Thursday, April 29, 2010


Things do spread really fast.

Thanks everyone for your well wishes.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I will fight on!

I went for my medical checkup today. They always say "no news is bad news, bad news is good news". But today, I dont know if it's good or bad news. It's been 3 months since I found that lump in my throat. I havent bothered about it until recently the pain got so bad that when I strain it during high notes or speak too loudly, it bleeds.

Had some checks and a scan. Then I stood outside the clinic awaiting for my name to be called. Finally I was called in by the doc and he told me to sit down. He said, "We cannot confirm what we found in your throat. By right a swell would have gone away within a few weeks but this is apparently not a swell. We've took the tests specimens in and will have to call you back another day, probably a week or two, to confirm the results again. I cannot say if it's a tumour yet, but you'll have to inform your parents and be mentally prepared for the results."

The nurse then told me to come back on the 12 May.

I really dont know what to do. For a moment I froze in time. I wish I hadnt known all this. Sigh.

Anyway, would like to say a word of thanks to all who have sent me smses and leave facebook messages on my wall and tagged me on my tagboard. Thanks Joseph, Mandy, Joanne 姐, Cat 姐, Wei, Jasmine Yang, Kadon, YP, Serena, Penny and many others for the words of encouragement! I will stay strong and positive.

Thanks Cat 姐 and Joanne 姐 and Joseph and Boss for paying me a visit today. Joanne 姐 and Cat 姐 bought me tonics to 补补身体.

The Brands got Leehom on it. Lol. He's the ambassador!

Thanks Joseph for pre-ordering Jay Chou's album for me also (i know liao, lol).

Whatever it is, I will jia you and fight on!

Exams is coming in 6 days. I have to study hard also. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Something quite terrible happened to me during lunch today. I was eating and suddenly I felt a pain in my throat and I went to the toilet to vomit then through the process I spat out some blood. I think my throat's bleeding from within.

I couldnt sing now as my vocal chords hurt. I'm having on off fever also. Just feeling so unwell.

Hope I can pull through this period and get in time to prepare for my exams in 7 days.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Stop Whaling!

A week after my new haircut, it's time to reveal my new look! :)

This, is the old me.

And this....

Is the new me!!! Tada!

Presenting to you, my new hairstyle!

Nice anot? I felt quite weird when I first got this hairstyle but I've since grown used to it and even began liking it. Lol.

Been quite emo today. I dont know what's happening. Too much stress on me. Exams is just 9 days away and I feel totally unprepared. I dont know if it's just mentally and psychologically or is it true that I'm indeed unprepared. I fear failure. I fear I may not make it through. I fear many things.

It doesnt help much when people you love and care adds stress to you. Perhaps I cared too much about people's feelings. So when someone I cared for feels unhappy and stress, I feel sucky not being able to help him/her and I end up feeling like shit myself. That's what I'm going through now. Haiz.

Nevermind. Side tracked abit.

Since creating the Facebook group "Save Our Earth" (Click to Join), I've been doing some extensive research on how can we all do our part to help save the Earth. One way of saving the Earth comes by saving the animals.

Came across this web with a campaign to save the whales from lethally being killed. Whales are constantly being killed by humans for food, resources and other uses. What we dont realised is the fact that by doing so, we are inevitably bringing them to the verge of extinction.

They have no right, no say. We decide if they live or die. We decided if they should disappear from this planet. We are the ones responsible for them. They, are innocently and helplessly murdered each day. All we could do is to watch in despair.

But we can do our part as a small community online.

All you have to do is to take a photo of you making a "whale tail" sign or symbol and upload your photo to (Click HERE)

Like me:

I've taken mine. Have you?

How can our photo be of help?

Tails for Whales is a global campaign running across every country in the world. We have the support of many members of Government as well as some of the world’s most familiar faces. And the more people like you become a part of this, the harder it becomes to ignore.

By adding your photo you’re becoming part of a worldwide people power movement petitioning governments everywhere to conserve and protect whales once and for all and showing them that, when they do, they have the support of people like you behind them.

Not only that, you may find yourself appearing on the Advertisement made by IFAW on TV!

Be part of the community today.

Save lives, help others!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Star Awards 2010 观后感

Caught the 2nd Star Awards (红星大奖) 2010 today on TV. Had stayed home for the day because I wasnt feeling very well. Watching the Star Awards has been a yearly affair for me since young and this year proved to be as entertaining and exciting as well. I wished I could be part of the show because it's just too enticing just by sitting there and watching it.

Here are the results for the night:

1. Best Drama Serial: Together

2. Best Variety Programme: It's A Small World

3. Best Variety Special: The Chinese Challenge Grand Final

4. Best Newscaster: Zhao Wenbei

5. Best CA Presenter: Chun Gek Lay for Focus

6. Best Supporting Actor: Zhu Hou Ren for Reunion Dinner
It was the veteran actor's first award after 16 years in the business. In his thank you speech, he expressed gratitude to a friend who helped him regain confidence after his heart bypass last year.

7. Best Supporting Actress: Constance Song for The Ultimatum
Constance struggled to hold back her tears as she accepted the award. "Hou Ren waited 16 years, I waited 12 years for this".

8. Best Info-Ed Programme Host: Bryan Wong for Food Hometown 2
In his acceptance speech, Bryan remarked that his trip to Hainan Island was very meaningful as it brought back memories of his father making Hainan beef noodles for him. "Cherish what you have, once you lose it, you'll never get it back," he added.

9. Best Variety Show Host: Mark Lee for It's A Small World
Mark said: "I really want to share this award with my fellow nominees. We need new blood for this category"

10. All Time Favourite Artiste: Mark Lee and Christopher Lee
Both have won the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste award for 10 times. Mark Lee has been in the business for 22 years starting with a bit part as a "rubbish bin" in popular variety programme Comedy Night. Christopher Lee, first runner-up in Star Search 1995 has been in showbiz for 15 years.

11. Best Actor: Chen Han Wei for Daddy at Home
Han Wei makes it two in a row having scored the same award for By My Side last year.

12. Best Actress: Chen Li Ping for Reunion Dinner
"It's hard being an auntie!" claims Li Ping in her acceptance speech.

13. Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes:
- Dai Yang Tian
- Elvin Ng
- Bryan Wong
- Qi Yu Wu
- Chen Han Wei
- Tay Ping Hui
- Zhang Yao Dong
- Zheng Ge Ping
- Dennis Chew
- Guo Liang

14. Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes:
- Quan Yi Fong
- Xiang Yun
- Rui En
- Vivian Lai
- Michelle Chia
- Jesseca Liu
- Yvonne Lim
- Felicia Chin
- Jeanette Aw
- Joanne Peh

In general, I felt that everyone who won deserved to win for one reason or the other. However I also feel that not winning an award doesnt mean you are not good or that you do not work hard enough, it's just that, there can only be one "award taker" and perhaps it's just lack of fate and lady luck. The fact that you are still in the job proves that you have indeed worked hard enough and put in enough effort (that's why you are not fired), the trophy is just a source of encouragement. So for those who dont get it, must work harder and those who got it, must work even harder!

Personally, I felt happy that some of my favourites won! For one, I like Zhu Hou Ren alot. His acting is superb! He is one of the few veterans who can take on any role, anytime, anywhere and portray it 110% well. The others whom I felt the same are Edmund Chen, Huang Wen Yong, Zheng Ge Ping, Lee Nan Xing and Chen Han Wei. Zhu Hou Ren's role as a dementia father-in-law is just so funny that even watching the trailers makes me laugh. It's so deep rooted in my mind even though this show was broadcasted some time ago.

Chen Han Wei is also one of my all time favourite actor. I like how he can act as a gambler and lousy dad in one show and then a AIDS patient and a caring dad in the other. Both won great plaudits from everyone. He winning of the Best Actor Award is truly deserving!

I'm also happy my friend Dennis Chew aka Aunty Lucy won the Top 10 most popular male artiste award! I'm so proud of him. He's been working very hard being a DJ at 93.3FM on one side and being Aunty Lucy at another and Dennis Chew at one more side. Congrats congrats!!! (",)

I'm happy for Elvin for having won too. I've personally heard of the effort he puts in in his work. He is a workaholic and that alone deserves alot of respect. Though he faced many criticisms all the time, he has never gave up and never stopped improving. Today, I'm happy to see him on stage.

Not forgetting my few idols whom I've supporting all these while. Like Felicia Chin, Zheng Ge Ping, Quan Yi Feng, Vivian Lai etc. You have all done well! Congrats!

JJ Lin gave an impressing Live performance as usual and lastly, other invited stars of the night like Mark Chao, Li-Ching, Mi Xue, Godfrey Tsao etc all graced the event beautifully, making it a successful and eventful night!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Acid Rain?

I dont know how many of you have received but I did received quite a few of the same sms telling you about acid rain falling between this period of time and it rains normally but the rain causes skin cancer. I dont know the original source of the message or its intention, but it's something like this:

"From the 20th to 28th of this month; there is the possibility of an acid rain. The dark circle appeared around the moon on 17th of last month and this is an indication of acid rain. Apparently, this happens once in 750 years. It rains normally, but it may cause skin cancer if you expose yourself to it. So, alert your dear ones. This information is from NASA in the USA. DO NOT neglect (emphasis his). Please forward this to your friends. "Better to be cautious than sorry (sic)".


"Be careful from 20th to 28th of this month. There is possibility of an ACID RAIN. The dark circle (Marh) appeared around the moon on 17th last month and is an indication of Acid rain.
Apparently this happens once in 750 years. It rains normally but may cause skin cancer if you expose yourself. This information is from NASA."

I went to google it to check it's credibility after my cousin got pretty paranoid when we were caught in the rain this afternoon during lunch.

This is what I found:
"This warning is utter nonsense and should not be taken seriously. Dark circles around the moon are not an indication of impending acid rain. The alert is not from NASA as claimed in the email. In fact, a NASA spokesperson has denied any connection between circles around the moon and acid rain. Forwarding this false warning will do nothing more than cause unnecessary fear and alarm. "

Click HERE for detailed analysis and explanation.

Lol. To believe or not, it's up to you. Anyway I got caught in the rain for the past few days. It's been raining quite frequently these days and the timing of the downpours can be roughly predicted. Maybe it's just pure coincidence.

Anyway, some say it's due to pollution, some say it's due to mankind's acts of environmental irresponsibility. Whatever it is, prevention is better than cure. We should all start to Save Our Earth from now, this day, this moment onwards. Whatever we sow now, will benefit our future generations, our kids, our grand children, our great grand children, our future.

All of us havent seen the sabertooth tiger nor the mammoth before. The reason is because it has extinct since a long time ago. And very soon, if we dont start environmental conservation now, more animals especially the endangered species will be extinct. And they have no right, no control over the actions of mankind. So we have to take the responsibility ourselves, or our future generation may not even get to see the Tigers or Pandas anymore.

Save the trees, save energy, save water!

Let's do it together.

Join my facebook group today. Click HERE

Let's all do our part and create a better future for everyone. (",)

Shutter Island

It's been sometime since I wrote a movie review. Haha. Finally got to take time off to catch Shutter Island with Joseph and Boss yesterday.

Shutter Island

Genre: Thriller
Director: Martin Scorsese
Cast : Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo, Michelle Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio
RunTime: 2 hr 18 mins
Rating: NC16

Movie Synopsis
Set in 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) is investigating the disappearance of a murderess whom escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding on the remote 'Shutter Island'.

Movie Review

Initially, I thought I knew what the movie's plot was. I didnt exactly search for the storyline online, but I read some reviews and watched the trailer. Apparently the trailer is fake. Lol. But that's the twist. I'm not going to reveal more lest you guys blame me for spoiling the movie. This movie is filled with horror and suspense all in one. But it's not the typical supernatural kind of horror. The scenes and settings are very well chosen. Makes the audience to want to follow the movie closely, yet feeling scared at the same time.

What I liked about the movie is the twist at the final part of the movie. But that's what I dislike about the movie too. I couldnt understand the ending. Lol. Maybe you guys watch already then tell me. (",)

Official Movie Trailer

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Friday, April 23, 2010

No More Jay

My last bet on watching my first ever Jay Chou concert live in Singapore went down the drain today as all tickets of the 2nd additional round were snapped up in less than 5 hours (as far as I know). That is after selling out 10000 tickets last week for the first day concert. According to sistic, Jay Chou's 2010 World Tour Singapore concert was a record breaking feat.

“The hottest concert we ever had sold out in 3 days. Jay Chou did it in 2 hours!” said Kenneth Tan, CEO Pte Ltd.

I wanted to purchase the tickets at midnight actually. But after accessing the web last night, I was disappointed to know that ticket sales will only start at 9am.

This morning though, Sistic's website was jammed and hung as there were massive traffic and transactions all taking place at the same time. I couldnt enter, my mum couldnt enter, nobody around me could access to the website. Some of my friends who were going to purchase tickets to ABBA's concert couldnt access the web either and after they learnt that's because of Jay Chou concert, they shook their heads. Lol. Poor Joseph went to join the queue at J8 early in the morning. Yes, there's queue everywhere that the tickets are sold. LONG LONG QUEUE. Around 2.30pm (about 5 hours later), he text me to inform me that all tickets have been sold out, with only 4 more to go before his turn. Lol. I know he felt bad and emo for not being able to secure tickets for me but I feel even more bad that he has to help me queue and wait. Would like to say a heartfelt thank you for always helping me. (",)

Anyway, no more Jay Chou for now. To those who missed the sale like me, there's one consolation. That is, there is still hope la. There are contests organised by Scorpio East, the concert organiser.

The first is a talent showcase. Show off your talents, either Jay Chou look alike or sing alike and the winner will walk away with a pair of VIP concert tickets, together with other attractive prizes. Click HERE or the picture below to the talent contest page.

The second contest is to just guess which out of the 3 songs are sung by Jay Chou and one lucky winner will be picked to win a pair of tickets to watch his concert. Click HERE to guess song contest page.

Good luck to all!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sometimes, at some point of time of your life, you just dont know what to do. It's like everything came to a stand still and you just wish you didnt have to think, didnt have to bother, didnt have to do anything.

Dont you?

I do.

But life still move on as usual. Lol.

Anyway, went for haircut at Angelsky8 today. Got myself a new hairstyle. Havent got used to it yet cause it's really quite a change from my usual style. I will be posting pictures up soon so stay tuned. Haha.

I want to post more F&N pictures but I havent really got the time to sort everything out yet. So pardon me for the delay. Will be posting them up soon. Meanwhile, a big thanks to all who "Liked" and commented on my videos! Please do keep the comments coming! Love ya all!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flash Mob!

As promised! I'll post up one of the videos today. I've divided the videos into 2 parts. 1st part is for the Flash Mob while the 2nd is for the SDD Finals itself. So do stay tuned for the 2nd video tomorrow.

First, enjoy the first video!

F&N Flash Mob


F&N, OMY and Singapore Dance Delight rocks! Yeap! (",)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It's 5am in the morning and I'm just about done with my videos for the F&N event yesterday. I spent practically the whole day doing it. More than 10 hours of hard work into it. I hope when it's uploaded, everyone can support and enjoy. (",)

Anyway I'm pretty tired now. Got school tomorrow. Didnt really have time to do revision also because of today's packed schedule. Will chiong more tomorrow! Before I go, just wanna share more pictures taken yesterday.

This is the group of hardworking F&N people giving out drinks for free to all passers by yesterday in the middle of a hot afternoon in Orchard Road.

Lastly, Hello FM family!

The HELLO hand sign, trademark of Hello FM!

Erm, Hello Hello, 有人在吗? Haha.

Monday, April 19, 2010

BIG DAY arrives!

The BIG DAY arrives today! It's the Singapore Dance Delight Finals!

Headed down to Ngee Ann City to check out the F&N Roadshow. At 2pm sharp, the Lala Danz music played and everyone just started dancing, right in the middle of Orchard Road! How cool was that?

Caught Nat Ho in action and I grabbed him for a pic. Haha. Dont be jealous. (",)

After the Flash Mob, Hello FM DJs and I went to conduct a series of interview from the street people asking how they feel about Flash Mob, Dance Delight and F&N Drinks. I think they did a wonderful job today. (",)

Andrew and Wei! Thanks for your support! (",)

This is William. Though not the William that everyone who knows me will know. But he's William. Lol. Very weird to know another person with the same name as the William I know. Haha. He's F&N Blogger too.

After that I decided to try carry the BIG F&N drink container. It's pretty heavy, but I think it's very cool. Haha.

Then Steve decided to try out too!

I think he looks more pro than me. Lol.

After that we caught a group of students for a short interview. They are very cute and very supportive too! (",)

At night was the Singapore Dance Delight Finals held at SCAPE. It's the first time I visit the new building. Very nice and classy interior. Before I entered I managed to catch this very HUGE can of F&N outside the building. Lol.

So big right. If I can drink from there I'd be very happy. Haha.

Inside there were more F&N exhibits around for the people there to play around and check out. This F&N Vintage car was the most popular one. Alot of people were scrambling to take a picture of it and in it.

I think the car very cute. I want to drive. Lol.

After that we went to the RED CARPET. Shiokness la. Lol. My first red carpet event. Hehe.

All the bloggers.

The event finally kick start with the introduction of all the participants and judges. This man here below is the man behind the Dance Delight. He was the guy who created the Dance Delight. His name is 'machine' and he's Japanese. His dance is woo la la~. Superb!

Managed to grab another pic with Shan from 98.7FM before the event started. He is soooo tall.

These are some of the contestant photos at the Red Carpet.

These little kids arent what you think they are. They are the Special Guest Performers of the night and their dance can put shame to many of us who are 3, 4 times older than them. Lol.

Let the Finals begin.

After a series of battling out, the 3 eventual winners were born!

1st: Joyce & The Boys
2nd: Basic 5
3rd: Elecoldxhot

The winners of the night! (Basic 5 left, Joyce & The Boys centre, Elecoldxhot right)

Everyone did a wonderful job today. But there can only be one winner. However, I believe everyone is a winner today. Congrats to the 3 teams who won! Anyway, stay tune for my vodcast and podcast! (",)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final Chance!

Have you got your tickets to the Singapore Dance Delight Finals yet? If you havent, then do get them NOW! Join me and the rest of the bloggers, as well as the many many others who will be there tomorrow for the most exciting dance event of the year. All happening tomorrow!

Be part of Singapore's biggest Flash Mob event tomorrow. Just come down tomorrow and join in the dance when you hear the music being played. Leading the pack will be F&N SDD ambassadors Wu Jia Hui, Nat Ho and Serene Koong as well as the Muttons from 98.7FM. Be part of the Flash Mob history! (",)

When: 18 April 2010 (Sunday)
Where: Fountain outside Ngee Ann City
Time: 2pm

What is a Flash Mob?

A large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.
Source: Wikipedia

Flash Mob at Grand Central, New York - Freezing In Time

This is one of the most viewed Flash Mob did by 207 people at Grand Central station New York. Everyone just froze at the same time and it cause quite a stir there. Haha. Sit back and watch.

After that, there were other forms of Flash Mob, in this case, Dancing. Flash Mobs have since been quite popular worldwide and recently Singapore just had their own flash mob with approximately 200 people dancing in the middle of a busy day at Raffles Place.

Cool? Lol. I hope tomorrow will be record breaking and fun! So please come ok!

At night, witness the birth of Singapore's very own Dance Delight winner as 20 groups of finalist battle it out to claim the ultimate prize and a chance to represent Singapore to perform at Japan Dance Delight! Who will be the winner?

When: 18 April 2010 (Sunday)
Where: SCAPE
Time: 7.30pm

Tickets will be available at the door so just come down and make your purchase on the spot if you havent gotten your tickets!

Remember, the contests are still on! So do take part and win yourselves some prizes too! (",)

Click for more information:

F&N SDD Guess The Winner Contest
F&N SDD Snap and Win Contest
F&N Dance Battle

See you there!