Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Another Day

Today, I finally got the chance to wear my super duper cool Tag Heuer shades given to my by David and Joyce of Mee Mee Optics to school. Dad fetched me to school as he's going meeting also and so I took a few shots in the car to share with all of you!

Cool right? I like it!

Oh ya, did I mentioned I bumped into Hazel in school last friday? It was good to see an old friend again. We chatted abit but she declined my invitation for a photo! Wonder when will I see her again? Hmm.

Anyway on another side note, recently someone I respected a lot said some offensive and hurtful stuffs about me and Boss and everyone else in RIG. I'm quite disappointed because I have always admired his talents and his musical abilities and have always treated him as a friend and as a teacher. But his actions came all too sudden. Oh well.
Tomorrow got recording at night. Excited!

Before I go, let me share this cool video I saw on Youtube. It's really amazing what human vocals can do. Enjoy the video!

I'm off to bed. Good night everyone! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Nothing much today. Wanted to meet Boss for supper, but he have meeting to attend with Mandy. After school, went to teach tuition. Tired for the past few days.

Anyway, many of my friends ask me about WaterSource Ionizer and the benefit for drinking alkaline water. Hereby share with everybody one of the video I got from Youtube.

Hope that everybody can drink healthy and share this benefit with your friends and family. If you want to know how to get the Water Ionizer or to know more about it, you can leave me a comment in the tagbox and I will get the salesperson to contact you. (",)

Nite everybody!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fast & Fabulous F1 Screening Roadshow

Saw the picture above? Yes! They are the performers invited to Fast & Fabulous F1 Screening Roadshow to perform at Ngee Ann City (Outdoor) on 26 September 2009. I didnt attend the event, but Boss say they sang well, and he bring them around to play games with the audiences.

Looking at the picture, remind me of the performing group that we had in the past, but I believe Boss will rebuild his performing group soon. (",)

I heard from Mandy and Boss that we recruited 47 talents within the five days roadshow at Ngee Ann City. Wow! It's a great news that worth celebrating. Lol! Boss say upcoming we will be heading down to East Point Mall in October for talent recruitment.

After a five long days of roadshow, Boss, Mandy and myself had a small gathering at Yew Tee Xin Wang Cafe. Many of the working partners fall sick due to the terrible weather at Orchard Road. Hope all of you can take care and rest well for the next few days.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

F1 Rocks Concert Winner

After a round of collection and balloting, we had a winner for the pair of F1 Rock Concert tickets!

Congratulations to Richard on winning a pair of tickets to the F1 Rocks Concert!

Hope you both had fun! Thanks to all who commented! I know everyone is equally excited and hopeful to be selected, but I have only one pair to give away. So sorry! Thank you all for participating! Loves.

Today is very much the same for me. Tuition, tuition and tuition. I walked to classes today. (",)

Thanks to everyone who cared and are concerned with my leg. Sorry to make people worried too. I'm much better after yesterday's injection. The pain is still there but it's much bearable as compared to yesterday.

School week tomorrow again!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This post is specially dedicated to two very upset and unhappy people today. I would really like to apologise on missing out today's party. I'm sorry. :(

Woke up today, had a fine day when suddenly I felt my toe becoming more and more painful. I took a look at it and to my horror, my right big toe was super swollen! I thought it will go away but it got worse at night, I couldnt even walk properly so mummy and daddy insisted that I see a doctor before they would even allow me to step out of my house.

me and my swollen right big toe

And so we went at around 8.30pm. Clinic's super de duper slow. Waited for almost an hour! When we finally got home, I rushed and prepared for Puma's party at Zirca. Dad specially allowed me to drive today because of my condition.

I thought having a swollen big toe was a really lame excuse for being late for the event. So I lied to Qian that I had work. But my plan backfired and I got reprimanded instead. I wouldnt blame her. After all, she's right. This is work too.

Sorry Qian. Sorry Gabriel. Thousands and thousands of apologies to you two. I really wish there's something I could do something to make up and ease everything. Sigh..

Today is really a bad day. I hate this feeling I'm feeling now. It really sucks! Haiz. :(

Friday, September 25, 2009

F1 screening roadshow @ Ngee Ann City

A long day has ended! Went to school as usual. After lecture I had lunch with Jonathan before heading to the Atrium to report as judge for SIM Got Talent competition. There, I was introduced to my fellow judge mate, Joe, who is from the band Suicide Solutions. He is a nice guy and Singapore is so so small! We met at Compass event before! Our other fellow judge is Kelly from SIM. She is a very nice lady. Really very nice!

The contestants did very well today. Can tell that they did their best to showcase the best to us and to the school. Two thumbs up for their effort! Anyway, we had a hard time making a decision on the winner and how much to give, but we still did after coming to a common conclusion in a 10 minute long meeting at the Recruitment Office. Hope everyone's happy!

After that I joined Boss for lunch at Bukit Timah Plaza. Of course we went to our usual hangout spot Liu San Ge! Eileen 姐 joined us too. Headed back school for lecture after that.

School ended and I head town to find Boss and the rest. They were working very hard outside Nee Ann City, so I went down to show and give them some support! Dinner at Yoshinoya with Clement, Angeline and her sister with Boss. Our last resort after everywhere became crowded with people. And I saw this guy who look like Leehom! Boss also agreed that they looked alike. I managed to sneak a few shots of him unnoticed. Lol!

Clement Boss from Seasons Perfection Beauty was very nice today. He helped me massage and did a short on-the-spot treatment to relieve my body muscle tension, stress and headache all in one! And the miraculous this was that the effect was almost immediate! You all must try, really. They are having a promotion booth outside Nee Ann City this week. 10 minutes trial session from $10 only!

Angelsky8 also had a booth there. Very nicely set up. But the staff very shy! Even though we knew each other for quite sometime already, they didnt want to take photo with me. Sad. Luckily I managed to force one of them! Lol!

Wendy from Trust 2000 was very nice today. She treated me soya milk. Organic soya milk to be exact. Really delicious. Must try. All at the area outside Nee Ann City. The picture above is one of the staffs from Unisoy.
Come look for us!
F1 Rocks Ticket winner was Richard. Sorry to those who didnt manage to win it. I myself didnt get to attend the concert too. But I can assure it was a fair balloting! Pictures to come soon!

Oh yah, Boss bought me a new phone today. Very happy! Thanks Boss! Anyway, my new phone is very COOL! Lastly, all the best to all the performers tomorrow (Saturday) at Ngee Ann City. I will upload some pictures of their performing tomorrow night. Carol and Evon will be singing, plus Alton, and some more other performers. They will be performing at 2pm to 3pm tomorrow. Must go down support them!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

F1 Kicks Starts Today!

the view of the roof of my school, aint it beautiful?

F1 officially kick start today! There are many many many parties and events going on islandwide. First day of race practice starts today too. So does the first F1 Rocks Concert. This week is an excited and very busy week for the F1 fanatics as well as everybody who are involved in this annual event. All the best!

School is getting more and more crowded recently due to the starting of the 2nd and 3rd year students' semester year. But it's good to see many people around, bumping into people I havent seen for long long time. Lol.

Today I was in toilet and someone called for my name. It was Zupeng. He told me he came to support his friend, who was participating in SIM Got Talent. Today was the preliminary round I think. Tomorrow is the finals, which I will be one of the judges.

Actually they are all pretty good. I saw today. Good job guys!

See you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SIM Got Talent!

Sorry guys. I really apologise for the lack of photos during the weekdays of my blog as I've really been pretty busy running about in school. But still! I promise to keep this blog as interesting as I can alright? (",)

For those who have not visited my Puma site before, you can do so here! Once you are there, do leave a comment or two as a form of encouragement for me, ok?

Also, those who have not voted for me at NuYou's website, here is the address. (Click here) I am number 23. Lucky number 23. Lol! Remember you can vote EVERYDAY! So please, spare 2 minutes everyday to vote for me ok! I know I very thick skinned, but I know you all love me too! Lol!!!

Back to main business.

Recently many burdens and stress just pile up on me. Not only school and work, now even personal issues are coming up. I'm too stressed to even talk about anything now. Just hope that things can get better and better.

Met Yi Qing today. Or rather, I bumped into him. And yes, I agreed to help him judge this Friday's SIM Got Talent in school. Though I may not be the best candidate, but I'll do my best to help him in whatever I can. Hope I'll do a good job! To all the participants, 加油!

School is getting more and more "shiong". I really cant seem to be able to cope with the vast amount of knowledge I need to take in everyday. But I just do my best. I dont want to let anyone down.

F1 coming in 2 days time. Cant wait! PUMA Motorsport have so many events for me to attend! Whoever want to go with me, let me know by leaving a message in my chatbox or sms me. Got to sleep now, only left with 2 hours plus to sleep.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

F1 Rocks Concert


Fancy catching the F1 Rocks Concert right before your very eyes? Here is your chance!!! Simply go to my blog at (click here), leave a comment and you'll stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to the F1 Rocks Concert! Be sure to leave your details like name and/or handphone number and/or email. Winners will be notified by email/sms.

Stars like Jacky Cheung, A-Mei, SodaGreen, DaMouth, Beyonce and Black Eye Peas will be performing!

What are you waiting for? Grab your chance today!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Food For Thought

First and foremost, introducing one of my student. His name is Jerome. And here is he, looking very hardworking. Lol!

Sis is back from Bangkok. Went to pick her up just now. Her luggage is so heavy! (",)

Anyway, I stumbled upon a few videos these few days and I really want to share it with everyone. Each has it's own uniqueness and meaning behind it.

This is such a sweet video. But I'm sure in singapore you would be allowed to do this. Maybe kenna scolding by the manager. Lol!

I dont know why, but this video simply amazes me. It's so beautifully made. I'm sure film makers will love it!

This is the final video I wanted to share today. When I watch it, I cried. It's so so so sad! To think that many of us actually waste food all so often. Though we always hear people saying "People in other countries nothing to eat, you still waste food!" but often we just brush it off because we havent really witness the truth of it. Now, here it is, very evidently, it's the truth. I'm sure I'll try my utmost best (though I already have the habit), to not waste any food or water. What is so dispensable to us, is all so precious to people in other countries, Here we are complaining that food is bland, food is salty, food is tasteless. There they are, not even having the chance to taste what is bland food, what is salty food, what is tasteless food. This is also what sparked me to want to do more charity work to help as much as I can.

So people, have a heart. Donate or help whenever you can. You never know how these little actions of yours can mean a great deal to them.

And please, do not waste food.

Good night.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Premium 24's first seminar

Attended Premium 24's first official seminar today. The set up today was superb. Boss was the speaker today as usual. But I think he did really well today even meeting some challenges from the floor. He remained calm and steady! Well done!

Anyway havent seen Godsis and Godma for quite sometime. So was happy to be able to see them again! Miss them so much.

Congrats to Ah Long 哥 and Rose 姐 for winning the top sales award! Also very proud to see RIG people working very hard and producing results! RIG also have its Hall Of Fame today!
Here goes:
Congrats Boss doing a good job today and closing sales today!
Congrats to Mandy for signing 3 talents today!
Congrats to Jason and his team for bringing in sales for the company!
Congrats to Evon and her team for signing up more than 10 talents for the past week!

Congrats to Zheng Ling for being part of the team now!
You guys have done very well and I'm very proud of you. You all have worked hard and delivered results, unlike some other partners we have in the past. Well, as I said, it's the past already.

Anyway after that headed down to Pizza Place for gathering. Guess what Yujing got me? Lol! It's a hand painted picture of me. Very sweet and nice of her! Does it look like me? (",)

Happy to see everyone today also, especially all the EME people. Had a great time catching up. For those that I havent met for sometime, maybe we can catch up soon. (",)

Very excited today as I saw my batch of tee shirts coming in! My shop will be up pretty soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Puma Motorsport Collection

Today was a long and busy day for me. Woke up, got ready and headed out to Angelsky8 for haircut! Darren cut my fringe and did some layering. So now it appears like I have bangs, but he said it will grow. Lol!

After that I headed to Hoods inc Production for casting. Had a hard time finding the place despite cabbing there. Met Fiona, the friendly person in-charge and I got ready for my audition. Another girl came for audition for the female role and so we were paired up together. Her name is Mariam (in purple) and she is 13 years old, born in America and is of Pakistan blood. Can you tell? Lol. She’s is very friendly and she studies in the Singapore American School. The shocking thing is that she told me she has lived in 7 countries already. Imagine 13 years old and 7 countries? Means average 2 years she shift once!

Anyway we did the audition together. We were asked to do an Opera script and I just freestyle my Opera singing. Hopefully they didn’t find it awful. Lol!

After that I headed down Marina Square to look for my parents as they wanted to sign up for mobile broadband and were shopping at the same time. Guess what I saw? F1 Roadshow by Starhub, Puma and Bridgestone! So excited.

Walked around and also got the opportunity to take a picture with the race queen and the car (got a complimentary 4R photo too). Puma Motorsport collection are also there for sale. They have F1 related merchandises, F1 themed apparels, and many others! Very nice and unique designs. New releases available there too! If you guys free should go down to talk a look too!

After Marina Square I headed home. Attended my friend’s birthday party at night. So happened that two friends of mine actually held their birthday at the chalet side by side! So coincidental! Anyway here’s wishing the both of them Happy 21st Birthday! You are now officially an adult! Best wishes! (“,)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Red in my head!

Wow! Saw my picture at NuYou magazine and please vote for me as much as possible. Lol!

Anyway, read a news at Shin Min and hope you can take care inside there. No doubt many people may look down on you in future, but stay strong and prove yourself again. Jiayou! (",)

I will be attending another F1 event organised by PUMA Motorsport at St James Power Station on 24 September 2009. All the invited guests will have a chance to meet the Ferrari Driver in person. Remember! If you have the ticket, must go as I m there too. Lol! Then must take photo with me together, so I can upload to my blog.

Also remember to come to River View Hotel on 20 September 2009 (Sunday), from 2pm to 5pm to support Boss's seminar . Refreshment will be provided and most importantly, two other comanies will be involved in this seminar as well. They are Seasons Perfection Beauty and Energy Chain.

Ok. Take care everybody. Got to go!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look forward to Weekends

Very suay recently. Dont know why. Bad things kept happening to me. Either I missed the bus, or I was delayed by some stupid reasons, or my phone drops. It's the 10000000th time my phone dropped this week. Just today, already twice. I dont know why. It just drops like that. And today, my lecturer picked on me, just because he remember my name.

Anyway, I'm starting to like my class more. Making more new friends too. Sorry not being able to blog much. I look forward to weekends. I hope everyone does. And particularly this Sunday, EME and family gathering again!

The week is ending tomorrow. Everybody 加油!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to One

I would like to thank my loyal readers for following my blog. You guys are what keeps my motivation of blogging going!


School as usual today. Was almost late for lecture today. Reached school like 5 mins later but luckily for me I still managed to attend the lecture without any qualms. But I was caught sms-ing by Mark halfway through the lecture. He was teaching halfway and stopped to look at me without me even noticing. My friend had to nudge me before I realised he was looking at me. Lol! So paisae!


During break I saw a very interesting scene and so I decided to capture it down. A group of kids (from the kindergarten in SIM) walking in a file. They were holding on a rope while trying to walk in an orderly manner in the middle of the atrium. Damn cute.

After school I went home. A little tired, so I napped. Met Boss in the evening for dinner. Didnt really have appetite. So I didnt finish my food for what is also my first meal of the day. I dont know why, just feeling very stressed and moody today. Didnt have any appetite to eat.


Drove to Mandy's place to pick her up before we head to Bukit Timah Plaza to collect some Tea Pillows and some other product flyers.


Headed to Evon's place next, as Boss need the photoshop CD. Lol! Anyway, congrat to Evon for her good sales and effort in RIG. (",)


Oh yah, finally I took my present from Xiao Wei! Well it's actually a gift from my lovely JC classmates, Hwee Heng, Hui Hui, Poh and Xiao Wei. My favourite Green Tea perfume from Loccitane! I know Gilberto got me one. But it's good to have another one because I'm now using it almost on a daily basis!

Went home and finished up my Accounting tutorial work. Long day tomorrow. Many more things upcoming. Gonna be super busy. 加油 everybody!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life Sucks

I hate the way things are going right now. I really hate it. I wish I could turn back time. I wish I can undo all these mess.

Things arent going the way I thought it should be. I hate people that give empty promise and get everybody into trouble! Life sucks.


Anyway, Boss send me this photo when he went to Jean Yip Group today. If you guys free, can go Jean Yip The Makeover at Bugis Junction level 2, and you will see this whole album on Elson Soh! Lol! Thanks Desmond and Kenny for promoting me there.


This Sunday another seminar coming, but this round is organised by our company. We call it Healthy Drinking, Healthy Lifestyle! It will be held at River View Hotel level 2 conference room, from 2pm to 5pm. Admission is free to everybody. Will update the information when the date is nearer.

Oh ya! I'm having a gathering this Sunday at The Pizza Place. I will be inviting some of you for this get-together session at The Pizza Place. Wait for my sms then. (",)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Those days...

Today wanted to meet Boss for dinner and meeting, but he wasnt free at all. Think he is busy with projects again. Anyway, seeing him working so hard everyday, I feel so bad as I cant help him much. Sorry. I will work hard in my study, music and performing.

Anyway, nothing much to blog about today, but did practise my keyboard and guitar at home after finish my homework.


Really missed those days, as these are the happy days that I used to had before. (",)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just another Sunday

The week had officially ended for me. Been rather busy today. Back to back tuitions from 11.30am all the way till 5.30pm.

Met Boss, Jason, Evon and Seasons Perfection Boss and partners for dinner at Civics Mac. Had a good discussion with them. Their products are so nice and unique. And they are very friendly too.
Thanks bro Jason for sending me and Evon back home. (",)

Ok, heading off to bed now. God bless everyone. Good night!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Puma Circuit Party


Sister came home with a pleasant surprise today. It was a belated birthday present! So sweet of her. And guess what she got me? A card holder from Mont Blanc. Thank you so much!


Today is Puma's first event for the F1 Campaign. Our Puma Circuit Party at Overeasy. I brought Michelle along as she's the only one who got back to me. Lol! Quite disappointed in somebody though for not attending and not treasuring the opportunity in getting to know more business contact. I think this person is rather childish and do not know how important is a business contact.


Anyway along with us is bro Jason and da sao Priscilla. They are both very shy at first but after awhile they started opening up themselves, which is good! Met a few old friends there. Aaron (aka Dragonball) was there. Hannah and Elynn were there too working as race queens of the night. Really great to be able to see them again after so long.



Gab and Qian were so busy tonight running about. Only managed a few words with them here and there. But was really happy to see them again also. Our model driver Ken was there too. Took a few shots with him.

Ok, I drank a Vodka with Sprite. Not very shiong. Lol!

Met a few new friends too. Other Friends of Puma like Diana, Nadia, Trixy, Lawrence, Benjamin and Jayden also attended the party. Overall it's quite fun tonight. More to come. Stay tuned for more updates and also the pictures that I took in this party! Just check out my facebook, friendster or yahoo group for the picture tomorrow night. Lol!


Oh ya, I missed a 24seven event. It was the exploring of the spiritual thing that took place last night. Had wanted to attend it when Diana first brought it up to me and Trixy during the previous Puma meeting. But she twitted me and I totally missed the whole chance to go on the trip! Argh. Nevermind, still got next time though. Lol!

Alright, it's been a long long day for me. Got tuitions tomorrow. Good night everybody!

P.S. Diana, next time dont twit me regarding events! Sms or email me ok. Thanks! (",)