Thursday, February 24, 2011

Royal PG Album


Royal Performing Group is finally releasing their album! Big congrats to Peter, Joanne, Micka, Celin and not forgetting Jessica and Stephen!

Have heard all the songs and they are all very nice. I hope everyone can support them as they have all put in a lot of effort to produce this album.


Here's the first preview of the album. Featuring 愛放不下 (Love Can't Put Down) by Peter Ng.

Also do check out Royal PG at:

Remember, Royal Performing Group album will be released tomorrow (25 Feb 2011). Do grab a copy NOW!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kee Song Msia 尾牙

Attended Kee Song Group's Msia Annual Dinner. And of all time, I had to fall sick at this time. Anyway, glad everything went smoothly. Mr Tan drove us into JB. Thank you to him! (",)

Upon arrival! Parkson Mall

Having tea before sound check!

Mutiara Hotel
Before dinner
Emcee for the night, Eva.
Sound check!
Dinner is served!

柔柔, very cute right? (",)
Speech by Mr Ong, featuring me!
Time to pop the champagne!
This is 櫻花雞!
Mdm Ong and Me!
Co-Hosting our segment with Bryan!

Bryan with his "DIVA pose". Lol!

Mr Ong Kee Song

我們版本的三王一后!Or was it 一王三后?HAHA!

Finally it was time to go home. Had a great time there. Hope to come next year again! Will upload the Singapore lunch photos soon. Stay tuned! (",)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Royal New Year 2011

Time flies really fast, sometimes we dont get to stop to think. Anyway 4 days of CNY passed just like that. But it has been fruitful and well spent. (",)

Sis and Me during the first day of CNY

My ang bao collection this year!

大年初四,is the day to start work and Boss specially picked this date for Royal family to have lunch together for a good luck start. Venue was of course our beloved 刘三阁 at Bukit Timah Plaza! Glad to have also Bryan and Ray to join us!


Lovebirds? Hmm. (",)

Can you see me on the TV behind? Haha.


Mr Tan!


I accidentally knocked into one of the 刘三阁 staff and caused her to spill the chicken on the floor :(
With Paco from Team Salon

全家福! (",)

My red packet from Boss. Guess how much is inside. Hehe.

Yet another CNY has passed. Realised I'm getting old with all the questions my relatives are asking me.

Hottest question asked for CNY 2011 was: "Elson, where is your girlfriend?"


5 years ago, people was asking about my results in school and advising me not to get a girlfriend.

5 years now, people are asking me to find a girlfriend and all.

5 years later, people will be asking me when am I getting married.

This is life.

Saw many of my friends slowly getting married. Age is catching up on me!

Anyway, before I end, I wanna wish all my friends, supporters, medias and sponsors a Happy Chinese New Year 2011! May you have all the luck and prosperity in the year of Rabbit! Huat ah! Smile more! (",)