Monday, March 28, 2011


It's been sometime since I last blogged. Was down with gastric problems for the last 2 days. Went to see a doctor after I couldnt sleep due to the pain 2 nights ago. My apologies for being "missing" for so long. I will update this space more often! To those loyal readers who have been checking out this page so often, I'm back!

This month have been very hectic for me, with all the school stuffs all piling up on me. On top of that work have been coming in by the swarms! But I'm glad for having all the people around me caring and concern for me. (",)

MV filming was fun. Great crew, great casting and of course great time. Though I do admit acting can be quite tough for me. Haha. MV storyline is really good with a twist. I'll leave it to you watch it for yourself when it's finally released!

Test shot model - Joseph Hui. Acting emo.

That's me with the stoned face before filming starts.

Us with Alex!

Spartans invited Royal to a feast sometime ago. Just wanna say thanks for the invite! (",)

Shanice and I with the Spartans family

Not forgetting Bryan and Ray coming down to Singapore to visit us. These are long overdue pics I know but still wanna share. (",)

皇室帅哥 Bryan 张永佳!

第二帅哥 Joseph 许俊勇!Ok, the reason why I put this photo was because I promised to photoshop for him and I did. Haha.

全家福 (",)

Really happy to have these people in my life. Boss have been a wonderful boss, though at times get scolding but still I know his good intentions. Edwin 大哥 always being a mentor and counselor. Peter, Joanne have been ever so supportive not just to my music, but also to my own personal well-being. Having them around is like my older brother and sister always there for me no matter what. Jessica the silent hero behind the scenes. Bryan, brother who have followed us through this road. Joseph too, the person in the world who will believe every word I say even if he knows I am lying.

Wanna thank Mr Osman and Maria for always believing in me, always being so encouraging and supportive of me. Thank you for all the opportunities too.

Me with Mr Osman and Maria

Thank you Sony Music Sharon and Susan for keeping progress on my album. (",)

Not forgetting EMEFC people: Irene 大姐, Val, SillyKid, Joycelyn, Summer, Shirley, Kenneth, Shing Hoong, Yuki.. I.. Just wanna say I'm really glad and grateful having you guys being so supportive of me all these while. You all have been a part of me already. Thank you guys! *hugs to all* (",)

EME 全家福 at Bukit Timah Plaza

This has been a long post I know. But before I go I just hope to do a last bit of my part for the quake victims in Japan. The damage that had been done is way more devastating that what had been reported. It's not just the physical structures that had been destroyed, but also the emotional trauma it had cost the people of Japan. Imagine waking up one day to find your entire block of building that you have been living for the past 10 years being completely floored. That feeling, is simply indescribable. Not only that but all the memories you have, your photos and all, gone just like that.

My heart goes out to them. You guys can do your part for them either by volunteering physically or through monetary donations.

Visit to do an online donation. Alternatively, you may drop your donations in any of the coin box at all NTUC, Shop & Save, 7-11 or any retail outlets. You can also donate via all AXS machines (i know cause i just did my donation last week there).

Please do your part for them!

God Bless the World.