Monday, December 31, 2012

Before the year ends..

Just some closing thoughts on the last day of 2012..

This year, has been a hectic year for me. Met many new friends, supporters and sponsors. Thank you everyone for your support to me.

Hereby I wanna thank the following people for your support this past year:

Boss William, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. 

J.Ai, thank you for your help all these years. Angelsky8 has been my one-stop massage, facial, slimming and hair cut place for the past 6 years. I'm grateful for your support.

Mdm Ong, thank you Kee Song Group for your never ending support. Sakura Chicken and Imperial Chicken are my two favourite chicken and I'm glad to be able to endorse the two products that I love the most!

Boon, thank you Juup Nails for taking good care of my nails.

Sam Siah and Phillip from Asli Village, thank you for organising and sponsoring my first Malay Music Showcase. Not forgetting lending the support for my two Malay song music videos.

Datuk Wee Hong Seng, it's been great knowing you. Thank you for all your help and advices.

Alex, my make up artist. Tomorrow he will be launching his own shop at The Central. Do support him!

Sean 成建辉大哥, it's great to have you on board Royal and guiding me and other artistes to be a better performer and entertainer.

Kevin Kuan, thanks bro for your help.

Yumi, Charmaine, Koh Ji, Joanna and the Royal family.

Fanclubs and supporters who gave me never ending love and support. I love you guys too.

Not forgetting other sponsors who gave me or other Royal artistes a chance to shine. Thank you all.

Too many people to thank, I dont know if I can ever say enough to thank everyone of them. If you've been a part of my 2012 and I missed you out somehow, do forgive me. Remember that I will always remember everything that have happened to me.

Many people said the world would end 10 days ago, but here we are, receiving the New Year in anticipation. Hope the coming 2013 will be good for everyone. Best of luck and wishes to everyone. I love you guys.

God bless you all.

Before I go, here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Happy 2013!