Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kindness is SIMPLE

We can never deny the fact that kindness is simple, because we always have the option to choose whether we want to be kind or we just simply hack care, even when we know that there are many underprivileged people who need our assistance. Where is our kindness and kampong spirit now?

Counting the number of days since I started Project Awareness in 2013, a initiative volunteer group in Singapore, we are still active and growing daily. Not only we see more individuals attending our distribution projects, we also see more families stepping forward with their children, seeing more corporate companies promoting kindness through their CSR program, seeing more tertiary institutions initiating distribution projects, I'm glad that my little effort didn't go wasted.

Countless times, I almost give up Project Awareness, as it is never easy to manage a big volunteer group, and there are many obstacles I have to face and challenge along the way. But whenever I think of those pure and beautiful smiles from the underprivileged old folks and children, I fight on and tell myself to be strong.

Currently I'm a property agent and a singer-songwriter under my own entertainment company, and nevertheless I always want to inspire people around me to promote kindness and love, to volunteer their time for the underprivileged people, No doubt there are still people around me, telling me to stop wasting time, telling me this is government and charity organisation's work, but how much do they really understand the fact that everyone can only do so much at one time?

Choosing to be difference, I continue my journey as volunteer, as the founder of Project Awareness, I pledge to give and do whatever I can for the underprivileged people that need our assistance. I hope everyone can continue to lend me your helping hand, continue to share my posting in the Facebook, continue to spare some time to volunteer in our projects.

Lastly, thank you to all the individuals, families, tertiary institutions, corporate companies, for all the assistance, kindness and effort that each of you contributed to Project Awareness, and making Singapore a EVEN more gracious city with love surrounding most of the underprivileged people, old folks, children and families.

I just want to say: "Kindness is SIMPLE, only when we just be simple and think simple".

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Kindness is everywhere and a little thought can mean so much! Remember to share and walk with us in Project Awareness.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Stay tuned for The Grand Return 强勢回歸 2017

This year 4 November 2017, I will be performing with my fellow juniors at Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore in front of 5000 audiences. The ticketing information and other details will be out progressively after 15 July 2017. 

Recap back, my biggest ticketed concert was at 2011 in The Max Pavilion @ Singapore Expo, with good turn up crowds of 3500 as reported by local media and witnessed by a few CEOs from local enterprise and invited VIPs from the music industry. Initially the concert supposed to be held at a venue with less than 1600 seating capacity, but after my fan-club came back with the tentative booking of tickets, my artiste management decided to change the venue and the date from September to November 2017, and increase the seating capacity to 5000 seats.

Looking at the concept of this upcoming concert "The Grand Return 强勢回歸 2017", it is something that I had never done before, and I believe it will be very interesting and it will be an attraction to many local supporters and overseas fans as well. From our outfits to the stage set-up, everything is specially designed by a team of professionals from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. 

Our ticket pricing will be very affordable after few sessions of meeting with the team, as everyone hope that this concert can be a reunion party for all our friends, fans, supporters, sponsors and clients, whether you are from Singapore or overseas. I had suggested to the team that this concert should also perform hit songs from the 90s and everyone agreed as well!

Anyway, whether you attended my last concert at The Max Pavilion in 2011, this year I hope to see all of you back to my show with my fellow juniors. I can only says: "我想念和大家一起大聲唱的感覺!“

Stay tuned for more updates from Royal Entertainment Facebook, YouTube and Website

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Good education alone does not guarantee Singapore success: Heng Swee Keat

Do you agree with Minister Heng Swee Keat on "Good education alone does not guarantee Singapore success"? In a way YES for me, as being a singer-songwriter to property agent and later becoming an entrepreneur, it seem like whatever I had study in the past, doesn't really apply to what I'm doing now. I believe this happen to many of you as well, but still study is important as we can gain more knowledge and cultivate ourselves to be a better person in this society. 

"What we need is leadership at every level of society so that everyone can play a role to take Singapore forward, and I think that to me is one of the important lessons from Mr Lee Kuan Yew - how we must continue to place a focus on sense of community and for leaders to be stewards of society and stewards of community so that we can continue to take it forward and to look to the future," Mr Heng said.

If everyone can do our part in contributing to Singapore and take Singapore forward, I believe we can receive more recognition to make Singapore proud. Currently apart from my own career as a singer-songwriter and property agent, I'm working on a couple of mobile game APP and lifestyle APP, hopefully my little invention and idea, with the support from my fellow partners and artistes, the various APPs will become a HIT in Asia. 

It is not easy, but I believe if we don't even want to try, how we know we will fail? Anyway, do support JustClick Loyalty Rewards (Click HERE) and Chef Lawrence APP (Click HERE). Check out the Facebook and follow our updates.