Monday, September 29, 2014

Ultimate and most affected victims from the recent saga are the children

Freedom of speech has always been something I strongly support. But today a group of people has abused this privilege given to them to create an unnecessary incident which to them may have not much impact but serious repercussions on the victims themselves. In view of the recent saga at Hong Lim Park, I felt a strong urge to speak out even though my views may not mean anything to anyone out there. Project Awareness has always been a neutral volunteer group that provides assistance and care for the less privileged families, and children, especially disabled children.

Being in contact with a few of them during my family visits, I realized that they are actually as normal as anyone can be. They too have feelings and they too have the same train of thoughts as anyone of us. Perhaps the only difference is their (some of them) inability to accurately express their discontent or disappointment. Some are expressionless but that doesn't mean they don't hurt inside

Roy's supporters accused Minister Teo Ser Luck, saying he is attended the YMCA event to get exposure, but how many people will want to spend their day on work, especially on a weekend? They can very well spend their day with their own family. Anyway selfies do not disrupt the performances, but shouting "Return our CPF" will affect the children performing and they will be frightened by angry protesters, not the minister taking selfies.

But regardless on whatever claim each party can make, I feel that the ultimate and most affected victims are the children, who had spent god knows how many numerous days rehearsing for this show, only for it to be ruined by a group of protestors. As the saying goes, "台上一分钟,台下十年功", a minute on stage is a result of 10 years of practice. If to us it is already 10 years of hard work for 1 minute, I cant imagine how much hard work they had gone through to prepare this performance.

Is this acceptable? It is already an amazing feat for them to put up a performance for everyone but these people only cared for their selfish intentions to speak off their minds over issues which they themselves do not have the solution to too.

I feel really sorry for these children. They are already being under privileged in their lives and now this has to happen. To the protesters it may be just a performance but to them its like climbing Mount Everest with zero mountain climbing experience. All they needed was our recognition and encouragement.

Let's all come together to commend the effort of the children who have put in so much effort to bring happiness into our lives. If you are one of the performers that day, I just want to say GOOD JOB and WELL DONE! Keep up the good work, we will all be supporting you! ;)