Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jay Chou The Era World Tour 2010 Singapore

Jay Chou The Era World Tour 2010

This is probably the most anticipated concert of the year. I mean, after all, it had set a national record of being the fastest selling concert in history. Internet jammed just 30 minutes after the opening sales. Within 2 hours, all 10000 tickets are snapped up. This is including people queuing at Sistic outlets as well, which one told me after 5 hours of queuing still didn’t manage to get any ticket. This happened for all 3 sessions of his concert. Illegally, ticket prices soared to a record high of SGD$2500 per ticket on online sites.

That is Asia’s Prince Of Pop I’m talking about.


I think he rightfully deserve the accolades after watching the concert. And I can dare say that because I too have watched his Shanghai’s concert. I can see he really puts in effort to do his best and making sure he shuffles his song list, adding different songs in different concert to cater to the local fans. During his concert, he puts in 100% despite having toured around China before his Singapore stop where he did 3 nights of concert in a row. I have only one word for my idol: RESPECT.

Jay’s concert this time was complete different from the previous few. For one he emphasised a lot on visual effects this time round. Not only, he is the first Asian artiste I see that uses such technology. His piano was also custom made for this concert. Throughout the concert he managed to make the crowd high, stopping in between to interact and crack a joke or two with the fans.

The surprise of the concert was his guest artiste who was not his guest artiste. Stefanie Sun was at the concert and during his song 想你就写信,the camera man suddenly zooms into Stefanie and soon after he mixed his song into Stefanie’s 眼泪成诗,sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The only disappointing part of the concert is the special guest artistes which are all the same through the entire tour, except the one in Taiwan where pop diva Jolin starred. Lara, who was present also didn’t sing the famous 珊瑚海 which the crowd had been expecting.

Overall it’s a great concert. It’s definitely worth watching. And I’m saying this as someone who went to watch after 48 hours of no sleep. Lol.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Our Dreams!

After a hectic week of work, the song is finally done! Production for the song and MV was quite hard. I got my first experience of producing a song all alone. Personally I feel quite satisfied with the end product, though there are still room for improvements. I will try harder and hopefully my next works will be better.

Anyway I hope everyone likes the song and MV as we all burnt many nights just to produce it. I hope everyone can help spread the love around by helping promote it. This is also my first personal MV.

I would like to thank the following people for making this production a huge success!

Boss, for planning the whole idea.

Edwin Da Ge, for being there through the entire production, encouraging and giving ideas!

The Team: Jessica, Llyod, Ryan, Benson and Yvonne for burning so many nights to produce such a lovely MV. You guys rocks!

RIG artistes and talents for supporting this MV.

Teffy for giving life to the song with his wonderful arrangement and mixing skills.

Lawrence for helping me do the recording and vocal production.

And many others whom I left out (my apologies).

Thank you all!

This song is a tribute to the nation where I grew up and I like how 黑夜老师 wrote the lyrics, filled with hope and encouragement, it's really a song dedicated to the Gen-Y to work hard and pursue your dreams. Including 10 other NDP song titles (this song inclusive) in the lyrics was also another thing which I like about the song.

Hope you all like it too. (",)

演唱: 苏奕铨
合音: 苏奕铨 / 陈盈鹏 / 许毓庭

走过 所有的快乐和悲伤
不管未来的路 会有多艰难

带著 心中的希望和祝福
我们都要勇敢 照亮这个岛屿

有了爱 让梦想自由的飞翔
手牵着手 点亮了天空

这是我们的家 你我成长的绿色岛屿
美丽的明天 是我们生命中 最大的骄傲

我们梦想的家 用所有星月 照亮晴空万里
全新全意 和我心连心 让梦想起飞

这是我们的家 属于你我的绿色岛屿
勇敢向前飞 一起走到我们 幸福的图形

我们梦想的家 用所有的爱 创造新的未来
点燃每个希望 每一份祝福 带梦想起飞 (和我梦想起飞)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

MV Shoot!

Finally done with my reservist and MV shoot! Sorry I have been MIA-ing for sooooo long! It has been a hectic fortnight and I finally got some time to rest.

Went to catch Jay Chou's concert today. Will upload the photos tomorrow ok. Be patient!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Time check: 6.30am

I'm heading back camp for my first reservist soon! I hope everyone can take care. See you all soon. Loves! (",)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Back On Stage

After a long absence, I'm finally back on stage. And I'm happy there are so many people standing alongside with me encouraging me as I take each step. You all mean a lot to me. Thanks for always bring there.
Yes, everyone of you!

Not forgetting the family members of RIG, Joseph and Boss, for working so hard, you guys did superb today!
Anyway I got to see Boss Liu today. I know he missed me. I miss him too la. Lol! He really dote on me a lot. Not forgetting Edwin 大哥, my mentor figure who never fails to be there when I need him. Eileen 姐 also become slimmer today. Everyone is looking good!

My new Stitch family member, given to me by Evon and Silly Kid (I finally know your real name today!) Lol.

Got to know a new friend today. Her name is Xin Hui. Everyone must get to know her alright. (",)

Alright. I'm feeling tired. Vomitted quite a number of times at Bt Timah Plaza today. So sorry if I neglected anyone because I wasnt feeling very well. :(

Before I go would like to say a few words of thanks to the following people.

Boss: We've been through many Ups and Downs. But never once you give up on me. Thanks for being such a wonderful and great Boss!

RIG PG and Artistes: You all did well today! Let's all work harder to achieve greater success!

Joseph & Serena: What else to say but thanks. You both have been a great pillar of support to me and thanks for always being there.

Shirley: Thanks for always supporting me. I know you care a lot for me and I really appreciate it!

Wei: Thanks for the Stitch sandwich. 很好吃!(",)

Shi Xuan & Shi Xian: You both have been very sweet to me. Thanks!

Evon: Thanks for always supporting me and teaching me how to take photo with your cool camera. Haha.

Shu Ping: Thanks for always being there and being so concerned about me. (",)
Kenneth & Shing Hoong: You both have been very great friend supporting me all these while. Thanks my two brothers!

Joanna: 认识你,我很开心。Hopefully we'll go a long way. (",)

Xin Hui: Just got to know you today, but thanks for supporting me!

Silly Kid: You... Are very cute la. Haha. Thanks for the gift with Evon. I like it very much!

Carol & Dewei: I know you both came today but didnt get the chance to talk to you. Nevertheless, would like to say a BIG thank you to you both. Without you both, I may not be the Elson I am today.

Edwin 大哥: Thanks for always being a mentor and a supporting figure when I'm down. Really appreciate it. Knowing you was one of the best thing that happened to me.

Eileen 姐: Thanks for being to supportive and concerned towards me all these while. You've been like a real sister to me, taking care of me all along. Thanks!

Andy: Thanks for coming down today. I hope I did ok. Lol. Anyway hope to see you soon!

Boss Liu: You have been so fatherly towards me, taking good care of me and doting on me. I know a thousand thanks may not suffice, but just wanna say a good word of thanks to you. 谢谢刘老板。大家一定要支持刘三阁!

Alright. Time to rest. Loves!