Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whatever that is expensive now to you will be even more expensive in the future

As some of you may have known, I have recently ventured into the real estate industry. It is an interesting path to take which not everyone can venture to. There are a few reasons to why I say this. Firstly, everyone will know this is a career that doesnt bring you a stable income. There will be the low period during a point of time when you really need to pull through before you can see the light. Not many can actually make it through and most give up halfway. Secondly, jobs like these requires a tremendous amount of passion and self motivation. There is no boss, you are the boss and you have to motivate yourself to work. No work means no pay, simple as it is. Thirdly, it's a dog eat dog world out there, if you are not strong enough, you aint gonna survive. Until you make it, you are nothing. 
Noone really sees how much effort you put in or how much of your time you devote into your work. What they see is only results, aka how much moola you make. That being said, you need to keep track of your own progress and make sure you are on the right track at all times. This to some may be an obstruction, but to me it is a source of motivation and a reason for me to keep moving forward.

I have learnt alot during my stint as a Real Estate Salesperson. It's really important to have a house, be it for investment or for own stay. In Singapore, it is one of the lowest risk investment one could venture into. Statistics through the years have proven the property market in Singapore to show more capital appreciation than depreciation, with some increasing up to 200% or more over just a period of 10 years. That is like buying a house 1-for-1. 
However investors and home buyers need to really be far-sighted. Just remember this point: Whatever that is expensive now to you will be even more expensive in the future. This is a true fact that applies to all necessities in life, mainly health care food, transportation, convenience, housing and many others. 40 years ago, a bowl of noodles costs 5 cents. Today, the same bowl of noodles costs $5. That is a whooping 9000% increase in price for 40 years. A good 3 room flat back then costs about $11000 and is now worth at least $350000. You do the math.

Well I am not here to teach you math, but rather to stress the importance of starting your housing investment as early as possible. These are based on a few simple principles:

1. Buy young, you pay off the loans easier. Since you are most probably gainfully employed with low risk of losing your job (unless you screw it up), you are most likely to take up the maximum loan amount for the longest repayment period, which means lesser monthly mortgage to service. However, being young also has another advantage.. that is you are likely able to finish servicing the loan faster as you are more energetic and more willing to work harder.

2. It's one of the best retirement investment. Ever see old elderly couples who aint working anymore but still get to enjoy travelling the world every now and then? No they are not super rich people but rather they are landlords of their own properties. I ever met an old couple who retired 10 years ago. They drove a luxurious continental car and travel yearly to europe on holidays. I found out one day they have 3 houses all fully paid, and of which each are giving them $5000 monthly as rental. They have $15000 every month in the bank without having to work anymore.

3. It's only going to be more expensive. Like I said earlier, inflation and economic reasons are going to see property prices go up in the long run. Especially in a land scarce country like Singapore, do you think property are just going to get cheaper over time?

That being said, it is also important where you park your money at.

Current 2 New Launches I recommend:

1. TRE Residences - Starting from $8xxK up.

Located just next to Aljunied MRT Station, this development is a huge potential to any investors who are looking to park their money in a safer property. Any property near the MRT is a good property. But being at Aljunied adds more value to it as we know Aljunied is considered the "Central of the East". Everywhere you travel to be it CBD, Town, Airport etc are all equidistant, and fast. For only $8xxk, you can own yourself a piece of a city fringe development. Not too bad of an investment I would say.

2. City Gate - $1700psf up (Residentials)

This gem is located at Beach Road, the now Keypoint Building. It is a mixed development with Condo on the top and Retail Shopping and F&B below. The highest unit is located a stunning 30th storey which overlooks the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer and the Kallang River. Beside it is Nicoll Highway MRT Station, just a short 500m away. Located 2 mins drive from Bugis, one would say the residentials going at this price would be a real catch (DUO Residences at Bugis costs $2600psf). It's shops are for sale too, the only retail commercial in the whole area to be for sale to owner. You can now look forward to not just owning a home, but also your own retail space or restaurants and even a Supermarket!

There are various factors one should take into consideration when making a housing investment. For more information you can contact me for a non-obligatory discussion to find out how you can start your real estate investment now. Do stay tuned for my next blog post where I will share on choosing a good property to invest in! Meanwhile you can contact me via email to elsonsohyq@gmail.com or whatsapp me at +65 0092 6068 if you require my service on any property matters.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Project Awareness visited Ang Mo Kio GRC

Project Awareness visited Ang Mo Kio GRC last weekend! 
For the past few years we have reach out to various part of Singapore, and together with our volunteers we managed to help more than 5000 needy families and elderly but today, apart from the one isolated AMK ah gong and ah ma case, it is the first time we step into Ang Mo Kio GRC to help the residents here. The only reason why AMK GRC wasnt in our list is because we all know that the residents are all well taken care of by the constituency, however today we were presented with another way to help contribute to the RC's efforts in helping the people of AMK and we are excited to be part of it.

Project Me (米) to You is a project started by my own MP Mr Alex Yam who donated 1000kg of rice to us in 2014. The rice was then distributed island-wide to all the families under the care of Project Awareness and it was a huge success. So this year we decided to do it again. We are glad to be able to contribute 100 packets of 5kg rice to them.

Seeing the happy faces of the residents of AMK, I feel happy too. It is my constant reminder on why Project Awareness was founded in the first place.

Here I would like to thank MP Mr Seng Han Thong for giving us the chance to be part of the RC's community effort to help those in need, and Sir, it was indeed an honour to meet you and eating with you. Hopefully in time to come we can all do even more for the people of Singapore.