Monday, April 11, 2016

Understand about Zrii and different Nutritional Supplements and Beverages

Zrii is a nutritional beverage manufacturer based in Draper, Utah with offices in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The company uses a multilevel marketing-style compensation plan to sell nutritional beverages all over the world.

Currently, the company sells seven different nutritional supplements and beverages. These supplements promise to help you lose weight, get your daily recommended value of vitamins and nutrients, and enjoy better overall health and wellness.

Zrii categorizes itself in the Ayurvedic wellness group. This is based on the fact that the products they market are processed in accordance to the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic principles that promote the use of natural ingredients to improve health.

Years ago, William Farley made a personal quest to find a product that would improve his overall health status and longevity. Not long after that, he came across Amalaki and with the help of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Zrii nutritional drink has been processed to benefit ones health. The health benefits of Amalaki are summed up below:

1. Excellent rejuvenator
2. Boost up the immune system
3. Aids in illness prevention

The 4 Core Products Of Zrii Made From The Ingredient Amalaki Are:

Zrii – nutritional drink
Purify – use to loss weight
Achieve – to promote normal digestion
Accell – use to control weight


Zrii Amalaki is its flagship product. Amalaki is a nutritional beverage that promises to “promote energy” and “enhance cellular rejuvenation.” It’s made primarily from the amalaki fruit, which Zrii claims has been used for over 5,000 years for its health properties.

In addition to amalaki, Zrii Amalaki has a number of other natural ingredients, including schizandra, ginger, jujube, haritaki, turmeric, and tulsi.

You’re supposed to take 2 fluid ounces of the beverage daily to support general wellness. Zrii doesn’t list the specific amount of each ingredient inside the juice. Instead, it hides all of these ingredient amounts inside a proprietary blend. One serving is 1 fluid ounce, but we don’t know how much of each serving is made from this proprietary blend.

Other ingredients include purified water, white grape juice concentrate, pear puree concentrate, and a number of other natural juice concentrates.


Purify is a total cleanse and weight management system that consists of four different supplements:

- Am Detox Capsules
- Pm Detox Capsules
- Fiber Supplement
- Detox Oil

All of these supplements have the same overall goal: remove impurities and toxins from your body and facilitate the removal of waste. You’re supposed to follow the Purify schedule listed here to refresh your body and rejuvenate your body’s natural cleansing systems.

Zrii claims that Purify users will be able to jump start their mind/body health, increase their overall energy, improve the speed and clarity of mental functioning, and improve their overall cellular functioning.


Achieve is a protein powder that can be used to make meal replacement shakes. The powder is specially formulated to promote healthy fat metabolism, help you build lean muscle, and boost your overall energy levels.

In order to achieve those benefits (get it?), Achieve uses a blend of four protein isolates (18g of protein per serving), very little sugar, and 6 grams of fiber.

It also includes natural ingredients like amalaki, gymnema, haritaki, guggul, turmeric, cinnamon, green tea, and cayenne.


Accell is an energy powder that you mix with water to boost your metabolism and increase your energy throughout the day. Each single serving package contains 25 calories and comes with the following benefits:

- Boost Your Metabolism To Burn More Calories
- Enjoy A More Sustained Release Of Energy
- Reduce Stress
- Improve Digestion
- Boost Mental Alertness

Specific ingredients in Accell include known nootropic compounds like green tea and Bacopa monnieri along with eleuthero root, vidanga, ionic trace minerals, trikatu, natural B vitamins, and digestive enzymes.

Although Zrii likes to claim that the energy boost and metabolism boost comes from the natural ingredients, the reality is that each serving of Accell comes with 135mg of caffeine, which is slightly more than one cup of coffee. Compared with high levels of vitamin B12 (50% of your daily value), it’s easy to see why Zrii Accell increases your energy.

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Pocket Racers GT

Attended the launch for Pocket Racers GT on Saturday! It is the first time I am invited to a game launch and I was pretty excited about it. I am an avid gamer (boys being boys) and I've always been fascinated with games. I was even more excited when I found out that the game was actually Pocket Racers GT! 

Basically this game is a racing game. It's very similar to Tamiya. Yes the traditional Tamiya cars where you can actually race one another on a track. In fact, Tamiya is one of the working partners with Pocket Racers GT! I like these kind of games specially because it allows me to be in full control of the cars and how I want it to be. It is challenging also due to the fact that almost everything inside is customisable. So you really have to wreck your brains hard to find a solution to different race tracks. What's even better is that I can play it on the go. 

I also invited one of the beneficiaries from Project Awareness to attend the event with me, and Uncle Ringo came down and he was too, impressed by the game!

Thank you Mr Kenneth Mark Yong from GToken for the invitation. Thank you Venvici and the team behind Pocket Racers GT for having me too. I am glad to be able to share this with everyone around me. If you guys have downloaded Pocket Racers GT, please do so now and race me!