Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Video Recording and Editing

One whole day of recording and editing yesterday! I went back home after finish the video editing at 6.30am this morning! All of you must really support my new Youtube program, titled Elson My Lifestyle 生活日记. I m trying to upload to my blog too! Lol. Otherwise you can check out the video at a few sites like Facebook, Friendster and many more.

Very tired actually. I didnt sleep until 12pm as I went to submit my application and supporting document to NUS and NTU. My dad drove me to there. Anyway, thanks boss for helping me in writing the supporting document for my enrollment into the university. I really hope to get into any one of them! Both are my dream school!

Look at what I m eating in the middle of the night! Macdonalds again! Lol. Tony drove me to get food for boss and Nicholas who are so busy with the video editing. I now then realise that doing one 5 minutes can spend up to two days at least. Anyway, I also got contribute to the editing and adding of those Chinese words to the video as well! (",) Elson is not lazy and didnt play game hor!

This is Daniel and Carol! My 小弟小妹 that I know through Facebook! They are only 16 years old! They are very kind and helpful, help me set up Forum and inviting friends to my Facebook Group, promoting my music and blog! Most importantly, they help me with a recording yesterday!

If you want to try out the food at Oriental Chinese Restaurant (东方美食), they are located at 195, North Bridge Road! Their food belong to the category of 东北菜and 四川菜. I like it too! Anyway, not forgetting must support 刘三阁 at Bukit Timah Plaza too! Their food are more to台湾小吃. I miss their food!

The above photo are the food from Oriental Chinese Restaurant (东方美食) and the below photo are the food from Liu San Ge (刘三阁). Both are nice and my favourite! Do you feel hungry when you look at those food here? (",)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Enrollment into NUS

This photo is taken last Friday at Bukit Timah Plaza - Mee Mee Optics & Contact Lens Centre (SINCE 1965). I was there to film my first episode of Elson My Lifestyle 生活日记. Have you watch the Opening Introduction of my program? If you miss it, go Youtube type in "Elson My Lifestyle 生活日记" and search for the video. If you want to see a clearer version, maybe you can go my facebook to see it! There is link to my facebook at the side bar in my blog!

Look at Nicholas! He is my producer for this program show. As mention in my previous entry, this concept actually come from Nicholas and actually this is his dream, but now he actually use it on me. Thanks bro!

First picture is the two senior staffs in Mee Mee Optics and second picture is the bosses of the company! I feel so honour taking photo with all of them! There is a joke happen in Mee Mee Optics during the filming day. The boss (Mr. David) ask me to show him my spec, then when he saw it, the first statement was: "Oh! Please throw it away! Go see Joyce and get a new spec!". Actually the spec was from SAF as I made it during my army days. Then Joyce say they will sponsor me a free spec, and I was like SHOCKED! HAPPY! LOST OF WORDS? (",). Of course I m very happy because this is going to be my first most expensive gift after I ORD from army.

Do remember to support my program and every Monday must view it from my blog or Youtube! The next episode will be next Monday! Must watch! Must tell your friends to watch as well! Most important, if you need a spec or contact lens, must go to Bukit Timah Plaza #01-16B to buy! Elson's recommendation never wrong one! (",)

I need to go NUS now! Need to submit my application and supporting documents for my enrollment into NUS! Hope they can accept me as my results is not good enough for the course that I want to study. If I cannot get into NUS or NTU, then I will try SMU and SIM. Well, I hope every student who support me, must also work hard in your study too! Study can improve your knowledge and built a good personality too!

Today I will be filming my 2nd episode and 3rd episode. My boss have another new program for me, and this is a English program and quite fun too! Hope all of you can see it soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

Went to watch movie with Nicholas and my boss again! Second time this week! Lol. This round we watch Race to Witch Mountain, quite a nice movie and you must watch! Anyway, today the reason for watching movie is because Nicholas want to celebrate with us regarding his BONUS. Oops.....

The next movie that I m going to watch will be Hotel for Dogs! I believe every of you know that I like dogs, so this is a SURE CONFIRM movie that I will watch! Coming soon! (",)

After the show, Tony pick us up. Actually was suggesting going for bowling at Marina Square, then we cannot find the place, end up we eat at the hawker centre beside Esplanade. Do you know who I saw? One of my old friends cum student - Gillian Tan. Lol. Long time never see her, and she is getting more and more beautiful now! This picture I took at Marina Square!

Tony let me drove his car to another area for supper, because the hawker centre left with not much food. We went to Tanjong Pagar, where we used to eat our supper last time with some of the ex-artistes and my boss. I miss the food and the people there too. :) Anyway, I look cool driving a car right?

While waiting for my food, I start my POKER game. The iphone belong to Tony, but I like to play his iphone game whenever I go out with him. Thanks for his supper treat!

My favourite food - Mee Soup! Actually it is Maggie Mee Soup. Lol. I dunno why I like Maggie Mee so much! I can eat almost every night during my army days.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elson My Lifestyle 生活日记 - Opening Introduction

I will be having my own program soon! The title is Elson My Lifestyle 生活日记! I must specially thanks Nicholas Lee for coming up with such a good concept to promote me. I m very touched by all your effort!

All my friends, do take a look at the Opening Introduction video to support me! Must forward to all your friends too! I m still very new to filming and quite camera shy as well. (",) My first episode will be releasing on 1 April 2009 (April's Fool Day!). I will post in my blog, or you can visit my personal Youtube page too!

Do you know we spend the whole night editing the video? Nicholas nearly gone mad doing the editing and we manage to finish the Opening Introduction and First Episode around this morning 6.15am!

For your information, the Opening Introduction was done at Nicholas's house. Lol! I m wearing his Adidas jacket! Actually myself and my boss didnt contribute much to the video editing, we are so busy challenging one another playing the PS 3! After that, Nicholas treat us MacDonald's, and we call for house-delivery. So paiseh.....

See how serious the three of us doing the editing on the video? Actually the computer HANG! Lol! Luckily Tony was here at around 3am, and he manage to help us with a few IT issues. Tony is a IT EXPERT, while Nicholas is a VIDEO and PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERT! Lol!

Tony send me and my boss home, and he drove alone back home. I feel bad about it as all my friends are so helpful toward my music career. Thanks all my friends who help me in anyway. I really appreciate all of you who support my music, my performance and of course MY BLOG! (",)

Friday, March 27, 2009

黑夜言语 - 祝你幸福

Introducing my new friend that I know online recently! Bryan also know her because I intro her to Bryan through MSN! Her name is Carol Chew, and she is a very cute and helpful girl. She put up Elson大联盟的会员贴纸 and my song in her blog to support me. She also invited her friends to join my facebook group! Do visit her blog when you are free at http://www.carol-the-happy-angel.blogspot.com/

Anyway, I will be singing a duet with Carol on 12 April 2009 at Bukit Timah Plaza. If you want to see her in person or support me my performance, then you have to be there at 2pm sharp! Lol! Do not need to be jealous or surprised why Elson Soh sing with a girl..... Because she also love singing too! Next time if any of you want to sing with me on stage, let me know and I try to ask my boss to give you a chance. (",)

Recently chatting with many new friends and old friends, I realise that most of them actually prefer my first single - 祝你幸福. This song didnt get a good response when it was first air-played by the radio in 2006, but never expect that many people actually like this song now. When I see my friends posting this song in their blog, set as their hp ringtone and talk about this song, I m very very happy. Thanks everybody for liking my music!

Boss, I m sorry! You are right, this is a good song as the lyric really touched the heart of many people. Thanks for always believing in me and my music!

黑夜言语 - 好听的歌一定会被肯定的, 不管时间长短, 只要这首歌遇见它的伯乐, 它一定会被肯定的.

Boss, 我相信了! 因为很多很多朋友们都变成祝你幸福的伯乐了! 我很后悔当初差一点而就放弃我的歌唱事业, 但现在的苏奕铨是坚强的! 音乐道路虽然不好走, 但我不会放弃的, 也不会被无聊的人给影响了! 我相信我可以为公司, 为我的家人和朋友们, 带来光荣和让你们感到自豪的! 苏奕铨一定会加油!

Do listen to the song if you havent hear it before. You can locate it at my blog music gallery! I need to sleep liao. Now is quite late already or I should say "Good Morning" to everybody instead!

词/曲: 黑夜



让我站在雨里 被那雨滴打中
是否会这样轻易放手 不再为我停留

让你擦干眼泪 带著伤痛离去
就算心碎地走那每一步 我祝你幸福

就算有一天我再想起你 我会祝你幸福

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Nothing much today, but visited my neighbour who is hospitalised. After that went for a late dinner with my parents. I found this video on Youtube (Marvel Ultimate Alliance) and share with all the fans of Superhero! Quite excited to see this video! Remember to click on it! Just wonder will I have my own cartoon character named Elson Soh in future? Lol.....

Do you know what happen this afternoon? I m actually very sad on what you had been doing. If you are reading my blog now, I hope that we can be friends and go out for movie, rather than keep following me everywhere today. I felt that your parents will be very worried if you always spend your time following me. You should focus on your O-Levels now! If you do well, I promise I will treat you for a movie after your O-Levels. Meanwhile please study hard as what you promise me today.

Have you guys listen to my new recorded KTV songs? I promise some of my friends to record this two songs. The music quality not very good, but hope you guys like it! (",)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Superhero Movie

Yesterday went to watch movie with my boss and Nicholas. Well, thanks Nicholas for treating me to watch Street Fighter - The Legend of Chun Li. Quite a nice show, maybe because I love to play this game since young. In the movie, they featured Chun Li, Nash, Cammy, Bison, Vega and Balrog. If you are a fan of Street Fighter, then you should not miss this movie.

After watching this movie, I feel like playing this game again. (",) Anyway, I m expecting the next movie now! Show the teaser poster below? Lol. YES! WOLVERINE - another character from X-Men! Coming soon!

My friends was asking me today what is my favourite Superhero movie. I actually give a deep thought before answering them..... Because I m also a fan of Superhero movie too! Lol. Here are my answers to my friends' question!

Anybody have all the above DVDs or VCDs? If yes, can lend me? I want to watch again! I m waiting for my allowance to buy the orginal DVDs or VCDs to be part of my collection on Superhero! But if any of you want to give me a full set on the above, I will give you a BIG HUG and sing you one song on stage!

I hope all of you love the movie posters that I uploaded today! Nice right? (",)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Three video clips

If you happen to be at Bukit Timah Plaza, you will see me, Bryan Teoh, Kenix Yang, Senji Lim and Fanie Wong at the advertisement TV inside Bukit Timah Plaza. You can locate the TV just opposite Popular Bookstore.

One of the competition video for Challenge The Celebrities Semi-Finals. I sang two songs in this video and a duet with Bryan as well. Bryan also sang two songs inside this video. If you want to see me singing two of Lee Hom's songs, then you have to check out in Youtube. (",)

I went to KIDS ART, then my boss video it down without my knowledge. I look so funny inside this video. Lol. The two kids are cute and adorable too. I hope to be a father soon. Joking..... Impossible as now not even married or have any girlfriend.

无能为力 / 爱就宅一起

生病了, 所以留在家里听音乐, 看光碟, 阅读杂志. 虽然有点闷, 但我一定要快快把病养好! 要不然很多演出就去不成了! 刚才在YouTube 看到两首一样歌名的歌曲, 本来是要找石欣卉的新歌"无能为力", 可是我同时也看到了张敬轩的"无能为力". 听了之后, 同样歌名, 但曲风却不一样, 感觉也不一样!

你们一定要听听看! 哈哈哈!

昨天有网友说她很喜欢台湾偶像剧, 特别是飞轮海参与的, 让我联想到我最近在追的一部, 那就是"爱就宅一起"! 我超喜欢这部连续剧, 很感动, 很有趣! 不知道以后我会不会像剧中的MAR那样有名, 拥有那么多支持者呢? 我又在梦游了..... 记得一定要在每个星期六, 晚上九点钟, 打开新加坡优频道, 收看"爱就宅一起". 如果你们任何人有这部连续剧的光碟, 请借我看! 哈哈哈!

最后希望我的朋友们不要和别人吵架. 我知道你们都很保护我, 都很爱护我. 我也知道有一位网友不认同我的声音, 不喜欢公司为我写下"新加坡最年轻音乐才子"这个称号. 但希望你不要这样就不来看我的部落格, 因为我会很认真的不断进步自己的音乐, 唱功和创作. 毕竟那也是公司的宣传手法. 我希望每个人都会喜欢我的音乐, 给予我支持, 给予我批评, 我才会有更多更大的进步空间!

好了, 就写到这里了! 我相信你们都很好奇, 为何Elson 苏奕铨会以中文来写日记. 其实我希望那些来自中国的朋友们, 也可以阅读我的日记, 更了解我和我的音乐! 所以每一个星期, 我一定会写一封中文日记! 这样我也可以进步我的中文! (",)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two kids Vera and Clara

I was at the KIDS Art yesterday. They are located at Bukit Timah Plaza #02-01E, quite a interesting place. The boss Adrian Lee actually invited me to their centre for a tour. When I first step into the centre, I was surprised that this is not a place just for kids, but adults also can sign up for their course. Look at the drawing, look nice and cool right? I love it and that why I took a picture with it!

Saw the two kids Vera and Clara, they are the students from KIDS ART. I m there to "teach" them how to colour the carrot correctly. Do you know that they actually give me their works as a gift after the lesson? Lol. They also know how to spell my name and wrote it down in their works! They also added in "Good boy" in their works, because I wrote something similiar words in the CDs that I give them. I think they are my younger supporters now. (",)

Today whole day at home because I m down with flu and fever again. Visited a doctor and now on medication. This is my STITCH, is it adorable? He accompany me two years already. Oop! I realise that I m wearing the T-shirt given by the KIDS ART.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is my first appearance at Bukit Timah Plaza, also my first performance after I left army on 15 March 2009. The stage is nice and did you see my picture on the stage backdrop today? I sang quite a few songs on stage, two songs by Lee Hom to PK the six finalists from Challenge the Celebrities 2009, and two of my own composition 说好一定要幸福 and You'll never be mine.

After the performance, I took a photo with the bosses from Bukit Timah Plaza. They are the Judges for the competition. From left is Bryan Teoh, 品鸣老师 (SXSL Music Publishing Ltd), Eileen (Bukit Timah Management), myself (Elson 苏奕铨), David Chong (Mee Mee Optics) and Terence Tang (Fabrik ETC).

Thanks to my friends who give me so many presents during the performance. No doubt some of them are not in the photo, but I really appreciate your presence during my performance. From left is Keng Huei, Nicholas, Eileen, Gilbert, Bryan Teoh and myself! Not forgetting Tim and Jimmy for giving me nice presents!

Long time didnt see Joyce Stella and Joanne (娟姐). Thanks them for their support and making their way down to see me perform! No doubt Joanne is late, but I m happy that she is here to support me! 我好感动! Also met a nice gal - Catherine (She is Joanne's friend and she encourage me a lot too). Thanks Joanne and Catherine for your nice dragon tee shirt and necklace.

JS - I miss your Cheese Cake and Bubble Tea! (",)

I had my dinner at one of my sponsor's restaurant at Bukit Timah Plaza - 刘三阁, together with Eileen and my boss. I saw Keng Huei and Tian Shun there too! Tian Shun is very shy and the boss from 刘三阁 actually give them a discount! Anyway, my membership card at 刘三阁 will be out soon! (",)

My favourite food at 刘三阁! Hope somebody can go eat with me next Sunday after my performance! Treat me ok? Lol! Joking and dun take it seriously.

Lastly thanks everybody for making your way to Bukit Timah Plaza today! I know some of you support me silently at basement 1, just want to say THANK YOU to everybody once again!