Sunday, December 25, 2016

Today is Christmas Day

Today is Christmas Day. It's the season of giving and there is no better day than today to say this. On behalf of my team at Project Awareness, I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to all my volunteers and corporate companies for helping us and our beneficiaries for the past few years. 

I am truly grateful and warmed, to see many (new) people stepping forward to help those in need. I also want to thank my music fans and fellow artistes for lending their support to my distribution projects as well. Thank you to all the silent and unsung heroes! Merry Christmas!

Thank you to YK for the design of the poster, it is indeed very nice. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Positive Work Ethics and Beliefs

Work ethics can be defined as a set of values, which involves the right approach, attitude, precise behavior, respect for others and lively communication. Basically, work ethics normalize what an employee would do in different situations in office premises. 

The habit of following good work ethics is inherent - it comes from within. It involves our morality and other values, apart from what our parents have taught us. Workers revealing good work ethics are considered suitable for better positions and more responsibilities. Hence, it becomes important to be honest, responsible and dependable.

Positive Work Ethics and Beliefs

Honesty: The old adage,"honesty is the best policy" is true today more than ever. Any job assigned to a person should be done with utmost honesty, without double-dealing, untruthful or larceny. Employee business ethics manuals from most scandalized corporations are likely to contain slogans touting its commitment to honesty and integrity at work.

Integrity at Work: Integrity implies strength and stability. It means taking the high road by practicing the highest business ethics standards. Representing integrity in the workplace shows wholeness and reliability in a person's character and in an organization. It shows that person have solid workplace behavior ethics that matter in the real world that promote positive work ethics.

Dependability: Those who are dependable are considered reliable as well. Hence, it is necessary to develop the quality of being a responsible person. This will, in turn, nurture brilliant results and set you as a good example for those around you.

Responsibility: Accusing others, claiming victimhood, or passing the buck mays solve short-term crises, but refusal to take responsibility corrodes respect and unity in an organization. Ethical people take responsibility for their actions. Workplace stress issues are no excuse. Likewise, actions show the ability to be responsible both in the little and big things. Good work ethics show a deeper promise to personal responsibility.

Trust: There's no free drive to good work ethics. Trust is hard to earn and even harder to get back after you've lost it. Everyone who comes in contact with you or your company must have trust and confidence in how you do business ethics. Conflicts of interest in the workplace must not be on your detector display.

Respect: Respect is more than a feeling, but a demo of honor, value, and admiration for something or someone. We respect the laws, the people we work with, the company and its assets, and ourselves.

Teamwork: Always remember that you are a part of the team, no matter what role you play in it. Do what is not only good for you, but also, beneficial for the team as a whole. It is a business necessity to work openly and supportively in teams whether formal or informal. You need each other for effective problem solving in the work place.

Efficiency: Efficiency is vital for a person's own growth as well as the improvement of the company he is working with. It is very easy to spot inefficient employees, who waste a lot of time and resources. However, efficiency is still a hallmark of good workers.

Quality: Quality should be more than making the best product, but should extend to every aspect of your work. A person who recognizes quality and strives for it daily has a profound sense of self-respect, pride in accomplishment, and attentiveness that affects everything. From your memos to your presentations, everything you touch should communicate professionalism and quality. Don't let workplace stress issues rob you of striving for quality in everything you do.

Modesty: Humbleness and modesty are amongst the essential elements of good work ethics. Only a dupe is arrogant, while a wise person always shows behaviors of humility.

Leadership: A leader is out front providing an example that others will follow. Problem solving in the work place must be your first response. The real test of these values comes from the resulting action. It takes a concerted, company-wide effort, beyond inserting these words in an employee manual, to make it happen.

Positive Work Habits: Inculcate good working habits that will impress the people you are working with and your superiors as well. Coming to work late, dressing inappropriately and shuffling jobs are considered as signs of not following good work ethics.

Initiative: To be successful in whatever you do, it is vital to take initiatives on your part. Don't wait to be told what to do. If you are doing the right thing in an acceptable manner, do not hesitate to take initiatives.

Positive Attitude: Maintaining a positive attitude at work is very important to complete your tasks successfully. This is because your coworkers get affected by your trait and respond accordingly.

Friday, December 2, 2016

《露露的电影》 - Movie Date with Ah Gong and Ah Ma from Project Awareness

《露露的电影》 #LuLuTheMovie is indeed a movie that you shouldn't miss this year. I just went for the movie last week and I really enjoyed the movie so much, since I was once a fan of "The Noose" where I got to know "Lulu"!

This coming 7 December 2016 (Wednesday), Project Awareness will be bringing our elderly to watch this movie. It has been quite a long time since we last organise such an outing for the elderly. Many of you might be wondering if it is actually good to bring them out, as they are old and may not be advisable for them to go for outing, but I dont think that way. In fact I feel that going for the outing is a good excuse to get them to step out of their homes! Alot of the elderly stay alone and some of them are very introvert partly due to age and don't really socialise around. That is actually not healthy for them. Going for such outings not only brings them closer together with their neighbours, at the same time it is also something for them to remember before the end of 2016.

The reason why I chose 《LuLu The Movie》, is because I also want to support local production and local artistes, plus "Lulu" is such a funny and adorable character that can bring laughter and joy to the elderly too. Local movie Director/Actress Michelle Choong recently also shared the Facebook post from Project Awareness to her official page! We met briefly twice during a Christmas gathering at a friend's place and she comes across to me as a person who is really warm, kind and helpful!

If you want to support my initiative of bringing the elderly out for movie, check out HERE for more information. You can also purchase the movie tickets directly from to support this initiative by Project Awareness. 

Lastly, I'm wondering if Lulu is free on 7 December 2016 to make an appearance at our movie outing, as I believe all our Ah Gong and Ah Ma will be happy to see her in person. Anyway it's just a wish and hope it will come true.


What follows isn't the adventures of the Lulu seen on television - this Lulu can be angry, yearning and sad. She is no longer the chirpy Chinglish-spouting caricature seen on Channel 5 sketch show The Noose, where Chong gave birth to the character. - Reviews by The Straits Times

《露露的电影》是庄米雪的第三部电影,比上部刻画同志情愫的《他她他》来得精彩,喜感也与处女作《一泡而红》不同,《露》以幽默包装反映了一些社会现象。露露的狮城奇遇记,让人看到当侍应生的新移民听不懂英语,造成只懂英语的消费者,费尽唇舌都吃不到自己想要的食物。影片也透过立威廉片中的英语主播女友(也由庄米雪饰)一窥英语的高高在上。此外,数码更是造英雄的时代。 - Reviews by 聯合早報