Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A date with “天后”

Last Saturday I made a trip down to KL. It was no ordinary trip, but for work. It was also the first time I travel to KL on my own. I would have gone for this trip no matter what too, because it was a trip to meet my idol 彭學斌!

So I alighted and made my way to the hotel. The taxi fare costs RM75! Omg damn expensive. So finally I got to meet 彭學斌老師!For those who havent heard of him, he is the person who wrote《天后》for the singer 陳勢安. He also wrote and produced many famous songs including 孫燕姿's《我也很想他》,梁靜茹's《崇拜》and many other. It was really a great honour to be able to meet and know him in person!

This is 彭學斌老師!Haha.

The meeting lasted for hours and we just spoke about everything - Life, Music, Personal likes and dislikes, Fashion, Food etc. He was really humble and friendly. Best part was he agreed to collaborating with me on my next album! Omg. I really cant wait! Hehe.

I also like to take this chance to thank Datok Wee Hong Seng for all his help and his care for me. For without him, all these would have been impossible. Thank you for allowing me to pursue and fulfill my dreams. (",)

Me and Datok Wee

Before I go, I want to share something cute I saw in KL....


This pig dim sum. Damn cute right? Too bad I couldnt bear to eat it. So i didnt try. Shall do it next time though. Haha. Anymore recommendations about KL that I can visit or try? Do let me know at my Facebook Page. Many thanks! (",)

Alright. Time for bed. Good night everyone! <3 p="">