Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ides Of March

Hello peeps! Miss me? Haha. Time flies and it's the end of March already. It's been a busy month for me because examinations are round the corner. On top of that I'm also preparing for my 2nd album. This time round there are surprises installed for everyone so I'm working very hard on it!

To start of the post, here's a picture of me some time back. Haha. This was taken in my friend's restaurant, Ice Edge Cafe. It's located at Kovan and it's a really nice place. I love the food there. Will do a more detailed introduction of the place there the next time, promise!

Speaking about which, there are also many food that I missed eating. I think I'm a foodie. Is anybody a foodie too? Introduce me places with good food? Haha.

I miss eating lok lok. There are no really known places in Singapore which sells lok lok. So the only way to satisfy the craving is to cross the causeway to Malaysia. But again, the only chances I have is when I go over for my promotional tour. Hope to see my fans in Malaysia soon!

Another craving I have is...

These are authentic Xiao Long Baos (小笼包) from Shanghai's Nan Xiang Village (南翔小镇). It's about 1-2 hours drive from the city. The food there is really really cheap and good. The only place where you can have really good XLBs. The shops around there are all century old shops (百年老店) and they all have a long long history. If you all go to Shanghai next time, be sure to visit 南翔!

Lastly is this....! Yam Balls Shaven Ice (芋园牛奶冰). These are only available at Lu Gang Restaurant in Shanghai. I cant find these in Singapore or Malaysia. If anyone knows anywhere in Singapore or Malaysia that sells this, please let me know alright! I will fly there immediately! This is a MUST-TRY!

Before I sign off my post here is one more photo of me! In a salon in Shanghai. (",)

I hope to be able to visit Shanghai soon!

Stumbled upon this photo while browsing through my photos:

I dont know if you guys remember them, they are the friendly staffs of CD-Rama! Was buying stationary at Popular one day and I got recognised by one of them. Really sweet people. Hope to visit them soon when I launch my 2nd album. (",)

Lastly to all my readers, thanks for all your support. Love you all!