Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NSP News published by The Straits Times

Hi all. With the recent buzz going on between Gushcloud and Nuffnang, we learnt that social media has taken two extremes - it can either help you or kill you. Some information spread really fast without the person involve even knowing it beforehand and soon, people just take whatever they seen or read as it is.
Being part of the media industry, I know that some reports are just fads to sensationalise and sell more papers and magazines. I also come to a point where I dont really bother to clarify every single report made on me, whether truthful or not.

However this time, I felt a need to release a response. I was recently brought to attention by my fans and friends with regards to an article published by The Straits Times. I wasnt aware until many people called me and message me asking about it. I was puzzled and confused until I read the article and got a shock.You may read it here: (Click HERE). 

If you have read the article and seen the photo they used in it, you may have the urge to congratulate me or even shock that overnight I have became a member of the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

Truth is, I am NOT.

3 things to highlight here:

Firstly, the photograph with me inside, was used without my acknowledgement or my artiste management's consent.I understand that my artiste management had send a email to the media to request for the removal and/or crop out of my image in the photograph.
Secondly, the caption they used for the photo wrongfully depicted me and/or should not even put my name, as the public members might think that I am one of the members of NSP, which I am not.

Thirdly, the event was organised by Project Awareness and actually named as Project Dakota. Not some NSP goody bag distribution. It was a distribution event with items contributed by some of my volunteers to be given out to the residents of Dakota and Tung Ling Community Services. The members from NSP came down to help out as volunteers, however the event was also attended by the grassroots from that area together with my other volunteers.

Lam Siong is a friend, and I congratulate him on his recent achievements. But I would like to also make it clear again that I AM NOT a member of NSP.

This is really nothing personal, and it's not because they are the opposition or whatsoever that I become so uptight. This is purely because I am really not a member of NSP and I do not want people to affiliate me anyhow to something which I am not.

I hope the media can exercise more responsibility on their reports and the contents that they publish as "a moment of mistake" for them can result in a series of uncalled inconvenience for others, like me having to explain myself or to others that I am not a political figure and such, which shouldn't have even need to happen if the media have not made a mistake in their report.

I hope this clears the air to this saga and that everyone is clear on this matter. Thank you.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

3 of my idols have released new songs and albums in 2015

I would like to start this post wishing everyone a Happy New Year! It's the start of yet another brand new year. 2014 has been kind to me. Though there were some tough lessons on trusts learnt along the way, only the good things etch into my memory. 

I'm thankful for the new friends I made, thankful for the new and existing sponsors I have, thankful to my team in Taiwan and Korea to ensure that I have a successful debut. Thankful for my supporters and to the people who believed in me no matter what. Thank you all for making 2014 memorable and fun. 

Come 2015,  I will be releasing new songs, and I hope that you all can continue my life journey with me, creating more happy moments and memories together and achieve more success together. I believe 2015 will be a wonderful year! 

That being said, I recently had the chance to attend Jay Chou's Singapore concert held at the Singapore Sports Hub. It was awesome! More than 20000 fans turn up and the view was stunning especially after the lights were off and the light sticks glow. It is a dream for all singers to hold a concert of this size in their lifetime. 

I'm also excited that 3 of my idols have released new songs and albums in 2015. Personally I felt JJ Lin and Wang Leehom made daring challenges in their latest songs while Jay Chou stuck to his usual style which I really really like. Totally in love with Jay's latest album. Will be looking forward to JJ Lin's and Leehom's albums as well. In the meanwhile before I sign off, do enjoy my cover of Jay Chou's latest new song,  算什麼男人!
Happy 2015 guys. Love you all!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Celebration - THK Bedok Radiance Senior Activity Centre

Christmas 2014 was a meaningful event for the Project Awareness team. Sorry to blog it 10 days after the event as I'm busy with my work recently.

Together with our sponsors and volunteers, we managed to support THK Bedok Radiance Senior Activity Centre (THK-BRSAC) to organise a party for the low income and elderly residents of Bedok. More than 100 of them turn up and they all had fun! Thank you Ms Lee Lee from THK Bedok for sending me some of the photo.

I would like to thank the following volunteers for their kind support to this event:

For the umbrella walking sticks:
William Aw Yong
Shanon Ng
Emily Sng
Agnes and Jane
Teo Mui Hong
Polly Sng
Ng Lai Chan
Ng Lai Ying
Ho Meng Hwa
Jeffery Ng
Chew Ah Hua
Angela Chong 
Josephine Choo
Kayley Lim
Kelly and Calvin Teoh

For the Turkey Ham and Stollens:
Ms Emily

For the fruit cake:
Nineteen Niche bakery

Also thank you to Mr Jacky Goh from J Consulting Group for driving me around to collect and deliver the items.

I also met one of the grandma during the delivery of the items to THK Bedok and glad that she is doing well and enjoy herself in the center with the other elderly. Anyway I'm currently planning a couple of goody bags distribution in February 2015 to some of the low-income families. Stay tuned to Project Awareness Facebook Page for more information and update!

Lastly, once again thank you all for making all these happen!