Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's midweek, and it's interesting how different people view it. Some view it as still beginning of the week, while others see it as near the end of the week. But again, it's in the middle. So it doesnt really matter? Lol.

School has reopened for me and I'm still trying to adapt to waking up early everyday. I think the holiday has destroyed my body clock and now I sleep late but got to wake up early and I end up with little rest and hence resulting in swollen eye, swollen toe and fever for the past week. I hope things can get better for now.

My cousin was admitted to the hospital last weekend due to an infection. Glad to know that he has discharged. I was pretty impressed with the facilities and conditions at KK Hospital. Fully air con wards, bluetooth earphones, personal telephones and patients get to choose their menu daily. They also have got tea breaks and nurses checks on them regularly. Excellent service I would say. Anyway this is my cousin playing his laptop. Lol.

Aint he a cutie pie? (",)

Recently been pretty busy and held up. Didnt get to see many people for quite some time. I hope everyone is doing fine. I miss you guys! :(

Anyone read Straits Times yesterday? You may have seen this.

Yep! My Unplugged 房間版 was featured in the Home section of Straits Times. In case you all dont know which video is this, you may watch it by clicking HERE. (",)

Before I go, I wanna share my favourite shirt. Lol. It's the one and only "Elson Shirt" in the world with my lucky number 7. Given to me by my sister. It's actually my Chelsea jersey. Haha. Nice? (",)

Life may bring us down at times, but it's how we get up that matters.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mary & Liyi Gathering @ KBox Cineleisure

Attended Mary 姐 and Liyi 姐's gathering at K Box Cineleisure yesterday. It's been quite a long time since I seen them. Saw the gathering invite on Facebook and I registered immediately. Lol. 難得 they are both around. Happy to see them!

My gift to them: Famous Amos cookies! Yummy! (",)

I met alot of new people there yesterday too! 你們都很可愛喔!(",)

Some photos before leaving!

After that I met Boss, Shanice and Joseph for dinner at Javier's. I spoke to the man serving my food and we chatted quite abit and in the end I found he's Aston, the owner and founder of Aston! OMG. I told him he's my idol. Haha. We chatted quite abit and I promised to give him a copy of my album (in return of a free treat. HAHA. Just kidding!). Anyway, I'm very happy yesterday as I met alot of people.

After dinner we went to Tampines Mall to catch Legend of Chen Zhen. Awesome movie. Check out my movie review!

I really enjoyed myself yesterday. It's been some time since I took some time off to relax. Thanks Boss!

Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen Movie Review

Legend Of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen

Genre: Action
Director: Lau Wai Keung
Cast : Shu Qi, Huang Bo, Donnie Yen, Anthony Wong
RunTime: 1hr 50mins
Rating: NC 16

Movie Synopsis
A continuation of the 1995 television series Fist of Fury, Donnie Yen reprises his role as Chen Zhen, a role made famous by Bruce Lee in "Fist Of Fury" (1972). The film is set seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, who was shot after discovering who was responsible for his teacher's death in Japanese-occupied Shanghai. A mysterious stranger arrives from overseas and befriends a local mafia boss. That man is a disguised Chen Zhen, who intends to infiltrate the mob when they form an alliance with the Japanese. Disguising himself as a caped fighter by night, Chen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese.

Movie Review
If this was the first Donnie Yen movie I watched, I would love it ttm. However the sad thing was this is the 5th or 6th movie I watched. The happy part was it's still nice to watch him fight, but the sad part was also it's too similar to Ip Man's action directing. Even my cousin asked me today if I have caught the latest Ip Man movie. I prefer 龍虎門 and Ip Man 1 and 2 to this. But there are still a few cool moves inside which are pretty new and exciting. Still I felt there was no need to impersonate Bruce Lee at the end part of the movie. I would recommend it if you just want to have a good movie outing with some friends.

Official Movie Trailer

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ToyWatch Star Gazers Nite

First and foremost, I wanna say: Congratulations to ToyWatch Singapore for successfully launching!

Attended the launch of ToyWatch Singapore themed "Star Gazers Nite", at ION Orchard today. It was a truly stunning and star-studded event. Media, personalities, celebrities and other guests graced the wonderful evening and for me to be part of the party was a mixed feeling of honoured and delighted! I'm also happy that I got to see many friends whom I havent seen for a long time as well as happy that I made new friends.

Stella with Me and Faith!

Francine and Me!

Priscilla (Star Blogger)

Yi Ming from 联合早报!

Sam 大哥 from 优 1 周! (",)

Mirza from Mens Health. It's been great knowing you!

De Jiang 大哥 from JIA 883 FM。他不要來我的 Birthday Party. :( Lol. But I know why!

Alaric Tay from Fly Entertainment. (",)

Jones 石康鈞 and Yes 933 DJ 蕭嘉惠! 嘉惠姐很漂亮喔!(",)

Benjamin Heng (I attended on of his variety program Why Didnt I think Of That Too! last year.) with ESPN Sports Presenter Jamie Yeo!

Italian Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency Anacleto Felicani.

Ashley & CEO of ToyWatch Sandro Gibillaro

Me looking at my favourite designs!

Creative Director & Founder of Jeric Salon, Jeric See!

Royal Family with Jeric 大哥!

Compliments from Royal International Group (",)


Thanks for all who came down and support! Love you all!

It's been a wonderful evening. Looking forward to more to come! Wishing ToyWatch Singapore all the best, 生意興隆,步步高升!