Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My life 2010

It's been quite awhile since I'm here. My album and MV has been released and so it's been a busy busy month for me. I apologise if I havent been updating so frequently. (",)

As 2010 draws near to the end, I look back on my year. There are bountiful memories. Good memories, bad memories, there are. But I look back again and I realised of the many new people I met and knew, a smile draws on my face.

Anyway Jian Zhong 哥 gave me a slice of this chocolate cake some weeks ago and it was very nice!
But still, my favourite goes out to......


The Chocolate Fudge cake from Liu San Ge (劉三閣). For a few reasons. First it's more pleasant for the mouth because it's not too sweet and the mixture of the chocolate and the cake is just nice. Second, it's handmade. I always appreciate handmade pastries compared to the mass produced. It's like special and it really does taste better.

Anyway yesterday was a hectic day. Went to distribute my album to sponsors! I hope they do like my album. (",)

Treat from 劉老板. He knows it's my favourite. Thank you 劉老板! (",)

With the staffs from 劉三閣!謝謝你們的熱情招待和支持!

Next stop was Angelsky8. It's Dayan's first haircut today. I also went to trim my hair.

Skillful Darren
This is my new junior Dayan! Do support him. He's talented!

Time for some reflections. 2010 has been a wonderful journey. All in all there are many things to be happy about (though there are things to be sad about too).

1. Knowing Jian Zhong 哥. Though the inside joke was to thank SOMEONE for all these. HAHA.
2. Attending 食福滿人間 was fun!
3. Knowing Mdm Ong and Mr Sim.

4. Being the ambassador for Kee Song Group.

5. Signing under Sony Music.

6. Releasing my first debut album.

7. Releasing my first MV Saranghamnida.

8. Knowing Simon 老師 from Echoloft and the entire bandies.

9. Having a mini concert at Echoloft.

10. Knowing Terrence, Xiao Long, TXR from Dreambox Studio.

11. Working with Teffy.

12. Being part of M18, where I get to know so many nice people.

Most importantly...

I'm thankful for a happy family.

And not forgetting...

All these people who made my life complete and wonderful. Knowing everyone here in 2010 is the best thing that happened. Thank you for being part of my life, thank you for being supportive and thank you for being always there for me. Those who are not in this picture (Sillykid, Irene 大姐, Val and many many others you know who you are), this goes out to you too! I love you all very much, really. (",)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Elson 音樂會

Today marks the end of a wonderful musical journey of year 2010 for me. Would like to personally thank a few people.

See the band below? They are a bunch of talented musicians and I feel very lucky to be able to have them play for me. Thanks Simon 老師, Keith 老師, Bryan 老師, Royal Music Director Stephen and Royal Performing Artiste Micka for being such wonderful bandies. (",)

Thank you all for being part of my musical journey!

Thanks EME for being so supportive and nice to me all these while. I love all of you.

Thanks Joseph, Shanice and Serena for everything that they have done.

Thanks Royal Performing Artistes for being always there.

Lastly, a big thank you to Royal and Sony Music for helping me make my dream come true for me to release my first debut album with all my works in it.

It's been a wonderful 2010 with all of you around. (",)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saranghamnida MV 首播

Saranghamnida MV 今天終於首播了!謝謝 Yes 933 FM 的鼎力支持!也謝謝皇室與 Sony Music 為我打造的一切。大家看了 MV 記得到我 Facebook 留言喔!就和我分享你們對 MV 的想法吧。

Link to Yes 933 Page:
Link to Elson Soh Page:

明天《完整專輯》就全島 CD-RAMA 發行了。大家記得支持我喔!(",)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


記得上個星期在檳城時和 Bryan 聊天時就提到了 ”付出“。






Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Penang Trip

Headed Penang last weekend for my pre-album launch promo. It's my first overseas event and I'm very excited!

Woke up pretty early, or can I say that I didnt sleep at all for the night, and headed Golden Mile to board the coach. Boss and Joseph were there to send us off.

The first stop through the journey after the long jam at the custom.
Doraemon pancakes!
Finally reached Auto-City at night at around 9pm. Time for 苏奕铨专辑歌唱比赛!

The designated song to be sang was "Saranghamnida". Throughout I hear different versions and variations and I would say I'm impressed by everybody. I totally enjoyed through the whole competition!

The warm crowd!

Finally it was time to announce the winner and proceed to the award ceremony! Congrats to all that have won!

After that was autograph and phototaking!

2nd runner up

1st runner up

Long time no see buddy, Bryan!

After that was already way past midnight. All of us havent eaten. So Bryan brought me to this place called Heng Heng. Very good food! (I'm missing it right now as I'm typing)

We choose our ingredients and we can choose to have tom yum or clear soup. Rice, porridge or noodles. I chose tom yum maggie!
This is my food. Looks pretty spicy right? It is! HAHA.

As you can see my sexy lips turning red from the spiciness of the soup. But it's really very very nice!

After that we all went back to rest for the day. Day 1 concluded at 4am.

Day 2 started with breakfast before heading to Prangin Mall for my 2nd event.

Bryan driving. Handsome? Lol.

On our way. Pass the bridge to Penang.

Finally arrived at Prangin Mall!

Thanks for the warm welcome and support!

Staffs of Prangin Mall
Management of Prangin Mall. Reminds me of Eileen 姐 of Bt Timah Plaza. Lol.

After event was shopping. Bryan was the tour guide. Lol.

Buying gifts for everyone!

Bryan's car and his 'magical' car plate. HAHA.

After Jusco we went to Bryan's friend's shop to buy clothes. I'm sure Boss will love that place.

Nice and affordable clothes. Where to find? Only at Penang. (",)

After shopping was dinner. We went to Bryan's family stall.

Bryan 说:你这样拍我什么形象都没了!(",)

After we got our food we headed back to Bryan's house. It is really huge!

Look at the trophies he has.

Finally time for steamboat dinner!

I promised to post this unglam photo. HAHA.
Bryan and his iphone!

After dinner was farewell. Bryan and his cousin sent us off the coach and off we go for another 12 hour bus journey!
And finally, home sweet home. (",)