person. If you owe people money, go up to the person and admit "Look, I owe you $10000, but i really cant pay you back now. Give me some time, I'll be back" and live up to your promise, people will still respect you."

Cant really remember explicit details, but these are just the gist of our short but meaningful conversation.

He reminds me of a part of myself now. I guess I should feel proud that people are coming to me for advices and stuffs. (",)

Carol smsed me today. Lol. Havent heard of her for sometime and suddenly she just randomly messaged me. So cute. Not forgetting I also received texts from Joseph, Jeremy, Joyce Stella, Yu Jing, Mandy and so many others. Sorry if i left you out. Thanks for tagging on my tagboard too.

Anyway, to "careless", I know who you are! Surprised you even knew I had a blog since we only met once and for like 10 seconds. Lol. How I knew "careless" was quite funny also. I was studying in the library last week and I picked up a thumbdrive. I plugged it in when I got home and I saw quite a few files like school and work related. I wanted to return it to the owner, but I didnt know how and who. So I opened a file named "Recommendation Letter" and I got her name. Then I tried my luck in the "Contacts" documents and true enough, her contact number is inside. So I text her and arranged for a meet up to return the thumbdrive to her. She's my senior. Very blur girl la. Lol.

You so blur again! I'm sad hearing that you lost your handphone. Hopefully the person will return it to you. Maybe you leave down details like where you lost it, what colour and model and what time you lose it and I help you put up a notice on my blog? Next time must be more careful ok.

Anyway, nowadays people seemed to have a perception or assumption of me as being attached. I'm always hanging around with guys in school so I dont know why such rumours still arise. I'm single ok. Single! Period. Stop all the speculation.

Ok. Phew, what a long entry. Off to bed now. Good night everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thank you!

I know what you brought at Hong Kong. Lol! Thanks Di. Very cute and I like it very much. Anyway next time do not waste anymore money.
Long time didnt see Yuan Zhuang, Carol, Yujing, Daniel, Gilberto, Tim, Keng Huei, Jane, Shirley, Cindy, Mei Ling, Tricia and many more. Sorry if I left out any names. Really hope to have a chance to get together with all of you, and thanks for the message and tags in my Facebook today. Got a shock that so many people leave me a reply.
School work is getting more and more daily. I also getting lesser sleep and rest recently. My face condition quite terrible now. Lol. Maybe it is time to go for my facial at Angelsky8.
Recording, filming, training..... Not easy to be a artiste, but I will jiayou! I hope everybody jiayous together with me. Hmm..... I miss the food at Liu San Ge and the foot massage at Zu Yu Ge. I want to go, but no time to go. Haiz. Anyway, got to sleep now. Take care everybody! (",)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Work harder

Still remember him? Lol. Anyone still remember his name? He is not staying with me now as I'm clearing up my room. But very soon he will be back to my room after my new bedroom set arrived.
Just finish meeting with Boss, bro Edwin, bro Clement, sis Angeline, Serena and Bruce. A nice chat with all of them and thanks for showing support to my music career. I will work harder from now on. Getting more and more excited because I will be singing with some international artistes soon. (",)
Got to do my homework now. Bye bye.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm sure everyone has been hearing this word from me every since I started school. Mundane!!!!!!!!! Everyday is a routine. Lectures, tutorials, assignments, homework.

Accounting tutorial due in 3 days time. Havent even started. Lol.

Been writing a few songs these few weeks. Explored many different genres and languages and types of songs. Hopefully I'll be able to have a breakthrough soon. (",)

Before I go to bed, share a few stuffs.

I like this song. I dont know why when I first listened to it, I liked it already. I like korean songs and I tried to instill a lil Korean-ity in my songs as seen in Saranghamnida.

This is to all Ris Low fanatics. Good or bad. Or to anyone who are stressed up with pile and pile of work, like me!

Haha. Good night!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Just another ordinary Sunday today. Woke up, tuition. Almost couldnt get up. Kinda feeling tired lately. Sigh.

Had lunch with mummy one-to-one. Havent had such sessions with Mum for some time already. Good to sit down for a meal and talk about everything under the sun. (",)

Anyway I found out something shocking today. Or rather yesterday but it's only today I hear what I didnt want to hear. My friend had passed away last month 1st sept 2009 while he was still studying in Australia. He committed suicide. I was said that he did it due to school stress. I knew him when I enlisted into 21SA. Not exactly very close friends but we do talk to each other when we end up walking together or eating together or just chilling around the bunk together. I remembered his distinct laughter and how his loud voice will ring through the corridors of our bunks. Not long after, he was posted out due to medical reasons. I remember the day we sent him off. Had a mini party in our mess. Not long after, we lost contact and the last time I saw him and spoke to him was during battery cohesion. After that, we ORD-ed and we led our own life.

Little did I expect to find out that my dear friend had passed away. It was so sudden and it gripped the entire Charlie Battery with shock. A friend of mine once told me Australia is really hard to adapt. I thought it was just him, since I have other friends also in Australia. But it seems like not now. Really really sad today. Sigh. I hope he rest in peace now. Thanks for the wonderful memories and friendship. Our acquaintance may be short, but definitely you have left footprints in my heart. We love you Ka Ho. RIP.

Alright. On a lighter note, family dinner today. So fun to eat with my family. Lol.

Visiting my blog reminds me of Clinique. haha. I'm almost finished with my first collection of Clinique products. Wonder when is my next collection date? Hmm.

OK, gotta continue drawing my 400 graphs due tomorrow!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok, before you guys get shocked by the title of the post, dont! haha. Today marks the end of our 3rd exodus of my room. Basically mum decided to revamp our house and I am supposed to clear my room by the next 2 weeks so that the painter can come and finish up painting and our new furniture can be delivered. Really very excited, cant wait!

So the day was spent doing the massive clearing off my room. Packing of all my stuffs into boxes. As I was doing my "spring cleaning", I came across some of the super old memories stuffs. Some really brings a smile to my face. Essays written during Pri school days, the dairies, the photographs, newsletters and other nonsense. Lol.

This is my room after today's exodus.

Stuffs that we threw
Seems like we're shifting, but we're not. Lol.
Tada! My room now. Japanese style! :)

I think by next week or two, my room will be completely empty. Lol. I cant wait for my new room to be up. Will share it with you guys pretty soon!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekends Are Here

Weekends are here again. It'll be less hectic this week as compared to the last as my tests are all over. Got back my last 3 papers. I would say I did decently well.

I got 26.5/40 for my Accounting, 14/25 for my Business Management and lastly 20/30 for my SSE. Good enough for my first test. Lol!

Yesterday was the birthday of 2 of my friends. First was Jonathan brother! Aik Leng and I prepared a mini impromptu celebration for him, together with a few of our course mates. Got him a cake and sang him a birthday song. (",)

Brothers In Arms
After school I pop by Leechiu's party because it's pretty near my school.

Stayed for awhile before heading off with Mum and Dad. Had dinner, headed home and met Boss after that.

Meeting and late night supper at Mac before heading home.

My friend showed me his project video and he wants me to help promote it. I think it's a good video which shows us the side of Singapore which people dont see so often or didnt have the chance to know more. So watch, comment and share it with your friends. (",)

Ok. Hope everybody have an enjoyable weekend!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm doing my Business assignment due tomorrow. The essay is so difficult to write!

On another note, I got back my Accounting paper today. Didnt do as well as expected. But still I got a decent mark. 26.5/40. Will be collecting my last two papers tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Slept at 4.30am yesterday. Woke up at 6.30am today and my day began, till now. I told my friends and they were like, "You dont seem like you are tired at all!". Well I guess that's because I've been "trained" to stay up. But still, sometimes, I do fall sick because of it. Particularly now. And I have to wake up at the same time again tomorrow. My nose starts to run again, having headache and eyes pain. It's like kinda sian to fall sick again when I just recovered. Still, I gotta hang on!

Some pictures to share with everyone.

My very cute Maths Lecturer.

My All Time favourite snack! I've seen this lorry a few times already. I dont know why whenever I see the lorry I get excited. haha. Today finally summon the courage to take a photo with it. Woo! I love Tao Kae Noi! [but my mum forbade me from eating because she says it's unhealthy and it makes me fat. =( ]

Anyway, apologies to all whom I forgotten to reply or missed out your calls. Totally shagged to the max! Weekends are coming. But I think I'll be busier instead.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recording again

Today my school end at 5pm, but I decided to finish my assignment in school before heading home. At night I went for my recording, I never expect that record a full album is so tiring. Basically one song takes at least 3 to 4 days.

Huolin and Serena came down to support me. They also got my comcard from Boss. Nice right? Lol. These comcard are made by Shine Model and thanks Jud and Helen for taking care of me all these while, not forgetting Ice. (",) No doubt we havent met for sometime, but I never forget what you had taught me before.

The recording end around 2am, but we have to continue tomorrow. Now got to rush for my school homework, then have to wake up at 6am. I only left with 2 hours to sleep. Faint.

Thanks Bro Clement and Sis Angeline for coming down to visit me again. Also must thanks Lao Shi for being so patience with me and my recording. I will jiayous!

Lao Shi, must rest well. You look kind of tired today. Ok, got to go now, good night everybody.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today I received my Maths term test and I'm proud to announce that I scored 46/50. =) I'm glad my hardwork paid off. Havent scored this much for a test after so many years. Lol.

I didnt do as well for Economics but I'm happy that I'm in the top 40 position for my Econs term test among the 150 students. Will be receiving my Accounting and Business papers subsequently. Hope I do well too!

I'm fine already. Finally recovered. I guess I just need more sleep.

Busy days are here again.

Take care everyone!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Upcoming club

Saw the picture above? YES! This is the design of the conference room in our upcoming club house in year 2010. Below is the design of the Karaoke Lounge. Excited! Heard that the club name also quite WOW as well. Lol.

I havent get all the information details yet, but will await for more updates before I can share with everybody here. Lol! By looking at the picture, it is kind of cool right?
Anyway, flu is getting bad today. So I need to sleep early as I hope it wont affect my recording this week. Anyone have any special cure for me? (",)
Ok. Got to go. Take care everybody.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today is Sunday and it's also 初一. What so special about today's 初一? According to dad's boss, today is the day which all the fortune teller and feng shui master etc had predicted that the goddess of mercy will be "present" in the temple to listen to all the prayers herself. Which is to say she will be able to hear your prayers "on the spot". And so they say "praying once today is better than praying 10 times any other day".

So dad jio me to the 四马路观音庙 to pray. I took an MRT down to meet dad at the temple straight. It's more crowded than usual. So i squeezed my way through the packed place and lighted my joss stick and prayed. Then the usual routine was that I went in, and pray at the red carpet. Many things I prayed. Secretly. Lol!

The final procedure was to place the flowers I bought in the vase and then finally donating a lil bit of my 心意 before squeezing my way out. I managed to capture a photo before I went out. As you can see from the photo, there is this security guard approaching me as he spotted me trying to capture a photo on my phone. "Hello! Cannot take photo! Cannot take photo!" he shouted. And so I apologised and hurry out of the temple. Lol.

Went home and rested abit. Dinner at New York New York. Sister treat again. (",)

After that we went back and I went back to my 3 page Business assignment due this friday. Or rather last friday. I couldnt finish on time so our nice lecturer extended the dateline for those who cant finish.

I think I'm sick. Was sneezing the whole day through and my nose was watery and literally dripping. Lol. And I think I've got a temperature. Can feel my body "heating up". I hope I get better soon. Dont wanna fall very sick.

Received a text msg from a friend I havent heard for very long time today. Hi Bryan, 很高兴收到你的简讯。你要加油!来新加坡时,记得找我。

I can still remember the first time I met Bryan was in NUS high school for the Singapore Heart Foundation event. At that time I performed his song 该怎么爱 and he was very happy. Subsequently we met and went out and I remember at Xin Wang HK Cafe at Marina Square we talked about music. Haha. Those were the days!

Anyway to Silver: I'm so sorry I kept cannot 配合 to your timing. I promise we will go out soon alright.

Silver is on tv every weekend morning. She's acting as a teacher. Everyone support her by tuning in ok. Thank you guys!

Tomorrow I'll be receiving my test paper I guess. Hope I do well. (",)

To everyone else, 加油 for the new week ahead!

Here's to everyone, some quotes:


Old concept:
“Do or Die”

New concept:
“Do b4 u die”

Latest concept:
“Don’t die, until u do”.


Aways learn to be a Servant; and then you'll be fit to be a master.

And last but not least,


If you don’t go
after what you want,
you’ll never have it.

If you don’t ask,
the answer is always no.

If you don’t step forward,
you’re always in
the same place …

Hope everyone gets some inspiration and motivation. Let's all work hard together!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deadline getting nearer

Do you know this logo belong to which company in Singapore? Make a guess, but no prize for the right answer. Lol!

Today is a public holiday and also another busy day for me, because I need to give tuition to a few of my own students. Anyway, they will be having school holiday soon. Mean that I will have less income. Oops! Have to think of a way to earn extra income for myself now.

Next week will be a busy week for me as I need to rush for my song recording to get ready for my debut album release in November. Deadline is getting nearer, but I yet to slim down. Lol.

Hope everybody is doing well recently. Kinda miss all of you anyway. Do take care and tag me more often in my chatbox.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekends are here

Sorry for not blogging for so long! I hope you guys forgive me.

I've got so much to say but I just dont have the chance to. Really thankful to everyone who still remembered me and my existence. Lol. I mean, I'm happy to see you guys tagging on my tagboard, receiving text messages from everyone. Sometimes the forgetful me forgot to reply or overlooked your smses. I apologise! But I'm really very happy and appreciate the thoughts from all of you!

Weekends are here. Everyone enjoy yourselves alright. :)

Anyway was at Balastier sometime ago (I forgot when) and I came across this shop. Lol.

It says: "人肉骨" 茶餐馆. Lol. Anybody wanna eat?

HAHA. Just kidding la. This is the actual place.

The food there is very nice I would say. And the place is filled and overwhelmed with photos of the boss with many many celebs. There's Jacky Wu, Fei Yu Qing, many many many others. It seems like a "must-go" place for celebs. Lol.

My phone died on me when I was there and so I didnt manage to take any photos. Promise to take more on my next trip there ok. :)

Anyway this is the wardrobe that I may be getting for my bedroom.

Nice anot huh? Hmm.

Lastly to all who missed me,

I miss you guys too!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Was looking at Youtube, and here to share with everybody on one dialet song that I like very much. Hope you guys like it. Lol.

Got a shock? (",)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

YouthBox Star Singing Competition

Nothing much to blog today. Hope I can do well in my test tomorrow. Do wish me good luck. (",)

Anyway, if any of you love to sing, you may take part in the singing competition by YouthBox. Visit them at for more information.

Got to go. Take care everybody.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I think I'm too stressed up. So much so I completely cannot absorb anything that I'm reading and I just head to youtube to watch funny videos.

Think there's too much hype regarding the Miss Singapore World saga. And now, our favourite PCK is back in action, not without taking a swipe at the infamous BOOMZ incident. Check out the videos, it's really funny. Lol.

That's all. Hope you guys had a good laugh!

Boss called me today to tell me some good news. Soon I'll be able to share it with everyone! :)

Anyway, good luck to the people going for casting at August tomorrow. Dont be nervous. Have confident and just be yourself and natural. Should be ok.

All the best!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Term test had started! I hope I can do well. (",)

I forgot mummy reads my blog and today she told me over dinner, "Dont think I dont know you got test this week." LOL!

Had received a few answers from the blog contest. For those who have missed it, you may revisit my previous entry and participate.

Anyway, was mugging and so I decided to surf the net for some thing to laugh about. I found this, and I wanna share with everyone! Care and share is the way of life. (",)

Last but not least

Hope you guys had fun watching!

Back to books.

Good night in advance. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Packed Saturday

Finally got to sleep in late today. Not after yesterday's long night, which I slept at around 5am in the morning after a late night supper cum meeting with Boss and Mandy.

I woke up and began my revision. Soon mummy asked me to pack my room as we are going to paint the house and get some new furniture soon. And so I began unpacking one of my cupboard and started putting some wanted stuffs aside and throwing unwanted stuffs away.

I found many things that I used to write, essays, nonsensical notes and even those which I write and draw for leisure and self entertainment purposes. It was really nice seeing those things. I had a good laugh myself. (",)

This is my room after the "spring cleaning".

Messy right? Lol! And this is just one of the cupboards. Will try to clear all subsequently. Woo!

At night I accompanied mum and dad for dinner at Yew Tee. We walked around after dinner. Nice family time.

Headed down to uncle's place after that to help him out with some packing also. Maybe helping him again tomorrow. But it depends on whether I can finish my revision on time or not. Monday is my econs test. Lol!

That's basically my Saturday yesterday.

Alright, before I go, share this picture of this cute little baby I saw few days ago. He is really cute. First glance I thought it was a doll, until it moved. His dad was busy eating and he was staring at his dad throughout the session. Lol!

Cute right? :)

OK, I'm going to bed now. Nights everybody!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And so i miss...

I had only 2 hours of sleep today. Boo. Totally couldnt concentrate in school. :(

Well, the weekends are here. Hope I can get some rest before taking my test next week!

I know you guys have watched PS I'm Sorry and have been following closely to all my appearances and events. Thank you everybody. I'm very touched! (",)

A lot of people have commented that I'm very bad in the show, even my mum said that. She say "next time you better dont like that ah." HAHAHA! Oh! Thanks Shirley for the picture in her blog that I copy and paste above here. Lol!

Anyway abit more about the shoot. Actually it's my first time getting involved in a drama production. I would say it's really a good experience. I mean, the first of anything is always a good memory. Having to act is a totally new thing to me. Havent really have any experience before hand. My only times infront of a video cam are during the MV shoots and TV ads. I'm just glad I didnt get scolded during the shoot. The directors were very patient with me. Lol! On top of that, acting as a bad boy was also a challenge. But it was fun. Everyone had fun. (",)
Besides being my first, I've also met many nice people. My "mummy" En Jie, the crew and many others. Though there were some minor conflicts after the shoot wrapped, I'm still glad that everything turned out fine. Seeing the entire production successfully on TV makes me happy!

Anyway, I will post some more pictures at My Photo page in my blog. Do click there to check it out tomorrow. Lol!

Today God Sis Sarah sms me in the morning. She said she havent seen me for a long time and she misses me. Suddenly, I realised I havent seen alot of people for some time. I really miss everybody! :(

I miss God Sis, Loveena.
I miss Godma, Godpa.
I miss EME, Carol, Daniel, Yuan Zhuang, Mandy, Evon, Dewei, Yujing, Gilberto, Keng Huei, Tim, Shirley, Shirley's Sis, Meiling, Alicia, Jane, Xing Yu, Tricia, Gera, Doreen, Georgina, Davina, Vivian, Panda, Lilian, Shuping and Chaiyuan.
I miss Joseph and Youthbox.
I miss Shawn Tok, Agnes Low and Serene.
I miss my producer cum teacher Pin Ming.
I miss my vocal teacher John Lee.
I miss my drum teacher Jensen.
I miss Helen, Jud and Ice.
I miss Gabriel and Qian.
I miss my dance instructor Alex.
I miss my acting mentor/instructor 蔡宣老师.
I miss my hosting teacher Ckay.
I miss my Shine Models classmates and instructors (trainers).
I miss my Mediacorp classmates.
I miss my Hosting classmates.
I miss Friends of Puma.
I miss my dance classmates.
I miss my teachers and ex-classmates from Kranji Sec and Pioneer JC.
I miss Joanne and Catherine 姐.
I miss my sponsors J. Ai, Robin 大哥, Shuand 大哥, 刘老板, David and Joyce.
I miss Eileen 姐 and Peggy 姐.

Everybody. I dont know who I missed out, but I can assure every single person is taken into account. (",)
Hope to see everybody soon. Have a great weekend ahead. Hugs.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Surprise visit

Nothing much in school yesterday. But I have so much to talk about my recording with Lao Shi today. Recording ended around 2am! Lol! I took around four days to record one song and we still working hard on the song. Faint, but worth doing good music for everybody. (",)

Look at how serious Lao Shi today. Saw me in the other room? Anyway, I was talking to Boss in the room while waiting for the recording. Lol!

LOOK HERE. So many headphone in the recording studio. Lol!

Oh ya! Mandy give me a surprise visit at 12am! She actually been coughing badly and do take care plus drink more warm honey water. (",)

Send all of them back home. Thanks Daddy for lending me his car.

Have to do my homework now, then try to get some sleep also. Tomorrow my lesson start at 8.30am as usual. Night everybody.