Friday, July 31, 2009

Super Busy Day!

Today I woke up at 5.30am, because I have to prepare myself for the TVC shooting today at Duman Road. Afternoon have to rush to Godma's office for meeting on WaterSource upcoming roadshow. Then at night have to go for rehearsal for a performance at Pioneer Junior Colleage, follow by a song recording at 11pm. Today fully booked for me!

Now doing a quick blogging on what I do yesterday. Lol! I visited Straits' Times, 联合早报, The New Paper, 我报, 联合晚报, 新明日报, Classified Ads and OMY. Met a few friends down at SPH and took a few photo with them. I can only upload it tomorrow when I m back home. Think most likely I will reach home at 4am after my song recording. Faint!

Guess who I met? He is Benjamin, the winner from Channel U 全民偶像新登场. Currently he is busy with movie shooting. I also invited him to my birthday party in Spetember and he actually know Boss for a few years liao. Lol!

After the Media Visiting, I went straigh down to PUMA at Marina Square to select the outfits for today TVC shooting. Thanks PUMA, Gabriel and Qian once again for the sponsorship! (",) I picked two outfits and it look nice on me too!

They are the staffs at PUMA. Very friendly and they also help me in the selection. Must thanks Razali, the retail manager and the two beautiful ladies for their time. Anyway, I bought them some drinks from Macdonalds after that. Hope you guys like it.

After that went down to Jean Yip to meet Desmond to discuss on my upcoming photoshoot for WaterSource and some other projects. I will post the photo I took with him tomorrow. The last stop is at God Sis's Pizza Place. Boss went down to took some pictures of the foods as he is doing up the poster design for God Sis. Then we had our dinner there. The food is nice and you guys must go down to try it out! The Pizza Place is located at Fortune Centre level one, walking distance from Bugis MRT.

Took a picture with Dewei as quite sometime never take with him liao. Lol! That is all for yesterday. Now have to rush for my TVC shoot. Take care everybody. Super busy day and if I didnt reply your smses or msn in time, dun get angry. Lol!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visiting to Media with PUMA

This is the first time I went around visiting the media, thanks to PUMA for giving me this opportunity to celebrate the 10th birthday PUMA Motorsports together with them. I took a lot of photo with various editor from different publishing house, including magazines like 8 Days, I-Weekly, Style, Cleo, Women's Weekly, 女友, Female, Men's Health, Shape and Her World.

Saw the guy in PUMA (Red Bull) Outfit? His name is Ken, the model for PUMA bringing the cakes around to the media yesterday. He is very tall, standing at the height of 186cm! Wow! Lol! PUMA gives all the media a PUMA cake, press release and a press kit (the box is a press kit with some of the PUMA's products inside). A total of 6 hours media visiting yesterday to Mediacorp Radio, Mediacorp Publishing and ACP Magazines.
More photo on PUMA Media's visiting, you can click to any of the following:

After the media visiting, Boss decided to go down Bukit Timah Plaza as he need to have a meeting with Eileen in regard to all the upcoming events and some promotion stuffs. Many events coming at Bukit Timah Plaza in the month of September 2009. Lol! But before the meeting, I went to say hello to the two bosses from Mee Mee Optics and took a picture with them. They are very nice person and if you want to buy spectacles, visit them at Bukit Timah Plaza level one. (",)

The meeting with Eileen is at 刘三阁 until 7pm. Actually apart from discussing the upcoming events, we also diverted to other topic. Oh ya! Joanne smsed me saying that she saw me, but she dun want to meet me. Lol! She say she is shy, and I also never met her before. I know her through MSN and Facebook I think. Lol!
Anyway, 刘老板 treated me nice cake and green tea. (",) We had a chat and he is happy that I have achieved so much within a short period. Just like what I had say before, he is just like my second father. I enjoyed listening to him talking, he is a highly intelligent guy!
Today need to wake up at 9am for another round of media visiting to Singapore Press Holding with PUMA team. Then after that, I will be heading down to Vivocity PUMA's outlet to select the outfits for this friday TVC filming. Got to sleep liao. Nite to everybody!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Official Outfit Sponsor - PUMA

Went for casting yesterday morning at Playfair Road. It was quite fun as the role required me to shout and emo. Lol! I think the casting team there are cool because they are friendly and patience towards everybody who attend the casting yesterday. (",)


After the casting, we went to meet Gabriel and Qian from PUMA Sports. We had our lunch at Jack's Place at Heeren HMV plus a short discussion on my upcoming events and projects. I think Gabriel is cute and adorable, while Qian is pretty and silent "killer". Lol! Faint!

Anyway, I will be going for a secret mission with PUMA today (Wednesday) and tomorrow (Thursday) to Mediacorp Studio and Singapore Press Holding. I cant disclose much of it, but certainly I will take picture and post it up at my blog and yahoo group! So stay tune for it!


Oh ya! I went to one of the PUMA's retails at Ngee Ann City to select my clothes for today and tomorrow events. From today onward, PUMA Sports will be my official outfit sponsor, which mean you guys will see me appearing in PUMA attires at all performance, function and event area. Lol! Apart from that, PUMA might give some promotion discount to EME card-holders, but still subject to approval. I will keep all posted again and hope it will be a good news to share with everybody.


He is Wiyne from Ngee Ann City PUMA's retail. Thanks for helping me in the selection of the outfits yesterday. I pick up 4 pair of nice shoes, 2 jackets, 2 tee-shirt, 1 polo-tee, 1 jean, 2 caps and many more items from PUMA.

To check out what I had selected, do click to

Immediately after PUMA, myself and Dewei plus Boss went down to Evergreen office to meet the production team to discuss the upcoming TVC shoot for WaterSource. This friday is my filming for the TVC and you guys can see it on 9 August 2009! Lol!


After the discussion, I supposed to attend the acting class at Mediacorp, but Boss say still need to go down to the filming area for further discussion on the song for WaterSource, as such I didnt go for lesson. Abit sad as I miss everybody in the acting class!

Everything end at around 8.30pm and we had dinner at around God Sis's residential area nearby coffee shop. Loveena also join us and the dinner ended at around 9.30pm. Dewei cabbed me and Boss home. I can see Dewei is tired recently, so please take care and dun fall sick.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No lesson, but meeting!

Yesterday no doubt no lesson, but meeting and discussion is rather tiring as well. I met Godma, Godpa and God Sis, plus Boss, Joseph and Dewei for dinner at PoMo. The dinner there is nice but most importantly we are there to check out the crowds. Lol!


After the dinner, Godma and Godpa went for their singing lesson. Surprise rite? Lol! Then God Sis went for another meeting, while the rest of us went to Yishun North Point to meet Mandy for company upcoming project. I can see everything is moving very fast and under-control. (",) Teamwork is very important!


Our meeting end at around 2am and everybody seem to be tired. Lol! Actually very tired! Anyway hope to see everybody at EME soon! Take care all of you!

Oops! Forget to thanks Darren for the nice haircut! Remember if you go Angelysky8 for haircut, remember to look for Darren! He is good and his skill is wonderful! Do seek his advise if you want a new hairstyle. Anyway, I also done my facial at Angelsky8 yesterday! (",)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Greater Sense of 满足感


First and foremost, overdue pictures of the birthday party of my best friend Langer.


Happy 21st Birthday. It's 8 years of friendship and counting! All the best in everything coming ahead!


I nearly forgot to upload this photo! Lol! This is the picture that I took at Parkway Parade after my performance. I saw it at level one, but Evergreen Stationary is at level three. Wondering when Godma going to put up my picture at Evergreen's outlets. (",)

Anyway, Sunday is my family day. Quite sometime didnt spend time with my family. But I woke up early to do some light exercises. Many people are complaining about my size and I think I have to do something about it! Lol!

After that was tuition as usual. Actually got to go for filimg but was cancel as the production team say last minute cant get the location.


Brought my family to 刘三阁 for dinner. 刘老板 was there and he was very warm and friendly as usual. Quite happy to see him. Each time I see him, he is always very concerned of my current life and my upcoming programs. He will always be very encouraging and supportive in whatever i do. He is like a papa to me. And he is happy that I m enrolling into SIM, because that means I will visit there more often!


After dinner we went to Mee Mee Optics as I need to adjust my specs. My parents wanted to make a new pair of glasses too. So they went to take a look. Didnt get to choose something they want today so we will probably make another trip back.

Things are going faster and faster. I hope everyone can work equally hard and keep up to the pace with me and Boss. I wish that everyone can succeed together and not just think of their own personal satisfaction. To me, sometimes not hoping for something to happen, when it does happen, will give you a greater sense of 满足感. I do assure everyone that I really do care for you all and try my best to make everyone happy. But there is only one Elson and so many of you. So I really hope everyone can understand me. As what my FC tee says "Understand Elson". Lol!

It is late! Hope everyone have a good night rest! Tomorrow I m heading to Angelsky8 for my haircut and maybe facial treatment. Then at night have to go for hosting class at Clarke Quey plus meeting with Boss after lesson. Another busy day for me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thanks everybody!


Yesterday was a fun day. No doubt only perform at Youth Box LIVE Concert, but seeing so many friends around there, I really feel enjoyable singing on stage. Thanks for coming down to support me. Lol! I wear my Puma jacket for the performance that Puma Sports sponsored me. Tricia told me that she love Puma and ask me to help her get discount in future. Ok! I will try my best! Lol!


Do you know what surprise I got yesterday? Make a guess! Lol! SHAWN TOK! Thanks bro for making the trip down with Tricia, not forgetting Serene, Gilberto, Serena with her boyfriend, Yuan Zhuang, Carol, Dewei, Shirley, Meiling and Jane.


I love everybody! (",) It is nice to take a group photo with everybody. No doubt some of you came late yesterday, but nevertheless I does appreciate the effort from you. Sorry if I didnt chat much to some of you, but I will make sure I took a picture with you and post in my Yahoo Group and Blog.

Do join my Yahoo Group as well, I will post more pictures there in future, more exclusive pictures that you may not find in my blog. Lol!

Anyway, went for meeting until 2am this morning. I would say the meeting is a fruitful one. Everybody was given a task and role. Very excited. Boss not feeling very well, hope you can rest more and get well soon. Oh ya! Yuan Zhuang took a cab home and before the cab move off, they met an accident. We went to save Yuan Zhuang. Lol! She is ok, never got hurt. Thanks God! Hope she recover from the nightmare yesterday.

Today nothing much to do, resting day as filming last minute postpone to another day. Got to arrange for tuition for my student before my schedule start to get packed again. (",) Oh! Nearly forget to tell everybody. Somebody might be jealous of my blog and flag me so many times reporting that my blog contain objectionable content, but never mind, let him/her flag as much as he/she want. Some of my functions are being disabled by blogger, but this wont stop me from blogging. Dun worry everybody, I will think of a solution then. Lol!

Lastly, for more pictures on my performance at Parkway Parade, visit

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Performance at Parkway Parade


Another event by Youth Box, supported by EMEFC!

I will be heading down to Parkway Parade for my performance tonight at 7pm. Do come down to support me if you are free. Quite sometime didnt see you guys liao. So sorry as I m very busy recently with recording and filming. Hope you guys can take care! Anyway, tonight we can have a chat and drinks if you guys can come down to Parkway Parade.

Ok. I have to prepare for my songs now. I have no time to practise my new songs, so I will sing some of the songs that you guys like. Lol! Oh ya! My full album will be expecting to be released around November 2009.

Next month onward, everybody will see me appearing in many places, TV, radio, magazine and papers. Are you ready to fly with Elson Soh? (",) Everybody jiayou!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Puma's products

Today nothing much, went to Puma to attend the media sales with Dewei. I bought some clothes for Boss and Langer. For Langer, I get him the clothes because today is his birthday! Lol! Hope you like it! Also hope Boss like it too!


Anyway, good news to share with everybody! Puma will be sponsoring me with immediate effect. That mean I will be representing Puma in all their events related to F1 Campaign. Wow! Stay tune for more information as Boss will be meeting them for more discussion on the sponsorship and other events.


She is Qian Yu, very friendly and beautiful too! (",) Thanks for the attention when I m at the media sale today.


Oh! Saw the photo above? Lol! He is the Marketing Manager Gabriel Yap from Puma. He is very kind to sponsor me today with one nice Puma bag, one jacket, one top and one belt. I love the products from Puma, their products look so different comparing to last time. Thanks Gabriel and Qian Yu, of course most importantly is Puma!

If you are keen in getting any Puma's product, do visit

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Langer! Heading to his chalet at Pasir Ris now. (",)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sqaure 2 Meeting

Woke up, and head down to Evergreen office today. The taxi uncle went the wrong way so I ended up being very late for the meeting. Met the Marketing of the production house today. A short but fruitful meeting. Managed to come up with a rough idea on the TVC.


After that we headed down to Square 2 with Godma, God Sis, Dewei, Joseph, Evergreen's Marketing and Boss. The Square 2 management very funny and very friendly. Actually only myself and Boss together inside the meeting as Boss asked Dewei and Joseph go for coffee. The meeting today was about the placing of campaign for Evergreen Stationary, everything was quite smooth today as Boss and Evergreen Marketing Manager are quite powerful in the discussion! Lol!

Anyway, the assistant manager of the retail business group from Square 2 is Boss's friend. They know each other for 12 years! OMG! Lol! Boss really know so many people in so many trades. I m so impressed by his achievement.

Headed down to Kovan to visit the Botak office. Before that we had dinner (my breakfast plus lunch plus dinner) at the old S11 coffeeshop opposite my campmate Weekiat's house. He always recommended me to try the Ba Chor Mee but today i went and the stall assistant told me no more Ba Chor Mee due to H1N1. Lol! Godma's treat, but Boss is not with us, as he went for another meeting today.


Botak's office is super huge and they sell alot alot alot of things. Anything you can think of for display and advertising, they have it. (",) Boss join us after his meeting and he also shocked by this BIG supplier!

After that we had durian AGAIN. 猫山王 durian the best la. Very nice! Woo. Headed to tuition after that. Rest of them went home to rest as for the past few days, everybody work very hard and can tell that they are tired, especially Boss. Do take care as you look kind of pale and tired. Jiayou! Everybody also must take care and jiayou too!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lesson and Meeting

Drum lessons yesterday. Learn quite a few new beats and new styles. Teacher Jenson has been very nice and patient. Lol! He even offered his classroom after 2pm everyday for me to practice. "Sponsorship", he joked. Lol!

Went up to Shine Model to visit as I missed last Saturday's lesson. Happy to see Ice, Jud, Helen and Derry there. Had a nice and warm chat with them. Thanks to them for lending me their laptop too. Lol!

Head down to Teacher John's place for Vocal Lesson next. Yesterday's lesson seems to be much better than the last. I managed to get the exercises right easily. Even teacher is puzzled as to the huge difference in standard. Maybe due to more practice.


After that we cabbed down to Evergreen. Had lunch before going up. Almost no lunch because by the time we went, the store's closing but the nice lady decided to do one last business before wrapping up. So I had my yummy lunch before going up for meeting. Happy to see Godma, Godpa and God sis. I feel so loved in their presence. God sis sent me to Mediacorp for lesson as I was running late. As a result, she got even later for her already late appointment. Felt bad. Thanks sis!


This is Steven from Spartans AMC, he is the agent for Singapore Press Holding and Mediacorp Studio. He came down to collect the payment for the advertising for TV and Radio air-time. Actually this project is to promote WaterSource together with me as their spokesperson. OMG! Look at the cheque amount, you will faint! Five figure advertisement! Lol!


The lesson was abit special. We get to visit the Studio Set to see how an actual shoot is like. Teacher brought us to Studio 6. First we went up to the Director's Room where he explained to us what is the role of a Director and how a film is made. Then we headed down to see an actual shoot. Saw Jessica Liu and Lin Mei Jiao. Caught a glimpse of Zhu Hou Ren also. One of my fav actor. (",)


After lesson my new friend Johnston gave me a lift to Ang Mo Kio then I cabbed down to meet Boss, Dewei, Mandy and Joseph. Had durians again because they said it was on promotion. One box for $1.00 and 5 boxes free one box! Boss and three of them shared four boxes and I myself eat two boxes. I cant finish it and in the end we play Zhong Ji Mi Ma and Joseph kenna 2 and Mandy 1. Lol! Then we head to MacDonald for company meeting until 3.30am. Anyway, we are doing a few business projects now. I m appointed as the managing director. Faint!

Today need to go SIM to make payment for my university fee and starting school after mid August 2009. Then have to go Ngee Ann Poly for the filming briefing as tomorrow and Saturday is my filming day. Busy day this whole week again! Lol!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

Today I woke up at around 10am as I need to prepare myself for drum lesson at 12.30pm. Then I have to go for vocal training at 3pm and Mediacorp acting class at 7pm. In between, I might have to go down to Godma's office to meet Radio 1003 for the upcoming WaterSource's Campaign. This is a BIG Campaign and you guys must support me and you can also look for me if you want to purchase the Alkaline Ionized Water Machine.

Each set is selling at $2500 nett, with free delivery, free installation and free one filter as well. If you have UOB credit card, you can opt for 12 months installment interest free plan too! Alternative, you also can rent the machine for 18 months and purchase it at $300 after 18 months later. I personally use it and felt that everybody should take care of your health as well. Be healthy like Elson Soh!


Ok. In August, you guys will see Elson Soh in many places. Lol! I look at my work schedule now. Faint! My booking on filming, song recording, print advertisement and performance are fully booked until end of September 2009! But at least I m happy with what I m doing now. (",)


Above is one of the photos that Joseph took at WaterSource event last Saturday. If you want to see more photo, click to the below link directly. If you dun have a Yahoo Email, you can login with Hotmail actually.

Anyway, two of the Zone Distributors from WaterSource were there as well. They are Uncle 4 and Rosse Tay, and they took good care of me in the event, introducing me to their clients and also took picture with them. So remember to check out the photos! Lol! Got to go. Blog again tonight! Take care everybody!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Puma F1's Campaign

Today is yet another busy day for me. Cabbed down to Puma office with Boss to attend a briefing for Puma F1's Campaign. Met Jolene again and also other new friends. Nice people. Oh ya, and Lawrence Wong also. So long didnt see him already, as he is also busy with filming recently. One of his drama is shown at all MRT Station TV. (",) Congrat Bro!

Anyway, Puma give us a set of nice free gift. Take a look at the picture below, actually it include a "shoes" keychain, but I didnt took the picture. Lol!


After briefing I head down to Clarke Quey for my first Hosting lesson. My teacher Ckay is very funny and very nice. The class was good. We did hands on, and very little theory, which made it fun and interactive. I didnt expect teacher CKAY to know that I m a singer. In fact, even the marketing executive from Puma also know that I m a local celebrity. I m so happy as I m getting more recognise as compare to the past. Lol! Thanks everybody for the hardwork and support to make Elson popular!

Lesson ended at 10pm, instead of 9.30pm. Walked to the famous frog porridge stall nearby to meet God sis and Bro Francis, as well as boss and Jasmine laoshi. God sis and Bro Francis treat me eat dinner again. So paiseh! Moreover they waited for me for one hour! Someday I must treat you all back.


Head down to Yew Tee Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe for meeting after that. Met Dewei, Joseph and Mandy plus Boss. A very good and detailed discussion. We will be setting up a new company within the next few days. Lol! They appointed me as the Managing Director. Faint! Lol!


Attended my friend Yuling's birthday on last Saturday after the WaterSource event. This is the birthday girl. Hereby wishing you Happy Birthday again. Best wishes and wish you success in whatever you do.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boss vs Troublemaker

Today should be a happy day, but it didnt last long actually. Haiz. Anyway let me share the happy moment first.

As usual, I teach tuition and it end at 5.30pm, then meet Boss as we are meeting God Sis for dinner at Keppel Club. While on the cab with Boss to meet God Sis, I let him listen to the demo "I m loving it!", and he is super happy and also advise me to improve it as well. When we met God Sis, I also let her listen and she like it too. (",)


God Sis bring us to Peony-Jade Restaurant, together with Loveena and her grandmother. She ordered quite a number of dishes and worry that I m hungry. I ate alot because the food there is nice. Lol! Then chat with Loveena and teach her how to solve some maths question, while Boss is having some business discussion with God Sis.


I ordered a tofu dish as God Sis know that I m still hungry. Then I also ordered a dessert together with Loveena. She is very funny actually. Dun like to take photo, but Boss manage to take a photo of her just now. Lol! I told her that I will post it up and show all my friends and readers. Loveena, you saw it? Dun be shy to take photo in future. Be confident in yourself and also study hard! I hope you can get into JC after your O-level!


After the dinner, we went to God Sis's house. OMG! Her house is so big! I took a picture at her house. Then Loveena show me her room, very nice and I hope I can have a room just like her. Lol!


The happy moment didnt end here, God Sis bring me and her mum to eat durian at Gelyang Lorong 17. Then I ask Dewei to meet me here as we are heading to some place after that. But when Dewei arrive, we almost finish the durian. I forget to take photo at the durian place. Sad!

God Sis went back home with her mum, then left me, Dewei and Boss. But happy moment didnt last long. Storm come immediately when Dewei mention about Joanne and Catherine. I really dunno what happen to Catherine as for no reason, she just call and question me why I tell Boss that she is sick. Then Dewei out of sudden tell Boss that Joanne say Catherine do not want the water macchine. They seem to be not happy that Boss know that Catherine is sick.

Anyway, is that a BIG DEAL or DISGRACE to let people know that you are sick? Boss is so kind to ask God Sis for discount on the water machine, so that we can get her one asap to cure her illness. But it doesnt pay good to be kind. I respect the cancer aunty that I met yesterday, she is strong and fight on with her life even her condition already reached final stage. But some people just stage 3 condition and already start to give up her life.

Boss dun want me to contact Joanne and Catherine for a period of time and also inform Joanne not to contact me as well. Haiz. Why must situation turn up like that? I went home immediately after Boss left the durian area. I didnt even have the mood to go out with Dewei after that, and I choose to go home as well.

Who is at fault? Boss scolded me and asked me to get lost. Haiz. I m very sad and hurt now. Actually unhappy incident wont happen if Dewei didnt mention it at the durian area, or I shouldnt even have ask him to come down at all. I know clearly that Boss is not at fault and he just want to help Catherine, but why must Joanne or Catherine, including Dewei, doubt him. You guys are alittle too much!

Yes! It is good to stay away from troublemaker and people's problem if they dun want us to help them. Boss, you are right and I m sorry. Seriously sorry for not staying by your side to fight against their nonsense just now. Comparing your health to them, I understand that your condition is also serious enough to take your life away anytime.

Why good moment always so short for me? I m sorry. Can you forgive me? Haiz.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A busy weekend!


Guess what is in the box? Anyway, I m starting a new business with Boss, Dewei and Mandy. Heard that they had a discussion today. Lol! Hope everybody can support me when I start my new business. A good product for everybody and currently I m trying it myself.

Oh ya! I forget to upload the dinner photo yesterday with Godma, God Sis, God Bro and Uncle Francis with Boss. God Bro treated us to eat dinner at one of the restaurants at Serangoon Garden. The food there is nice and I really enjoy it.



I took a photo with Godma too! But she look kind of tired. I think in future all the meeting with her must end before 7pm, so that she can rest more at home. Health is more important for Godma. (",)


After dinner, Boss plus Dewei and myself went to watch movie. We watched Harry Potter and quite disappointed. Lol! Never mind. Went back home around 3am.

Then today woke up at 10am to prepare myself for the WaterSource Seminar at River View Hotel. The participating audiences is more than what we expected. The guest speaker is Ms Samantha Ng from Malaysia and she is good because of the detailed information given to the audiences.

Boss told me that within 3 hours, WaterSource sold nearly 20 sets of machines. Godpa and Godma intro me to many of their friends. I also saw many of the working staffs wearing my badge too. (",)

The most funniest moment should be during tea-break time. Many people took photo with me and ask me to sign on their badges (because the badge have my photo). A few uncles and aunties spoke to me and ask me about the machine. Anyway, I felt that everybody should install this machine as after using, I personally felt that I saw the effect and it cure many of my problem too.

Immediately after the seminar, I went to meet my friends to celebrate one of our good friend's birthday. Sorry for not joining all of you in dinner, but certainly I want to say that the seminar is great. I want to thanks Joanne, Wanqi, Joseph, Dewei and Mandy for helping up at the seminar. Also not forgetting Yuan Zhuang, Carol, Yujing, Gilberto, Tricia and Jiemin for coming down to support the seminar.

PM: Gilberto, when are you free for dinner? Do sms me ok? Lol!

Lastly, more photo from the seminar will be uploaded once Joseph send me the photo. Must special thank Joseph for being my personal photographer. (",)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spokesperson for WaterSource

Meeting the whole day as tomorrow is the big day for WaterSource. I went to print some mugs, badges and banners for the seminar. Hope to see everybody at the seminar tomorrow. It will be held at River View Hotel - Hibiscus Conference Room (Level 3), from 2pm to 5pm. Must come as the expert will be explaining to you why WATER is so important to everybody.

Anyway, I didnt attend most of the training lesson this week, because my schedule is very packed now. Next week even packed. I have to prepare for a TVC filming as WaterSource will be launching the product on National Day! Stay tune for my advertisement during National Day at Channel 8! Very excited about it.


Thanks Godpa, Godma, God sis, God bro, Uncle Francis, Boss and everybody for giving me the great exposure by appointing me as the spokesperson for WaterSource. Also Gordan from Mediacorp, Pamela from Han Production and Steven from Spartans AMC for offering me opportunity as well. Not forgetting Dewei for being my personal assistant and also EME for always there to support me and protect me from all the harmful things. I will work hard for it and not letting everybody down! (",)

I will be uploading more photo tomorrow and share with everybody what else I do today. Lol! Meanwhile just an update on my 21st Birthday Concert Party. My location is confirm already. Guess where is it when you look at the picture below.


If you dunno where is this beautiful and grand ballroom, then wait for my answer, most likely I will tell you guy by next Friday. Lol!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

WaterSource System

An exciting day because I got my water machine installed! I woke up and waited for the arrival of it. Attempted to write a few new songs, and also trying to improve the current ones. You guys will get to hear them soon I guess.


At 2pm sharp yesterday, they came. The installation was swift and efficient. Except for the minor hiccup because I didnt know they need to drill holes and I need to seek my parents' approval. In the end we came up with a solution that need not drill any holes.


After installation, I used it immediately! Lol! I drank alot of water today. Thanks Godma and God Sis for sponsoring me a good WaterSource System. (",)

Tuition was as usual. Headed to a friend's house after that. He is feeling down so we chatted abit. Hope you are feeling better now. Do take care and if you need any assist, just let me know.

Quite tired after everything. I walked home, listening to my favourite songs and also talking to boss on phone. After that do up all the write-up for our new business proposal and also compose a new melody as the jingle for WaterSource International.

Sleep at around 5am and woke up at 12pm. Later heading down to Godma's office as Boss is training the staffs for this coming Saturday Seminar at River View Hotel.


Oh ya! If you are free, I hope to see you guys for this Seminar as they will be introducing the world's healthiest water and it is good to attend to gain more knowledge about it. Admission is free. Do refer to the poster for more information!

There will be light refreshment provided, including free goody bags (worth $100) and presentation by a professional expert.