Monday, March 7, 2016

Congratulate Richmond Tan and Charmaine Tan from Pioneer Junior College

Last week I read in the papers about a success story of two student from my former college, Pioneer Junior College (PJC), who aced their A-Level exams against all odds. As I read the news I felt a strong surge of happiness going through me. It really reminded me of my days in Pioneer.

I didn't particularly start out as a model student, in fact I would admit I was quite notorious. Haha. I didn't ace my exams, and sometimes even performed below par and often find myself at the lower end of the class position. However, my teachers were very patient towards me. They didn't give up on me. They counselled me, talked to me like an adult (it was a big thing for me back then when I was 17 years old) and spent time and effort to let me know of the importance of education. 

I remembered my form teacher Mdm Betty Tong even once said, "Even if you decided not to study or score for your exams, you must still grow up to be a nice person and treat people with respect. I am not here just to tell you to study, but also here as a friend to impart certain life values to you, so that you can grow up and impart similar values to others."

Till today these words etched deep in my heart. When I founded Project Awareness, my own volunteer group, these words resonated in my mind. And so wherever I go, I remind myself to also impart life values to the family that we take care of, especially the young children.

This is the impact that PJC will leave on its students. It's not just an educational institute, but a place where values are imparted, good manners are forged and life skills handed down. The principal and every teacher share the same passion and dedication to every student, no matter who or where they are from.

To everyone out there, do not give up on your dreams. Go out there and take the step to pursue it! 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Richmond Tan and Charmaine Tan, for a job well done! I am truly proud of them and hope that they can achieve greater success in the future! Once a Pioneer, Always a Pioneer. While I Live, I Learn!