Friday, March 8, 2013

A little thought can mean so much

I'm sure some of you have already known that Yumi and I recently set up a page called "Project Awareness" to make known to more people about the "people left behind in the society by everyone". The purpose of the page is to actually provide direct assistance to these people as we all know going through organisations actually take a long period of time before actual help is rendered to them.

Recently I have made known to the people two more high profile cases. One was the Lim family, whom 4 kids were orphaned overnight due to a freak accident. I thank each and everyone of you who have helped them out in one way or another. I think they are well taken care of now. (",)

Another case which was highlighted was the old lady at the back lane of Mohamed Ali Lane.

Took some time off my recording today and visited the old lady together with two of my colleagues. Went we reach there, she was full of smiles and said "你来了!(you are here)"

I squat beside her and asked how's business today. She replied that there are 6 people who visited her and bought her things and also got her food and drinks. She felt she is very lucky today that she have got alot of customers.

Then she added "I know you are the one who ask them to come!". To which I replied with a smile, "No, they came willingly to visit you." :)

Today she is more opened than previously. She told me about her life and family. She says she doesnt want to burden her son as he has his own difficulties. She also said that she is already very contented that she can still move about and sell things there to earn a living.

She showed me the amount of medicine she has to take daily. She told me she has serious Arthritis and that her feet aches every now and then. Then she told me that she looks to be slumping each time because her body reacts naturally like that time to time due to her health. She then sits up and tell me, "I always sit at first, but my body slowly slip as time goes by and i end up in the lying down position. Sometimes I cant move, even when people take my things and run away I cannot do anything also. I dont even dare to go toilet at times as things will get stolen very easily."

I passed her 5 sets of my album and a book courtesy of 管雪梅(雪梅姐)for her to sell and keep the proceeds. Thank you 雪梅姐 for your generosity to her!

She will be there daily most of the times 4pm onwards. I bought a CD from her and passed her some money. She didnt want to accept but I insisted and I convinced her by taking one more item from her to make her feel better. She say this is the most amount of money she made in this month. She say sometimes she only make 50 cents a day.

I have helped her put the book and albums out for sale. I sincerely hope everyone can go down and buy some things from her and keep her company for that little while. If possible, get her fresh cooked food so she doesnt have to eat leftovers all the time.

On behalf of the old lady and Project Awareness, I thank all of you for your kind heart and generosity!