Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sometimes it saddens me to see them going through this

Some of you may not have heard of French Road in Singapore. It is not at all anything to do with France. In fact a portion of housing there lives low-income families and elderly, who are often alone.

This old couple in their 80s and 70s I knew last year when I first started Project Awareness, have been married for many years but they have no children. Most often their day starts with grandpa bringing grandma for a walk around the neighbourhood, having breakfast along the way and then back to their home where they watch tv and spend their day. On alternate days, grandpa will wheel grandma in her wheelchair to NKF for her dialysis sessions. Both of them are not working anymore.

Having knew them for so long, I always felt they needed something but they don't say it out directly. Visiting them time to time I always notice the food in their fridge being bare. I guess they try to make do with whatever that is given to them, even though at times grandma's health condition requires her to eat better.

I also know that loneliness is sometimes a problem they face. Grandma's face lights up everytime she sees me and I knew they hope to have a grandson or granddaughter or a family member to visit them and talk to them.

Recently grandma went for a surgery and hospitalize for about a month and grandpa is getting weak as well. Sometimes it saddens me to see them going through this. For me I try to help them with whatever I can hoping to make a little difference in their life. If you want to be part of the difference, do let me know. Let's spread love around.

If you can lend your helping hand, do PM me in Facebook for more information and I hope that we can further improve their current lifestyle.