Friday, June 18, 2010


Heading Shanghai in a few hours time. I know everyone will miss me, I have received all the smses and msges on FB and my tagboard. I will miss you all too. (",)

Dewei and Yu Jing, when I'm back let's have a get together again ok?

Shu Ping has given the Stitch a name: 小铨, which means I am 大铨 is it? Haha.

Hmm. My first time to Shanghai, wonder what will it be like. Haha. Quite excited now.

Meanwhile, do continue voting for me at Campus Rock. Boss will be uploading my videos on youtube and FB as well as my articles on Campus Rock Celebrity Talk. So do stay tuned for the upcoming posts! Meanwhile I'll try to keep in touch with everyone when I'm there.

I'll be fine, dont worry k.

Will be back soon! Wait for me.

Bye all! Hugs! (",)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gathering @ Civic Centre!

Thank you everyone for coming down today for the gathering. Finally got to see Silly Kid, but she is so shy and she doesnt want to tell me her name. Haha. I had a great time chatting and talking. Did all of you have a great time as well? Thanks for hearing me sing for the first time since so long ago. Hope you all like it. (",)

My new Stitch collection given by Shu Ping. No name yet. Waiting for her to give a name to it. Haha.
Thanks for all the lovely gifts and surprises too! (",)

Thanks Wei for giving me so many surprises. Especially this album specially autographed by Serene Koong herself.
This is from Shi Xian. Saw her handmade Stitch picture? It's really cute and beautiful! First time receiving such a handmade art piece. Really sweet of her.
This is from Shi Xuan. Nice cup, I like! (",)
Handmade flower by Esther. She's always so talented. Each time a different handmade gift.
Shu Ping's Stitch plush. (",)
Stitch fan from Silly Kid! Cute? Lol.
Last but not least, Shirley's present. She did it herself lor. So sweet right. QQ means what? Let me guess.... 铨铨? Haha.

I am really happy today. Happy to see so many friends supporting me so much. I cant say enough to express how thankful and how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you all so much.

Silly Kid, Wei, Shi Xian, Shi Xuan, Shirley, Esther, Shing Hoong, Kenneth, Joseph, Jasmine and her friend, Shu Ping, Jessica, Evon and Boss, thanks for the wonderful night. I love you all! Hugs! (",)

Flying off in two days time. Still got unfinished work to be done tomorrow. Hope I can finish everything before I go Shanghai. Havent packed my luggage also. Lol. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Falling Sick

Felt like I'm falling sick these days. Think due to the hectic schedule and lack of proper rest. I hope I do stay healthy enough to survive Shanghai. Lol.

Attended training recently with Joy, Sherman, Max and Jessica. Can see that everyone is working hard to improve themselves and getting ready for the big stage. Everyone 加油!

After training, Max, Joseph, Jessica, Boss and me went to catch a Nightmare on Elm Street. It's a pretty good movie (see my movie review). The funny thing was Boss was wearing the same shirt as Freddy. Everyone was looking at him. HAHA. But we all enjoyed the night out. (",)

Lastly before I go, I wanna share my happiness! I finally got the ticket to watch Jay Chou live in Singaore! It will be my first time watching his concert after so many years. And it's all down to Joseph who went through so much just to get his hands on one ticket and he bought it for me. Just when I gave up watching the concert, he didnt. I'm so touched. Thanks Joseph, you are the best!

Tomorrow's gathering (Thursday)! 7.30pm at Woodlands Civic Centre Starbucks. Hope to see everyone there. Nights! (",)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Genre: Thriller
Director: Samuel Bayer
Cast : Thomas Dekker, Kellan Lutz, Kyle Gallner, Connie Britton, Clancy Brown
RunTime: 1hr 35mins
Rating: M18

Movie Synopsis
Based on characters created by Wes Craven in his 1984 sleeper horror hit, Freddy Krueger returns in "A Nightmare On Elm Street", a contemporary re-imagining of the horror classic. A group of suburban teenagers share one common bond: they are all being stalked by Freddy Krueger, a horribly disfigured killer who hunts them in their dreams. As long as they stay awake, the can protect one another... but then they sleep, there is no escape.

Movie Review
Havent seen such a great horror movie for quite sometime. Nightmare On Elm Street is a great movie with trails of suspenses coming throughout the entire movie. It makes the audience to want to watch but at the same time afraid to watch. Great twist of ending at the end.

Would recommend it to any horror movie lovers, definitely not Joseph. Lol. (",)

Official Movie Trailer

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Monday, June 14, 2010

5 More Days

5 more days before I fly off to Shanghai. I'll miss everyone when I'm there. Before I go I hope everyone can attend the gathering on Thursday, have a meal and take pictures together. Hope to see you all there!

Went to meet some producers today. After that we went lunch and head home. Drank KOI also. Happy. (",)

Do you notice anything different in the picture below?

Joseph 的 “朋友” 不见了!Haha.

Visited a blog of my friend. She went Taiwan for exchange and tour and she's a fan of Jay Chou also. She went to his restaurant, attended his autograph signing and his concert all together! I "stole" the pictures from her to share with everyone!

Photo Credit: YS.

The queue before the session. It was raining somemore.

Before his arrival!
He finally came. With 浪花兄弟.

Cute? “超人” 周杰伦

Then at night they went to his restaurant Mr J.

The food looks delicious right? I want to go!

Up next is his concert.

Full House

They have this booth outside selling souvenirs. I hope they have one in Singapore too.

This is damn nice. What's inside is nicer!

Guess what?
Jay Chou crystal piano box!!!!


Yeah. That's about it. I hope to be able to experience it someday. And his 周边商品 really nice also. Haha. Hope you all like it.

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