Monday, June 18, 2018

My 3 most highly recommended choices at Yummy Food Show 2018

From 21st to 24th of June 2018, (Thursday to Sunday) 11am to 10pm daily, do come on down to the Yummy Food Show 2018 (free admission) at Singapore EXPO Hall 5. It is going to be a very well worthwhile purchasing and tasting on all kinds of delicious foodies. 

Participated by more than 150 manufacturing suppliers and caterers, definitely makes this food exhibition the main focus in Singapore!

First of all, allow me to share my 3 recommendation of my favorite foods’ choices to everyone & also the whys!

#1 Bee Cheng Hiang Crispy Chicken Roll

Well, I believe this brand is not unfamiliar to all of you, besides having tried their Bak Kwa, I wonder have you ever tried the all-natural floss yet? That’s right, I really got hooked onto these delicious snack after my first bite which is known as the crispy chicken roll.

Visit Bee Cheng Hiang at D01 and remember to RSVP to

#2 Aged American Ginseng Slices at Thye Shan Medical Hall

I remembered during my younger times, I am struggling burning midnight oils to stay awake to prepare for my exams. The method on how to get myself energised is to brew the slices of 100% natural and authentic Aged American Ginseng into a cup of hot water to get myself replenished. It can also smoothen our taste buds with an unbelievable twist!

Visit Thye Shan Medical Hall Singapore 泰山药行 at C11 and remember to RSVP to

#3 Joo Chiat Kim Choo Dumpling (BAK CHANG)

Nothing beats the seasoned tasty fillings of the emperor’s dumpling. If you want a tastier choice, you may customise it by adding on a dollar more for an additional egg yolk. The glutinous rice texture is so rich that it gives us the maximum sense of mouth-watering satisfaction. Do not hesitate & pre-order today now!

Visit Joo Chiat Kim Choo Dumpling at E31 and remember to RSVP to

Thursday, June 7, 2018




#1 MP Thai Sausage Authentic Thai Food Delights 正宗泰國美食


找尋 MP Thai Sausage 就在展位H31。

#2 Angel Baker卡通造型馬卡龍

美味可愛的卡通瑪卡龍配黑巧克力餡料,不像傳統馬卡龍那麼甜。購買價值新幣20元的馬卡龍,就能獲得獨特的卡通造型馬卡龍啦!只需將您的收據累積至新幣50元以上,即可參加我們的Spend&Win活動。您就有機會從Angel Bakery或美味飲食展中獲取新幣5元的優惠券(無最低購買額)。

找尋 Angel Baker 就在展位N19。

#3 Kung Fu JB Pau Jumbo Sure-Win Pau 發財包中超大包


找尋 Kung Fu JB Pau 就在展位N01。 

#4 Golden Palm Brand Premium Chicken and Pork Luncheon Meat 金手牌雞肉和豬肉午餐肉

金手牌成立於1995年,以其品質和口味而聞名。該公司的招牌產品系列金手牌香腸在2014年新加坡品牌大獎中榮獲Promising Brands獎。金手牌還擁有各種著名產品如甘榜養生雞、煙熏豬肘、優質雞肉和豬肉午餐肉等等。

找尋 Golden Palm Brand 就在展位E19 和 E23。

#5 Polanin Premium Polish Beer 波蘭優質啤酒


找尋 Polanin Premium Polish Beer 就在展位N17。









Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Chapter in Life

Some of you may have realised that I have not been singing much for past three years. But among the busy schedules, I managed to release a new single, perform in The Grand Return music concert 2017 last year, and participate in the April Big Entertainment music showcase at 2MM TalentHub with my two juniors Lawrence Hiew and Danielle Gan. 

My passion in music had never reduce despite that my new chapter in life is to settle down with my love within the next two years. Looking back at my achievements in the entertainment industry, indeed I had accomplished many things, producing music, writing new songs, filming in a short-film movie, hosting shows, modelling for advertisement etc. 

I think I can say I have no regrets in life, to continue moving toward my new chapter in life, especially I'm turning 30 years old this September. Nevertheless I will still make music and do performance as and when my time permit, as I know there are still many out there who supported me since I was 17 years old. 

13 years in the entertainment industry didn't mark the end of the journey for me, in fact I will strive to write more different music for myself and my juniors, and of course hoping to impart my knowledge to them as well. I know I haven't been blogging, but I will do so as much as I can. Thank you once again everyone!