Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Phone Review for Samsung Beat DJ

Thank you 24seven for the invitation to try out this cool phone - Samsung Beat DJ. I would say it's really cool. Some features inside the phone really took me away. It's my first time using a touch-screen phone. It's interface is quite similar to Omnia. it's one of the most user friendly interface that I had came across with and I got the hang of it in less than 15 minutes of exploring the phone.


After the initial exploration, I went straight into it's unique feature in this phone called the Beat DJ. basically, it has the basic tools that a real DJ has. After selecting your favourite tune, you can start to play it and while it play, you can actually either scratch the song or add effects to it. There's this filter function, where there is a range of 10 choices for you to choose. One of the functions, they called the "looper" function, allows you to loop the part of song where you selected the loop function and they have a range of beats that you can choose, like how many beats you want that part to loop. Not forgetting the 9 other effect which you can play with. It's a totally cool program which you can impress your friends with (of course with adequete practice). The coolest part is that you can record your own version of mix.

The most important function for people nowadays would be sms I think. So to me, the sms function of a phone matters alot. I'm not a fan of touch screen smsing but this phone's touch screen sms is still ok. At least the "buttons" on the screen are large enough for me to key in the right numbers.

The design of the phone is trendy and special. Unlike the normal squarish phones, this one is more of an oval shape and it allows better grip while scrolling through or doing the "scratch". It's lightweight is also a plus point.

Some features that I dislike

The volume of it's speakers can still be improved since it's a phone that it's supposed be able to blast party music and doing a live DJ out of it, it should be able to project louder music.

The phone tends to lags too when I try to get to the menu and it get's pretty sensitive after a few touches while viewing photos.

It's 3.2mp camera was also a disappointment too. Being someone who takes photos pretty often, I'd prefer it to be at least 5mp.


In conclusion, I would say this phone is good. it's screen colours are also bright and brillant. I would recommend it to people who like light weighted, small, cool, trendy looking phones. and I would recommend it even more to people who likes music and likes mixing music around like a DJ. It's "swing" function further brings out the cool-ness in it. To view the next picture, swing it to the left or right! I can also do it by scrolling my thumb across the screen. A worthwhile phone to buy.

Overall rating: 4/5

Experience sharing with Elson Soh!

Check out who support Samsung Beat DJ!


Check out their comment on Samsung Beat DJ!


Good comment on my acting

I woke up especially early yesterday because I have a filming. Dewei picked me up and we cabbed to the first location, and we got lost because I conveniently mistaken the gathering location as Hall 4 instead of Canteen A. So we cabbed to Canteen A, only to get lost again. This time we didnt know where the exact gathering place is. Cindy came to bring us. It is actually the old Canteen A. Lol!

The rest of the details of yesterday filming cannot be revealed, so you guys will have to wait till August 2009!

I m surprised and happy to see my xiao di Joseph and Evon coming down to support me, and also poor Dewei for helping me out the entire day, even missing his lunch. thanks alot guys. (",)


After filming we went to Donut Factory for some light snacks. We ordered 6 donuts, which were entirely finished by me and dewei because the two of them didnt want to help us! Faint!



Joseph was very nice today. He treated me bubble tea, for the first time! So I took picture of it, but didnt post here as I want to save it in my hp.


Dinner with Carol, Daniel, Mandy, Boss, Dewei, Evon and Joseph at Vista Point. We had tze char. Very full liao. As usual, Boss always ordered alot of food.

Anyway some unhappy issues happened yesterday. I dont want to elaborate or say who or bitch about the person here but I m glad Boss helped me solve the problem. Boss had been in this industry for more than 10 years. He advise me that this trade is like that, people just like to backstab people due to jealousy and many other factor at time. So stay strong and ignore these type of people.

Just want to share with that person the advise by a well-known celebrity in Singapore; "Remember when you are not famous, please do not behave like a BIG STAR! Even if you are famous, you also have to be humble and take care of your junior."

Thanks the director Siang Hui for your good comment on my acting. This is my first time involved in drama acting and thanks for the opportunity and guidance. (",)

One last thing, I really hope you all can understand me sometimes. I really do try my best to try to cater time to each and everyone of you. But sometimes when I really cant, I hope you all dont get emo or what because it makes me really sad and I dont like that kind of feeling. Always remember, there is always a next time. 来日方长. it is not as if you will not see me anymore or what. So please, give me a break sometimes. Thanks.

Been rather busy lately. I told Yujing, I can feel my body crumbling yesterday. Totally shacked out. Today is a resting day for me as Pin Ming Laoshi and Teacher John Lee both not free, as I told them that I might have filming. Hoping to see both of you next Tuesday. Oh ya! Next Tuesday, I will be attending the TV acting class at Mediacorp. Need to learn and upgrade my talent skills to catch up with the industry. Hope everybody can also learn something new in their life too!

Upcoming Events!

Here are some of my upcoming events and gathering for July 2009, but there are more to come and I will update everybody in my blog accordingly! Lol!

First of all, thanks to Youth Box for making me their Ambassador for the year 2009! I m so proud to be their Ambassador and I will do my best to promote local chinese music to everybody!



Friends of EMEFC and Youth Box are invited for the BBQ and Chalet on 1 July 2009, from 5pm onward. For more information, do email to EMEFC at elsonmusicempire@hotmail.com if you are keen to attend this gathering. The event is called "Dos Meses Fiesta Celebration", named by Gilberto!



You will get to see me in the above two events, titled Youth Box LIVE Concert. It will be held at Bukit Panjang Plaza and Parkway Parade. For more information, do check out the poster accordingly! Hope to see you guys there as we will be giving away goody bags on the event day itself. Dun be shocked as I will be singing a number of Jay Chou and Lee Hom's songs! Of course not forgetting my own songs as well. (",)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Be her weapon to fight the war!


Feisty Princess needs bullets to fight, be her weapon!

Write-up from http://ourfeistyprincess.com/index.php

I thought over, probably a couple hundreds of times wondering how to write this entry. At the end of the day, I still have no idea what to write.

Truth is when I first saw the email sent by Dr Aung on the amount needed to bring Charmaine to New York for treatment, I was shocked. $350,000 is the upfront deposit. I weren’t sure what currency it was in. Sent Jolene and Charlene a text message, ending the message with “I would give up if it is in USD”.

And of course, the bad news never ends.

$350,000 USD.

Half a million Singapore dollars.

How would I ever be able to raise this amount of sum? How do I convince anyone that Charmaine’s life is worth half a million dollars? I don’t know how. I seriously don’t know how. So many times, I want to give up. I don’t know how to think. I don’t know what to think. I don’t want to think. I don’t dare to think.

A week has passed since I received the email and I know I have already procrastinated a week away and made no progress.

I am brought up to think rationally and weigh my decisions against benefits and cost. Rationally speaking, I know fully well that half a million dollars can be better spent on saving thousands of malnourished kids in Africa than on Charmaine who only has a 40-50% chance of survival even with the antibody in New York.

But Charmaine is my daughter. No amount of money can justify how important she is to me. And Jase. Despite Jase’s young age and maturity, I know fully well that he loves his mei mei just as much as I do.

I would do just about anything to save her. I thought about selling my kidney, being a surrogate mom. They may sound stupid and crazy but my conscience feels so much better with me earning that USD $350,000 because I cannot think of any rational reason to convince you to help me save Charmaine.

I really thought of giving up. Its so much more easier and I am so tired.

I don’t want to think about anything anymore. Its easier just remembering the next doctor’s appointment, the next time for medication, the next time to pay the bills and just things I can do without thinking…

I even avoided Jolene and Charlene for a week because I have no answer for them. Their suggestion to go public and seek for help. My permission to allow them to publicise the materials.
Even as I am typing right now, I don’t exactly know what am I doing. I don’t know what I have decided. I don’t know the consequences of me typing this.

The only thing I know for sure is that should anything happen to Charmaine, I would never be able to forgive myself for not trying to fight for Charmaine when all she has to help her is me.

This is the very reason why I am typing this.

Dear friends, please help Jase and me to save Charmaine.

Thank you.
Cynthia Lim
The below information are from http://ourfeistyprincess.blogspot.com/2009/06/on-cash-donation-and-pay-pal.html

Account Details:
POSB savings a/c 249-28205-7.
This is opened jointly under Cynthia Lim (Char's mommy) and Jolene Loh (Char's Godma) for Charmaine.

Internet Transfer:
Provide your name/nick on the IB trf to ease the admin work at our end to match donors information.

Cheque donations pose much higher probabilty of us not matching the donors as internet banking only reflects if it is QCDM without any account number. In this case, I will need the date of deposit, and amount of $.

This is under Godma's personal email because when we did this up, Char's email account wasnt created. Rest assure all funds inside would be for her. For Singaporeans, we strongly urge you not to donate via paypal as there would be admin charges. We would like 100% of the funds to go to Char instead.

PLEASE email us after you have transfered or deposited cheque with the following information:

1) Your full name or a first name at least
2) The name/ pseudonym/ initials used when doing internet banking
3) Date of transfer / Amount transferred
4) Whether you wish for your name to be
(i)displayed in full,
(ii)with some information blotted out or
(iii)with your initials/ pseudonym should we do a public posting of the list of donors.
5) Whether you wish to be on our mailing list
6) Please tell us how you allow Cynthia to use the donation
(a) Only to be used for Charmaine's medical expenses
(b) Use the money for Charmaine's medical and personal expenses only
(c) Use the money for Charmaine's medical and personal expenses, but if need be, you also allow her to use it to ease her family's expenses
A message from Elson Soh

I hope that those who read my blog today, you can help Charmaine to fight her war! She needs us, regardless of donation or encouragement message. Do visit her blog and her website to understand more about her.

EMEFC will be participating in the fund raising for Charmaine by selling our fanclub latest edition souvenirs. The fanclub will donate 50 sets of limited edition souvenirs with Elson Soh's autograph on it. 100% sale will be donated to Charmaine as part of her medical fees. Do support us, so that we can also contribute to her medical fees.

Apart from that, I sincerely hope that my supporters and readers can also help to post the sidebar banner at your blog or any online site. Thank you for reading and the kind assistance given to Charmaine! (",)

Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign 2009

After the performance at Toa Payoh Central, myself together with EMEFC members and Youth Box in-house artistes, we went around the area to distribute the cards for Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign to the public members.

This is a project by EMEFC, with the support from Youth Box. Specially thanks to Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) - Mr Oh and Ms Irene for giving Elson Soh and the fanclub this opportunity to promote this event! (",)

For more photo, please visit the following link:

I really enjoy the community work on last Saturday, because I always want everybody to do something meaningful for the society. We manage to give out all the cards to the public and even took photo some of the public members as well. Thank you everybody for the effort!

PM: Joseph, I just want to say thank you for all the trust and effort you do for me. I really appreciate it deeply in my heart and I will work hard to prove myself. Most important, I hope to see everyone in Youth Box becoming more and more successful.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Youth Box Event @ Toa Payoh Central!

Yesterday the event at Toa Payoh Central is fun! Thanks Youth Box Joseph and all the inhouse artistes for giving me the opportunity to perform with you guys! I really like them as their passion in music is strong! Just like what Boss say yesterday, he say that this group of artistes from Youth Box are unlike many other talents he ever met. He commented that Joseph is only 16 years old and his achievement is far suppress many people around his age. Morever I also felt that Youth Box artistes are not proud and I can feel that they really love singing and performance. Jia you everybody in Youth Box!

There are quite a number of audiences. especially many of them standing at the both side of the stage. They are very supportive too! They clapped for us after each performance and it is really great seeing the audience enjoying the show too. (",)

For more photo, click to http://elsonsohphoto.blogspot.com/2009/06/youth-box-event-toa-payoh-central.html

Thanks EMEFC for the flowers, thanks Carol for the Stitch food and 娟姐 for her Stitch towel as well! I m very touched by the support you guys given to me yesterday. Also the support given to all the rest of Youth Box artistes too!

EMEFC bring the standee there to promote me, and if you come for my future show, this standee will appear quite often. Lol! Oh ya, later I will update more about the anti drug abuse campaign. Remember to visit and tag my chatbox more often. Meanwhile I appreciate everybody for the support and trust, and let just ignore what the other say about Elson Soh. I will continue to work hard and do my best for my upcoming performance and activities.

Anyway, the production meeting for tomorrow filming ended quite fast today. Tomorrow I have to wake up super early for the Channel U filming. Hope I can do a good job for it. The TV drama is expected to show at Channel U in August 2009. Stay tune for it!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hip-Hop Dance Instructor

Yesterday went for my hip-hop dance lesson. Was alittle late due to rehearsal for Toa Payoh Central performance at Boss's house and also traffic jam at expressway. Sorry Instructor Alex! Anyway, Boss also went down with me yesterday, and he sign me up for extra individual lesson, and the lesson will start next Friday. Mean to say, starting next week, my group Hip-Hop lesson will start from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, then follow by individual lesson from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Lol! So excited and hope to learn more from Instructor Alex next week!

After lesson, we went to Maxwell market to eat Bak Kut Teh and Pig's Organ Soup! The stall is actually open by someone's dad that I know. Lol! Make a guess then. Anyway, the food there is nice and worth going down to try it out. They have another stall at Tanjong Pagar market too!

Got this letter E key-chain from 娟姐. Thank you very much! You guys will see it soon if you notice me taking out my keys. Lol!

Immediately after dinner, we proceed down to watch movie at The Cathay, initially at Plaza Singapura, but no more ticket left. Luckily we got 4 tickets at The Cathay, but we are seating at the front row, first row corner seats. Faint! The movie Transformer is super nice, actually I watch it before, but since they want to watch, so I accompany them there for the movie.

Reach home at around 2.45am, was quite tired actually, but need to update my blog, so I endure myself to finish up the blogging. Haiz. Sad thing happen again. Everytime when I m so happy, sad thing will just follow after that. I put four person in MSN and tell them how I feel, actually two of them are really innocent, they are just purely providing a listening ear.

The whole incident start with Ms M, she emo again and posted me with question and question over msn, but I didnt reply as I dun seem a reason why I have to reply. I was so angry and I added in Ms M, Mr D, Ms CC and Mr DL in the same msn window to tell them how I feel. Then Mr D got the emo virus and smsed Boss at 4am in the morning, saying that he is not free to accompany me for lesson tomorrow. I m tired with Ms M for the unreasonable action and Mr D for not being understanding. Really tired if you guys can feel it.

MSN from Ms M - sori for my unreasonable, u really wan give mi up? u feeling better and u free den cantact mi ba. so sori for everything. take care.

MSN from Mr D - read what u have said earlier, guess now not the time to chat with u also. nite in advance. sry if i have did anything wrg to irritate u.

Sometime I dun understand why people like to keep smsing me and ask me to go out with them, when I already told them I may not be able to make it. I already try my best to go out with them, try my best to reply their smses, email and msn. But it seem that some of them dun appreciate and become more demanding. I hope some of you can really understand that I m busy with training, rehearsal, filming and recording. If I have the extra time, I will try to accompany you guys out.

Anyway, I just hope tomorrow can be a better day for me. Tomorrow is my modelling and grooming training day from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, then 7.30pm have a performance at Toa Payoh Central. Hope to see you guys there. Visit www.elsonmusicempire.com for more information on my performance venue and time.

I walk alone today.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign 2009

Join us in this meaningful project!

Elson and EMEFC will be assisting CNB in giving out commemorative items to deter people from abusing drugs. The commemorative items are packaged with a card containing anti-drug messages. We hope to create awareness amongst students and the public on the objectives of the Anti-Drug Abuse Day and significance of the green and white Anti-Drug Abuse Ribbon. It symbolises health, vitality and strength.

Date: 27 June 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: Toa Payoh Central (infront of Block 178)

For EMEFC members who particpate in this project!
Point earning - 80 Points

Email us at elsonmusicempire@hotmail.com if you are interested to take part in this meaningful project together with Elson Soh!

Do visit http://www.elsonmusicempire.com/ for more details.

For more information on the campaign, you may visit the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) website at http://www.cnb.gov.sg/ or the official website of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) at http://www.unodc.org/.

Michael Jackson Dies

There are a million things that can be said about Michael Jackson, and most of them probably will be said over the next couple of days. But one thing is undeniable -- he was responsible for some of the best pop songs ever. So for now, just enjoy one.

Here are a few things I remember about Michael Jackson. My dad taking me to the old Capital Centre to see him in concert in 1989. Richard Harrington reviewed that show for the Post. He said: "Sometimes, watching him as the center of his spectacle, you feel you're inside a planetarium with a familiar galaxy and a single burning star at its center." That's pretty much how I felt then, except translated into 8-year-old talk.

His video premieres were big deals. I remember sitting in front of the TV waiting for the first look at "Black or White" and "Smooth Criminal." They were on prime time TV. It was required viewing; if you didn't watch, you were left out of the conversation at school the next day.

To this day, "Billie Jean" gets lodged in my brain for days at a time. It's not the worst thing, I'll tell you.

And, of course, there were the more recent events. Dangling a baby from a balcony. Dancing on a car after being acquitted on child molestation charges. He was no longer a pop star; he was an oddity, a freak, a weirdo.

But "Billie Jean" still sounded amazing.

Article direct link from http://voices.washingtonpost.com/postrock/2009/06/michael_jackson_dies.html

For more information, visit the above link.

Anyway, after the harsh entry blog yesterday, today one of them smsed me in the morning. His sms is: "Thank you for all the falsehood u are saying about me. I now officially give up on u. We are no longer friends as well."

I have DOUBT after reading the sms sent by him. Since when I m "officially" under him and resulting him to "officially" give up on me? I know too many things about you, if I m going to list down here, it will be endless. I just want a simple life and please stop disturbing me. Get a life and go groom your own artistes! You have a dream rite? You want more stars than the sky, so go groom your stars and make them shine. I still remember how you ask Boss to give up on me and groom a CSS finalist last year. Never expect your mood to swing faster than anybody.

Anyway, thing are getting strange now. Out of sudden, that "gal - Deefairyuffpink " msn me again yesterday, then out of sudden NGW's artiste was added inside? And the best part is that "gal" appear offline suddenly. Maybe "she" want to talk to "her" artiste? Then accidentally added in this window. Very fishy rite? First question come to me is 为什么那么巧? 难道是.....? 哈哈哈! Well, this is for everybody to guess now. (",)

For everybody information, Boss ask me to ignore that msn chatlog as no point waste time on this type of people. Being a gay is nothing wrong, if you are a gay, admit it and maybe I can consider being a friend with you. I do have many gay friends, but none of them are like that "gal".

A group of IDIOTs!

Recently was chatting with my friends online, and get to know that people that I know in the past, who "claim" to support me, like my songs, are just a group of idiots now. Reason are very simple, maybe jealousy I would say. Actually not much people know about my past and how I get into the music industry and how I survive through these few years. Well, let me share with everybody today and you might be shocked later.

In year 2005, I took part in Teenage Icon, but didnt manage to get into the Finals. Then a manager by the name of NGW come to approach me, saying that he want to sign me as his artiste, showing me how great he is and how capable he is. So I just join him at that time and no contract was sign at all. He send me to a music school to learn singing, but after a month, he stop paying for my lesson fee, claiming that I m lazy and no interest in music.

But I m very lucky, because one of my friends, MJL called me and asked me down to see her manager (my current Boss) for an interview as she know that I always wanted to sing and perform. I m consider quite lucky, and among the rest of my friends, I m the first one got offered with a artiste management contract and release a singles under EMI Music Singapore in June 2006. Between the period of January to June 2006, many of my friends start leaving because they felt that they are not given a chance to release any album. Haiz. Sad right?

During my singles promotion period, NGW called me and warned me to be careful of my current boss. But I just ignore him as I felt that his words cant be trusted. Well, think I make the right choice until today. Then coming to end year, SA, DY, NL, JY, SB and PG Group joined the family. So many stars coming in, and by right we should be happy, but Boss began to get more and more depressed. And more problem happen, as all of them felt that Elson cant sing, no look, no talent and why Boss is still grooming him when they are so much better than him.

Slowly, one by one start to leave, as they felt that Boss is unfair to them. Boss's business started to go down the slope and in debt due to me partially. And he still stay strong and believe that I will make it one day. He never give up on me, despite that I always get into trouble and he always say that I m a star to be in future. He always tell me his five years plan and always remind me that when I reach my third year, then it is the actual start of my career as previous two years are a learning experience and stepping stone for me to know more media and sponsors. Actually, I always have doubt on his five years plan. But today, I saw it and experience it myself. I see myself growing and getting into the track and plan, exactly what Boss predicted.

I ever asked Boss a question, ask him whether he regret and sad that so many artistes left him and talk bad about him, and his answer is always: "Leave them alone, let see how far can each of them go. See how many of them really love music and know their individual direction clearly. See how many years can they survive in the industry. See how much they can achieve. If they are successful, let cheer for them and learn from them. But if they fail, let study why they fail and dun follow their step." Actually he is upset at the beginning, but now he had become those simply hack care type of people. He told me that in entertainment industry, if you are lousy, nobody will talk about you. But when you have achievement, people will start to talk about you, and be it good or bad, just listen and forget.

There are so many "celebrity friends" when I step into the industry and now many of them actually step out from the industry. And a portion of them still struggle to survive in the industry, by taking part in competition and do public performance. They also known as "Artiste Celebrity", and these title are mostly given by themselves. Well, those friends that I used to know and joke with, because of an album, they hate me, they dislike me, but I dun care at all. To tell my those "friends", my starting thought is just to be a performer, but I didnt expect I can have my own singles and album at all. Maybe I m just lucky. But Boss dun think that way, as he say I have what it take to be a artiste. Whether it is true or not, I m still the same Elson Soh, who still joke around with friends that are sincere, that why I still have so many secondary school and JC friends, plus army friends standing strong by my side. The reason why I still have support is that I never think so highly of myself as a celebrity, I just want to be normal, especially when I m with my friends.

To the group of idiots who like to comment and give false statement to other people about Elson. Let me tell you clearly down here, you can still say what you want and go ahead to insult me and Boss if you think this will make your life more beautiful. Let me share with this group of idiots one very straightforward thing, as recently I began to believe that if you dun have what it take, or dun possess any talent, and dun have a kind heart and nice character, you will not make it in this industry. If you really love music, do it and show it to everybody, show your results. It is not difficult to be a artiste or celebrity, because nowadays when we walk at orchard road, everybody also a artiste and celebrity, but nobody ever seen them on Tv, on radio, on magazine promoting their new song or CD before. Sorry to say that, no doubt I m not as popular, but at least I have certain achievement that my friends and supporters seen it by themselves.

Lastly, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Dun be a idiot living in this world! Life can be more beautiful if you use it wisely. If you are really good, prove to everybody and not just badmouth everybody. Anyway, I will work even harder to prove that Elson can make it and Boss didnt make the wrong choice! A very harsh blog entry because I want people to know nothing but the truth. (",)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lunch with Georgina

Thank you EME for thinking of me wherever you all are. And thanks for the call yesterday. I miss you guys too!

Carol - I really hope you are feeling better after talking to me. I do hope and words and I have made you felt better after the phone call. Jia you!

Tricia - Life are like that sometime. Hope you are feeling better now. Stay happy always. (",)

Gilberto - Thanks for getting the contact for me. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

Tim - How are you getting now? Been quite sometime we havent go out for lunch liao. Hope to meet up soon with you!

It has been a very very busy two weeks for me. Sorry if I didnt have the time to reply or chat or go out with anyone. Here goes. The whole of last week was spent on lessons and rehearsing for Saturday's event. Everyday was packed to the brim, with my tuition incorporated too. My only rest day was only Sunday. And this week and half of next week's schedule has also been planned and some executed. Tuesday was as usual, Pin Ming laoshi's house and teacher John Lee's place. Wednesday yesterday was spent on casting and media training.

Look at my "mother" who acted with me during the casting. A very nice lady named Shirley. She shared some of her acting tips with me and even got me a contact from Mediacorp, which I went today. I woke up early early morning today to prepare for today's casting at Mediacorp. It was quite fun and the roles they gave me were quite challenging. I think when you all know of it, you all will get a shock! Lol! Thanks PG for the advise too!

After casting was lunch with Georgina. Like finally got to have lunch with her after so so long. We went to Delifrance and before that, we had a wager on whether Delifrance existed. She was so confident but Elson is more confident. Lol! By right she should treat me for losing the wager but because it was our first time eating, I gave her a chance!

After lunch I met Dewei again and we headed down to 24Seven at The Sail to collect the handphone for try out. Here it is. I have to do a review on it and on top of that, I need to explain the phone function to 10 person, who will in turn do an online survey for me with regards to the phone and each will be awarded a complimentary lanyard from them. The phone is Samsung Beat DJ.

Side track abit, managed to meet up with a few friends these two nights. one of them is going overseas on Friday while the other group are people whom I havent met for a long long time. however, I only managed to get limited shots. pictures to come!

Tomorrow gonna be a busy day again with dance lessons coming. Saturday will be the anti drug campaign and Toa Payoh show. Sunday production meeting. Monday and Tuesday will be the filming for Mediacorp. OMG! Can faint. (",)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Training and Casting

Yesterday is Tuesday, which means music day for me. I woke up and headed down to Bukit Timah Plaza for my music arrangement lesson with Pin Ming laoshi. Dropped by Mee Mee Optics. Wanted to look for Joyce lady boss but she wasnt around. Surprisingly the busy busy big boss David is around! I was delighted to see him as I havent seen him for some time. We chatted quite abit before he got busy and I went to meet laoshi.

As usual, we had lunch at Liu San Ge again. yummy lunch but laoshi always treat me eat, I feel super bad. Anyway I brought the mug down, but Liu laoban wasnt around, so I passed it to one of his workers there. Hope you like the mug Liu laoban! Not forgetting I gave Pin Ming laoshi one of my mini tee too.

Yesterday's lesson is very productive. I managed to come out with a brand new 中国风编曲 based on Jay Chou's 发如雪. and it is all original and thought on the spot! I personally like it alot and I think I will be filling in a melody for the 编曲 soon. Pin Ming laoshi gave me and teacher john two 太阳饼 each.

After lesson I went to teacher John Lee's house for vocal lesson. This is the room where I am being taught, and this is only one of the rooms in the house. Now you can imagine the rest by yourself. Lol! Went to boss's place for awhile before heading for tuition. I was late today due to a big massive jam at the expressway. Something from some truck caught fire. Anyway I met with a difficult question yesterday. I almost couldnt solve. But still did in the end. Lol! After that I met my friends for dinner and chit chat session. Excited!

Then today, I went to East Coast for one of the Mediacorp Channel U drama series casting, quite fun and I met my new drama series "mummy" and her name is Shirley. She is very nice, very experience and guide me alot too. She act in many Mediacorp production before, especially in Channel 5. The casting team love the acting from both of us, and ask if we are ok to film next week, guess next week will be a busy day for me too.

Right after casting, I went straight to Boss's place for Media and Stage performance training with Dewei. Damm tiring as Boss torture me for 2 hours! Media training is so tough, not the same as what I learned 2 years ago. Stage training is fun and Boss praise me for the good effort. Lol! Very hard for him to praise people for good performance. Think Dewei is bored with accompany me to the training as he dun really understand.

Just finish tuition and going out to meet some of my old friends. Tomorrow I have to go Mediacorp for another casting for some variety show in the morning, then meeting Georgina for lunch as long time never catch out with her too. Anyway, do participate in the online contest organised by EMEFC and win the $50 POSB cash voucher. (",)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steven Lim

Yesterday Dewei actually come to pick me up for lesson at G Fight, but end up lesson cancel. Think I can only go next week when the boss from G Fight back from his holiday. Then I decided to meet Boss for dinner together with Dewei at Causeway Point. You must be wondering why I always go Causeway Point, because somebody is lazy to travel. Lol!

Thanks Dewei for the chocolate and guess which country produce this brand?

Guess who I met at Woodlands MRT? Does he look familiar to you? Anyway, he is Steven Lim and I m quite shocked that he actually remember me. Steven attended one of my autograph session at Chinatown Point somewhere in January 2009, and never expect to met him again at Woodlands MRT.

He is a very nice guy, but he seem quite busy scouting for people there. Anyway, we met him again when we are having dinner and he shared with us about his dream and his project. I told Steven that he is quite popular in the industry, and maybe very soon we might have a project together. Lol! Hope you can fulfil your dream soon! (",)

Thanks Dewei for the treat! Boss complain that my face is getting rounder and demand me to go on diet and exercise more. Lol! Well, think it is time to go for some running soon. After dinner, we went for movie, but Steven didnt join us as he had another appointment.

This movie (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) is nice and you guys should go watch it! Next movie that I m going to watch will be Transformers. Been waiting for it since the launch of the trailer!

Anyway, today woke up quite early, because I have lunch appointment with Pin Min laoshi before our music arrangement lesson. I have got a little surprise for him, John laoshi and Liu laoban from Liu San Ge! This week schedule also abit packed for me, but I will try my best to spend some time with my family, my friends and my supporters.


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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sharon, Lingzhi and Martin

These are the gifts that given by Joanne and Gilberto during my event at K Box K Union. Thanks Gilberto for giving my mum a nice magnet. She like it alot. (",)

Went for a dinner with Sharon, Lingzhi and Martin yesterday. Quite sometime never meet them too. Appreciate that they come down to support my event last Saturday. Anyway quite tired recently, maybe over-work liao. Lol! By the way, I will have two event this Saturday, will keep all of you update accordingly soon.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Most Kissable Guy Video!

For those that didnt manage to catch my appearance at Mediacorp Channel U TV, now you can go online and login to http://archiveu.mediacorptv.sg/silverlight_players/kissableguy/top3_winner.htm

Thanks for all the support when I m in Most Kissable Guy contest. Without all of you, I wont have the chance to win the contest. Thank you! (",) Also thanks Mediacorp Channel U, Clinique, PG and the production team for the wonderful video!

Anyway, the event at K Box yesterday, I left out one more link. Sorry! Do click to http://elsonsohphoto.blogspot.com/2009/06/k-box-k-union-part-4.html to view some more photo! Lol!