Sunday, November 30, 2014

My thoughts for November 2014

Today is the last day of November 2014 and what had you done during this month? For me, November is consider a busy month for me as I have to start planing for my new songs and attend events, house visiting and distribution with volunteers at Project Awareness, doing duty as Group IC at new launch condo with my team-mates and updating plus recruitment of new agents for Property Awareness.

My objective for 2015 is to be a successful singer-actor and entrepreneur just like famous celebrities Jay Chou and Andy Lau. Of course I still believe in lending my helping hand to the less fortunate and low-income families, helping new property agents to establish their career in the property industry and encourage my music supporters to work hard for their dream and passion too. 

This is my new mobile phone Kata i3s sponsored by Kata Singapore. Quite a cool phone and I really love the functionality of the phone. Many of my music fans are so excited and waiting for me to record a video clip using Kata i3s and I promise to do it soon for every of you. My fellow friends Javier Ng, Hayden Chen and Daniel Chin, your Kata i3s is on the way to your country now.

Currently preparing for my new songs' releases in 2015, as I plan to release at least one new song every year and also planning for my upcoming concert in Singapore. Since 2011 concert at The Max Pavilion, it is time to hold another concert next year to get all my music supporters together! Now thinking who I should invite as my guest artistes for the concert. Any suggestion from any of you? 

For Project Awareness, I'm very happy to work together with Singapore Kindness Movement, Friends of Gardenia, Nuffnang and their famous bloggers, including our volunteers for a cause on 22 November 2014. We distributed 500 loaves of bread today to the families in French Road and Maude Road. Thank you everyone who came to be a part of this event! 

As for Property Awareness, I'm currently recruiting property agents to join my team and every agent joining my team will receive the following start-up kit upon successful application:

- Personal Branding for agent
- Business cards included
- Promotional property brochures
- Studio makeover photo-shoot
- Listing at JustClick.SG portal
- Participation in quarterly Property Roadshows
- Participation in quarterly Team Bonding Session
- Participation in quarterly Sales and Marketing Course
- And many more other benefits coming your way in 2015

Regardless whether you are a experience or inexperience agent, let's work together and allow me to build your personal branding with my elite team. 2015 is a good year to start anew and mark your success in the property industry under my team!
If you are interested to be part of the team, do kindly message me at +65 9092 6068 to arrange a meet-up to understand how we can brand you and build your income in the property industry.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Which Elson Soh do you like?

Which Elson Soh do you like? Lol. Just want to know as I seldom ask my friends or music fans on this question. My blog post today is to check out each of your answer. (",)

As the founder of Property Awareness and Property Agent, or

As the founder of Project Awareness, or

As a normal guy next door, or

As a singer-songwriter?

Monday, November 3, 2014

Why TRE Residences is worth investing?

TRE Residences is the perfect condo for you if would like your home to be close to the city and still enjoy complete serenity. This condominium consists of two blocks of 17 storey residential blocks. 

TRE Residences extend through a large piece of land of approximately 67,122 square feet with a total of 250 exclusive units. It is like living in your own small Island – And the best part is that the condo is full of superb amenities to guarantee absolute relaxation for you and your family. 

As the founder for Property Awareness, I would consider this as a good investment choice for everybody who wish to buy new house or intend to move into a new location, or even take it as one of your investment plan. 

Why TRE Residences is worth investing? 

 TRE Residences is everything near you. It boasts itself being the center-point of good food, shopping, work, iconic hubs as well as other family wellness. Staying at TRE Residences not only brings home closer to work, it also brings fun nearer to home! TRE Residences is located a stone's throw away from Aljunied MRT Station. There is no private residential in recent years to be built so close to an MRT station. What's more, being so near to a station that is 10-mins away from Raffles Place? 

TRE Residences is a 5-mins drive away from the upcoming Paya Lebar Commercial Hub. Looking at the Master Plan 2014 for Paya Lebar district, we can expect a tremendous increase in retail outlets, commercial spaces and offices to be stationed there. Being in Aljunied means you get to enjoy the benefits of being near a vibrant development, yet still enjoy the tranquility of a sub-urban development. You get the best of two worlds. 

The Singapore Sports Hub is located a mere 10-mins drive away from TRE Residences. It includes a 55000 seater stadium, shopping mall (Kallang Wave) as well as other state-of-the-art sports facility. It is bound to house many International events in years to come. Being near to the hub also means you get a free ticket to watch the fireworks each time if there is to be any. 

Being a resident in TRE Residences also means being surrounded by good food all around. With the renowned "126 Dim Sum" (Wan Dou Sek) and Geylang famous Frog Porridge just 10-15mins walk away from home, you can be prepared to have a feast everyday, as and when you like it. 

TRE Residences is located less than 500m away from Geylang Methodist Primary School and Geylang Methodist Secondary School. In its opposite direction is the Geylang East Public Library. The upcoming James Cook University campus is also located a mere 1.4km away from TRE Residences. James Cook University is looking to increase its student intake from 3400 to 7500 in years to come. For those looking to yield rental gains, imagine the demand for residences nearby the school when the institution is open! 

If you have any questions, please contact me by telephone or email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Look forward to hear from you soon. 

Bedroom types ranges from the usual 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- as well as 4 bedroom Dual-Key units. A total of 3 penthouses will be built, with all being Dual-Key units. 

Click HERE to register your interest with me, or message me at (+65) 9092 6068, so that I can fix an appointment to meet you in person. 


There are no eligibility restrictions in purchasing a private condominium in Singapore. The only thing to take note is the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD), which is applicable to Singapore Citizens purchasing their second property as well as Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreigners.

Singapore Citizen:

1st Property - 0%
2nd Property - 7%
3rd Property and beyond: 10%

Singapore Permanent Resident:

1st Property - 5%
2nd Property - 10%
3rd Property and beyond: 10%


1st Property - 15%
2nd Property - 15%
3rd Property and beyond: 15%

Saturday, November 1, 2014

What's next after my Korea performance?

Had been sometimes since I last blog and it is time to start off my blogging regularly again. Lol. 

2014 is a busy year for me, especially my music career as I finally start my tour to Taiwan in August and the responses from the music fans is quite good. If you missed our concert at Taiwan, you can actually visit my YouTube channel too.

In September, my fellow juniors came to Singapore to continue our album promotion tour and one of our achievements is to assist Singapore Kindness Movement to promote kindness. 

As for October, I went to Korea for my debut music performance and I really love Korea so much now. Hope that next year I can release a new Korea single for my music fans over there. 

This is my new hairstyle by a Korea renowed salon arranged by our Korea team during my trip there. Nice? Lol. 

By the way, congratulations to Christopher Lee for his award on Best Male Lead at Taiwan Golden Bell Awards! So happy for him. 

Got a honour to meet him 2 years ago and he told me that it's not easy to be in the entertainment trade, but with determination, you will succeed one day. Hope one day I can work with him in one of the drama or movie!

Coming in December, I will be flying back to Taiwan for my debut compilation album promotion together with Javier Ng. So looking forward to perform with him again as he is super talented!