Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day Of CNY

It's the last day of Chinese New Year. Did everyone eat 汤圆 today? My mum cooked but I forgot to eat. Haha. Anyway, yet another CNY has gone. It's my favourite festive period and now I have to wait for next year. Lol.

Anyway, my leg is better today, though it still hurts.

Econs paper tomorrow, but I'm not prepared for it yet. =X

Photos of the Night Out @ Bras Basah - Bugis event is out on Radio 1003 FM website!

Link: or Click Here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Was walking today. I guess I wasnt concentrating and I slipped into one of the pot holes used for drainage and cut my ankle. At first I thought it was just a slight bruise. But the pain was so excruciating, I couldnt help but take a look at it. To my astonishment, I saw a deep cut.

I bled for around 10 minutes? Luckily it was a small cut so I didnt lose much blood. But the cut was pretty deep and it hurts like hell.

***NOTE: Pictures below may be disgusting to some people. So view at your own discretion***

Amount of blood I lost in 10 minutes. I threw away other pieces. Only took these two back. Lol.

I'm better now. Still hurts, but I think tomorrow will be better. So you all dont worry.

On the other hand, havent really been happy all these while. Sigh. But nobody can help me.

烦了很久,或许这是最好的决定吧.. 只愿你我都能快乐..


Video Link:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Trishaw Night with OMY and Radio 1003 FM

Today was a fun and exciting day. I gave my 第一次 away today. Oops. Not that 第一次 hor. Don’t think dirty. Haha. It’s my first time riding a trishaw today and my first time getting to see and experience many things which I haven’t experienced before.

We all gathered at the meeting point. Happy to see Jian Wen 大哥, Ke Min 姐 and Margaret 姐 today. Havent seen them for quite some time already. Took some pictures with them and other participants before we all set off our Trishaw journey.

My partner is a beautiful lady named Desirene. She’s so lovely. We chatted all the way through the journey like old friends. Haha. I was also interviewed by OMY and share my experience in this event. You guys will see the interview soon at website.

As the journey began, some part of me rewind back to the olden days of Singapore when trishaw is seen as a mode of transport of many. I imagined myself as one of them. I felt what our forefathers and past Singaporeans felt. I get to experience what they experienced. And I would say part of me would prefer the trishaw to the taxi.

Suddenly I felt like a tourist. It’s as if I’ve entered into another country instantaneously. Suddenly, I get to see Singapore with a different perspective and point of view. Suddenly, I see the side of Singapore which I haven’t seen before. Same route, same shops, same faces, yet a totally different feeling.

We passed by the famous street which what everybody called the "Transvestite Street" or in mandarin the "人妖街" where I really saw many of them. I didnt know that there was such a street. Then also I saw a shop which houses bags and bags of rice and sugar, those with coolies carrying sack by sack, something which I only get to see in TV, yet in reality today they still exist. Passed by the streets of Bugis, Bras Basah, etc. Waving at people as if we were tourists. It's indeed a fun experience. And not to mention relaxing after a long day out. For once, I took my mind off stuffs which 烦 me alot.

After the trip, we all headed to Settlers cafe at SMU for supper. Everyone just relaxed and played board games and have supper, chit chat. I did the same too.

Soon it was time for lucky draw and everyone is a winner. Everyone get to bring back some vouchers and coupons and of course, the most precious are the memories and experiences.

Oh yah, most fun part was celebrating ah ma's birthday. I gave ah ma a birthday kiss! Haha. She was so shy. (",) Happy Birthday Ah Ma.

After the event we all headed down to Kopitiam for some food and drink before heading home.

Thank you people who came down today to support me. No doubt you guys didnt follow me during the tour, but I believe the pictures will make you feel excited too. Cat 姐, 娟姐, Shirley, Joseph, Serena, Mandy. Thank you all! Mandy, please take care and eat medicine.

Lastly, I would like to thank OMY and Radio 1003 FM for inviting me to such wonderful event. Thank you Alex and Magaret. Not forgetting OMY reporter YiMing, DJs Ke Min and Jian Wen and everybody involved in this event. Thank you all!
If you want to check out my exciting adventure, do check out my Facebook or Friendster, otherwise download all the pictures from the link below within 7 days.

Exams tomorrow, wish me luck!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vote For ME!

Attention! Haha. Got a few things I wanna share with everybody.

First! RIG has organised an online singing competition for me. Basically, you just need to be familiar with songs from my new album, 不完整专辑 - 我是偶像派歌手, and choose a song from there. Then you go to our company website,, and download the MMOs and just do a simple recording and send it to Top prize is a cool $500 cash! Best thing is, no registration and no age limit and it's opened to anybody from any country! Woo! Hope you all join and ask your friends to join too. Really hope to receive many entries. (",)

For more information, visit

Second! EME and RIG have jointly organised an online voting contest. You just need to listen to my songs and vote for your favourite song and stand a chance to win a cool $100 cash plus Elson Gift Pack! It's that simple! Submit your entries today! Most of my songs can be found at YouTube now.

For more information, visit or Click Here.

Third! I've also added a voting widget at the side of my blog. It's actually for me to know which are the songs you guys prefer more. So I hope everyone can help to let me know. If you like all, you can vote for all too. Hehe. Everyone can vote once every 6 hours. (",)

Last! Tomorrow night I'll be attending an event organised by OMY and Radio 1003 FM. It's a special and unique event which I believe will be very fun! I have to report to Bugis Fu Lu Shuo Complex at 7.30pm (Friday). Hope to see Joseph, Carol and everyone to come down to look for me. After that maybe we can all go for a drink and chit chat a lil. (",)

Before I go, wanna share with everyone some pictures I took during CNY.

This is 四马路观音庙 on the midnight of CNY eve, which is 初一。How many of you didnt know that there is such an event going on in the middle of the night with sooooooo many people? This has been a culture in Singapore for many many many years already. People go and get blessings from Goddess of Mercy on the first day of CNY for good luck and to symbolise a good start to the year. After that we can "请香" home, where we bring the Joss Sticks from the temple all the way home to our own altar.

My dad and I stood in the crowd and queued for at least 30 mins before we finally manage to get in the temple. Haha.

This is Lo Hei which was taken last Saturday on 初七,人日。

Everyone very excited and we all Lo until very high up. But I had to clear the mess later because it's in my house. But we had fun. Haha.

This is me and my gf. HAHAHA.

Believe or not? Lol. No la. This pretty lady here is my Sister. Though she's older, people nowadays say I'm the older brother while she is the younger sister. I got so chao lao meh. :((

Me and my cousin Theron. His hair so stylo milo. Haha.

Finally, me with Petal, my uncle's shitzu. Cute? (",)

Alright, going to bed now. Love you guys! (",)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

I was surfing the net recently and came across this amazing clip. It's a clip of the winner Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian. One look, you probably wouldnt look twice at him. But when he opened his mouth and sang, omg, it's damn freaking nice. His 'live' totally swept me off my feet instantaneously. It's that good.

How many times we all judge people based on looks and covers? Whether he or she is handsome, pretty, cute. What brand of clothes he or she wears. How he or she behaves. The list goes on. I'm sure everyone is guilty of that one way or another. But most of the time, our guesses are wrong.

I believe many times we heard someone telling us how bad something or someone is and we just listen and believe. We avoid to confront and seek the truth and we just avoid and shun away, concluding whatever we hear is what it is. Until one day we finally came to know the person and we go "Hey, you are not that bad what. Why so and so say that about you.." and blah.

This is just human nature. Lol.

I've came across this blog of a taxi driver from Singapore. He's a PhD holder from the prestige world renowned Stanford University. Who would have guessed that the driver of the taxi you are sitting in, is a PhD holder from one of the world's best University? Again, we would have passed judgement based on the society stereotyping and made a mistake.

Susan Boyle came on stage, with laughters of mockery before she sang. But left the stage with a huge standing ovation and respect from the world. Soon, her videos was one of the most watched on Youtube and she became famous overnight. Simon said, "I thought this audition would have lasted 5 seconds." Indeed he was wrong.

And speaking of Simon Cowell, who would have thought that he was the man behind our childhood favourite Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Teletubbies, WWF theme songs and even pop irish boyband Westlife?

Someone once told me, people who tries their best to flaunt, are those who probably have nothing much to show while the people who hides are probably those who doesnt want their riches to be seen or known.

And so rightfully true.

I have a friend in the property business and they love to serve clients in singlet and shorts. Because experience tells them they are the real rich people. While those who drives luxury cars and wear branded top to toe are mostly people with alot of debts and installments to carry.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, never judge a book by its cover. People are weird. Those which you thought they might be something might not be what you thought they are and those whom you underestimate might just surprise you in the end.

Ok, that's one long entry. I hope everyone have a good rest! Thanks for the everyday smses and encouragements. Keep them coming alright? (",)

Before I go, these are the interesting links you all may want to see. Haha.
Guy Sebastian

Susan Boyle - Click Here

Simon Cowell - Click Here

PhD Taxi Driver - Click Here

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hush Puppies

Received alot of comments on my facebook. Thank you everyone for your kind support and encouragements! I will work harder and give you guys a better Elson the next time. (",)

Today I wore my new shoes sponsored by Hush Puppies to school. It was hand picked by Jeannie and I love it very much! So many people ask me where I bought it and some even took pictures of it. When I told them it's from Hush Puppies, they couldnt believe it. Haha. They didnt know that Hush Puppies has such wide range and variety and designs. I'm so happy. Haha.

Anyway, guess who is this....? Photo is abit dark but I guess you all can see his face. Haha.

Anyway, my artiste management is organising a online singing competition named "Not The Final Version" and it's opening for registration now. No registration fee is required and you can choose to sing any of my songs online. Just record a short version and email to my artiste management and stand a chance to win $500 CASH for champion.

All the MMOs, lyrics and ringtones from my first EP "不完整专辑" are available at the weblog Do check it out and hope you guys can help me spread the news around. Also must take part to support my music too. Lol!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Saw the picture below? His name is Panda, and you have be wondering why he call himself Panda. Lol. I also not very sure too. Anyway he is a nice guy, I got to know him through Keng Huei. Panda is very supportive towards my music and he recently being attending most of my events and help me to take picture and video. Thank you Panda!

How? I still miss those moment at Sembawang Shopping Centre..... I really enjoy myself on stage seeing so many of you and new faces smiling at me when I was singing. I saw so many people taking picture of me and I suddenly feel like crying on stage. It is so touching during that moment. (",)

I forget to mention yesterday in my blog that I give three sets of presents to Ken from Radio 1003 FM. Actually these are my sponsors' products that I requested from them to give it to Ken, just hope that Ken can also share my happiness using all these products. Anyway Ken is surprised and say that this is the first time a singer giving him presents on stage. Lol. He is cute anyway!

Thanks to Donut Empire, Angelsky8 and Hush Puppies again. Also must thanks Ken for the wonderful hosting as well. Without him, the show wont be that interesting. He is really good and if any of you have an event, do invite him to host and remember he is the DJ from Radio 1003 FM.

Exam coming this Saturday. Stressed now!! Haha.. Have to start working on my study and upcoming events. Most of the pictures had been uploaded to my Facebook and Friendster. Do check it out when you are free. :) And some of the overseas fanclub website also start to upload my event video and photo too. Thank you all my overseas supporters.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sembawang Shopping Centre 试听会

First and foremost, I'm happy to announce success for today's 试听会!Thank you everybody who made today a success!

Woke up especially early today to prepare, and also because I was pretty excited about today. Like what Boss said, it's my big day. Haha. I hope I did well and everybody is happy today. As long as everyone is happy, Elson is happy too!

I would like to thank the following people:

RIG, for organising this event.
Edwin 大哥 for the tremendous help you gave to me today, and the kopi session after that. More to come alright.
Serena, Joseph and Jasmine: For helping out. I dont know what else to say but a big thank you to three of you. Josephine, opps, I mean Joseph have helped me out alot, staying up late doing my videos etc. And as for Serena, what had happened had happened. Let us look forward and make the next event a bigger success alright!
My two 宣传保姆:Joanne 姐 and Cat 姐

Thank you Sembawang Shopping Centre (Mei) for sponsoring the event set up and place venue and sound system.
Thank you Donut Empire for the lovely Donuts.
Thank you LG Mobile.
Thank you Angelsky8.
Thank you Hush Puppies for the gifts and product sponsorships! And thank you Jeannie for coming down personally to support me. :)
Thank you Makeup Artist Shop and WTS Travel for the product sponsorship.

Thank you Radio 100.3 FM DJ Ken for doing a great job today.

Thank you all the artistes from RIG and YouthBox who performed for me today.

Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to the following people for the making the effort to come support me today:
Joanna, Panda, Benjamin, Keng Huei, Mandy, Carol, Gilberto, Shirley, Xilin (though I didnt see you again, lol), Joyce Stella, Helen, my good brother Jonathan, Lily, etc.

Not forgetting the people and shoppers at SSC.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if I did left out anybody. I truly appreciate every single one of your thoughts and effort today. I apologise for leaving so soon. Would loved to stay on but time constrain forbade me to do so. Hope to see everyone really soon again!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long Day

Had a very very long day today. First stop was Bt Timah Plaza. They've got liondance troupe doing opening and shop visiting today. Happy to see Eileen 姐 and Davd Boss. David gave me and everyone a red packet. And the sum..... Hmm. Cannot say. But it's definitely not stingy at all! You all guess!

Next stop was Chinatown Point for Haiti Haiti 2 Concert. It's my first time doing a charity concert and I would say I'm glad to be part of it, helping the cause of Haiti and helping people in need there. Saw many old friends today, like Jiu Jian 老师, Jasmine Tye, Alex and not forgetting DJ Ken. Really glad to see them. Also happy to have made new friends. Finally got to see Jonathan in person. Good to know Leon from PSS 1, nice guy. And many many others!

Xilin said she came down today, but she dont want to see me. Tsk! Thanks Xilin, Doreen, Edwin Da Ge, Serena, Panda, Shirley and others for coming down to support me. Not forgetting to thank you all and two other mystery kind hearted person for helping the cause by purchasing my limited edition Not The Final Version Poster cum CD. All the proceed from the sale of my limited eedition Poster cum CD was donated to Haiti. (",)

Everyone did well today. We should all give each other a pat on our shoulders, we have put on our best show. Hopefully, we had helped the people of Haiti. Of course, what we do today, is just a small part of the entire cause. We've all got to give our continuous help and support towards this cause as they really need the help and funds to rebuild almost the entire country.

Last stop was Jurong Point. So many people. Haha. Carol and JS was there! (",) Saw many familiar faces too. Hee.

At night, had dinner with my family. Did a "Lo Hay". Hopefully will have good fortune and good luck in the year ahead!

Anyway, tomorrow is my Big event! It's my first Not The Final Version (不完整专辑) 试听会。I really hope everyone can spare me some precious time tomorrow and be there to show me support. Radio 1003 DJ - Ken, will be there to host the event!

Date: 21 Feb 2010
Time: 3.30pm-5pm
Venue: Sembawang Shopping Centre

See you all there!!!

* I will upload the pictures of the events latest by Monday. Sorry guys as I need to sleep now, very tiring and need to prepare for my album promotion tomorrow at Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A super pack Saturday

Tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be a super pack day for me. Why I say that? Lol. Check out my schedule below and you will know the answer.

At 11am, I have to reach Bukit Timah Plaza to do a rehearsal with my junior YP. If you guys remember him, he sang at Bukit Timah Plaza before CNY, and now he is going back again to perform with me. Our show start at 12pm and if you happen to be there, do come to cheer for both of us. (",)

After Bukit Timah Plaza, I have to head down to Chinatown Point at 3.30pm for sound check. This is a charity concert by and a few local artistes are invited to perform and assist in the fund raising. YP will be there too!

At 7.30pm, myself together with YP and Kadon will be performing at YouthBox CNY Showcase at Jurong Point (JP 1) centrestage. Thanks YouthBox and Joseph for inviting me and RIG Performing Artistes. Not only artistes from YouthBox participating in this event, you guys got to check out the artistes from Binkz Entertainment as well. Cheers!!

Ok. I have to prepare myself for tomorrow event. Everybody rest well and if you happen to be at one of the area, do come to say hello to me. Not forgetting to take a picture together too. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Wolfman

Someone showed me this video today.

That's one real hard slap. Lol.

Anyway, caught another great movie today! (",)

The Wolfman

Genre: Thriller
Director: Joe Johnston
Cast: Thor Freudenthal, Richard Curtis, Benicio Del Toro, P.J. Hogan, Hugo Weaving
RunTime: 1 hr 44 mins
Rating: NC 16

Movie Synopsis
Set in the late 1880s, this remake of the 1941 Hollywood classic begins with Lawrence Talbot meeting his estranged father following his brother's death. While searching for his brother's murderer, he soon discovers something horrifying - that the murderer is none other than the werewolf himself.

Movie Review

I guess everyone had enough of vampires and zombies and animal killing movies for the year. Not this year but the year counted since last June. However, this remake is still worth the watch. It's graphical effects are nice and the storyline instills enough suspense and sudden flicks to make you jump up your seat. Nice settings and plots to make it a worthwhile movie to be watched. But still, if you're not a fan of werewolves or supernatural stuffs, then forget this flick.

Official Movie Trailer

Overall Rating: 3.5/5