Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009!

Woo! It's the final day of 2009. How did you guys spend it?!

Remember my friend Hong Seng? He came back from Australia and asked me out to dinner. So together with him and Valerie, we had a small mini gathering at Nihon Mura. Pity I didnt have my digi camera with me. But we took a group pic with my phone. Haha. Hong Seng is leaving tomorrow night, and he wont be back till end of 2010. You will be missed!!!

After dinner I headed to my uncle's place for countdown. Didnt want to go anywhere crowded. So I guess this is the best option. And so we did. And it's bye bye to 2009!

Anyway, the countdown show at Channel 8 and Channel 5 is great! Hope that next year I will be there to sing for all of you. Lol.

I hope everyone had a good year. May 2010 be a blessing year and a more fruitful and successful year for everyone!

I received alot of well wishes from alot of people. I didnt get to reply some because of I dont know it's the network or my handphone. I can press send 10 times and the message will still not go through. So please pardon me. But rest assured they are all appreciated! Thank you!

Happy New Year to all of you. I love you all! (",)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Looking Back

Today was a fun day. We did photoshoot for the donuts from Donut Empire. Went to their OUB Building branch to collect the freshly baked donuts. The staffs there were really friendly and their service is really good. So I gave them an "Excellent" rating at their performance rating box infront of their cashier. Haha. Must check out my promotion publicity for donuts at all the Donut Empire's outlets.

Saw the advertisement? The guy in the advertisement is the CEO of Donut Empire. His name is Sky and we took a picture together last week at Tanjong Katong's outlet.

After collection of the donuts, we went to a sumptuous dinner with Joseph Di and Boss. Thank uncle for treating us dinner again.

We headed down to Signoria for the photoshoot. Serena meet us there as she have an appointment. Anyway, she seem quite stress today, hope she will get better tomorrow. Stay happy!

Today's photoshoot was more fun, maybe because it's the second time so we are all more familiar with each other's style. So it was a fast shoot and everyone's happy with it. I'm happy too. And I'm also glad they all acknowledge my weight loss, which means my regime paid off. But Boss say not enough, must cut down more. Haha. Thanks Ming Xiang boss for the effort and time taking photo for me.

I wanted to do this tomorrow but I guess I'll just do it now since I'm in the mood. Haha. Looking back 2009, this year have been fun-filled and excited. Of course there were a few bumps along the way, there were the up and down moments, but I guess I would say it's a good year for me.

March marks the final month of my NS. I ORD with bitter sweet memories of my Army life. But I'm glad I managed to survive and pull through army with enjoyment. Friends I made in army, really good friends. I'm glad we met!

April till Sept was my long break. In between I met many new people, we had fun, joy and laughter. EME was officially formed. I became the ambassador for Angelsky8, Watersource, Signoria and Donut Empire. I won the Most Kissable Guy contest by Channel U and Clinique. I took part in drama production "PS I'm Sorry" and OKTO's "Why didnt I think of that too!" You guys gave me the best memories of 2009. Really, thank you!

Sept was my first year of uni studies. I'm glad I coped pretty well. I met many many new friends. So fun with all of you around! My 21st birthday also fell on this month. Had a pretty grand celebration. Thanks to everyone who made it happened! (",)

From end Sept till now, well, I guess I've been pretty busy with album preparations and studies. I didnt get to see most of you guys that often. For that I apologise. But still, deep down I still love all of you, I'm sure you all know that! Haha. Then came more new friends I made, especially Edwin 大哥, Sky and Ming Xiang boss, I really got to thank you all for all the effort and support you guys gave to me. Our meeting may be short, but truly very meaningful.

Alright, before I end my very long post, I wanna make it longer with a few word of thanks to the following people. Haha.

Boss - Thank you for everything. Thanks for the successful year. I'm sure next year will be better. Let's work harder together!

Serena - Thank you for your encouragement when I'm feeling down. You are just like a BIG SISTER to me. Jiayous together with me!

Concepts Hub - Edwin 大哥, I really appreciate all the opportunities, the advises and the encouragement. Without you, my 2009 might not be that colourful also. Thank you for adding colour to my music carreer. (",)

Angelsky8 - J.Ai, thanks for your endless support these years. You are like a brother to me, always taking care of me. Thank you! And to the staffs of Angelsky8, especially Darren my hairsylist, thank you for helping me look good! haha.

Signoria - Thank you Ming Xiang for all the hardwork in preparing for my albums and promotions. It's been hard on you, working OT to meet the deadlines. The designs are awesome! I really like them alot. It's been nice knowing you! May next year be better for Signoria!

Evergreen Stationery / Watersource International - Godma, Godpa, Godsis, it's been great having met all of you. Thank you for letting me become the ambassador for Watersource and thank you for letting me have my first ever TVC. I'm grateful to all of you! And to Loveena, although you always bully me (hahahaa), I'm glad to have a younger sister like you. It's been fun having you around. :)

Jean Yip Group - Thanks Desmond and Kenny for the wonderful photoshoots. And of course the wonderful styling for my 21st Birthday. Thanks Kenny for also helping me take photos on my birthday. You are both nice people!

Shine Models - Ice, Jud and Helen! Thanks for the grooming and support. It's been a pleasure being under Shine Models. Looking forward to next year! Jiayous everybody in Shine Models.

Numerology Fan - Hi Jason! Happy to have known you. It's really fun hanging out with you, talking literally about life. haha. Thanks for the advices!

Donut Empire - Would like to specially thank Sky, Steven and Joy for making me their Ambassador. I love donuts and now I'm an ambassador, I'm so happy. haha. Thank you for the huge tier of Donut Cake for my birthday party. Thank you also for creating a donut of my name. It's been a great honour. Hopefully next year would be a better year for all of us. DE rocks!

Mee Mee Optics - David and Joyce, thanks for sponsoring me my two set of glasses and for the Tag Heuer shades you gave me for my birthday! You all have also been very supportive of me and I really appreciate it!

Liu San Ge - Liu Lao Ban!!! Thank you so much for sponsoring me. I've treated you like a father to me and I'm really thankful to you for always being there for me. (",)

WTS Travel - Micker, Richard, thanks for the wonderful trips overseas. It's really fun. Look forward to working with you guys next year!

The Hidden Place - Shuand, you've been a great friend. It's been nice knowing you. Thank you for the support too!

Bath Culture - Robin 大哥!Havent seen you for quite sometime already. But still, I wanna say thanks to you and Bath Culture for sponsoring me. Thanks for supporting me in my EME gathering too. I truly enjoy the massage there. Hehe.

Killiney Kopitam - Thank you for your support. You have been a silent support to me but I know you're there! Haha.

Fabulous Tan - Thank you Richard. I appreciate it! Will continue to work harder!

K Box - Peggy, thank you for your support! Without K Box, my showcase at K Union wouldnt be a success! Appreciate it!

Bt Timah Plaza - Eileen 姐!! I never forget you. Haha. Thanks for being like a 大姐姐 to me, supporting my promos and events all the time. I'm happy to have known you!

LG Mobile - Thank you Raymond. Thank you for your support in my upcoming album and my music career. I really appreciate it very much.

PUMA - I will not forget Gabriel and Qian Yu. Thank you for all the sponsorship and I enjoy working with you guys. Look forward to next year project! :)

Makeup Artist Shop - Chin 姐, without your support and guidance, maybe until today I still do not know how to do a professional makeup and styling myself. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Genting International - Irene Godma, Fiona 大姐, Shirley and Alex. Thank you for your support all these years. I still remember those days at BE A STAR singing competition, remember how much support and advises you given to me. Thank you.

Party World - Thank you Eric and Vincent for all the support. Hope to see both of you soon. Remember to support me always.

Spartans AMC - Thank you Steven and the whole team for designing the layout for my album. I really look forward to my new album layout design. Thank you so much. Haha.

Ezen Group - Thank you Esla boss, Terence and Esther for the support toward me. No doubt we know each other for quite a short period, but I'm happy to know all of you. Hope we can have dinner more often in future. Esla boss, I still using the bag that you give me as I like it very much.

Trust 2000 - I never forget the design of my birthday backdrop by Wendy and her company management. Thank you everybody. (",)

Lawrence and Jeane (Emcee), Javin and Agnes (Campus Superstar), Silver (Project Superstar), Jerry (Star Search) - Thank you for the wonderful experience in the past event performing together. I really enjoyed standing on the same stage as you guys. Hope that when I do my first album promotion, you guys will be there with me.

娟姐 (Joanne) and Cat 姐, 谢谢你们的照顾。很高兴你们那么疼我,照顾我。也很感谢你们一路来带我。希望明年会更好!

Friends, Supporters and EME - Carol, Daniel, Yuan Zhuang, Gilberto, Keng Huei, Tim, Dewei, Mandy, Georgina, Joseph, Shirley, Tricia, Gera, Mei Ling, Jane, Yujing, Cindy, Tony, Nicholas, Jasmine and many of you (who I left out here, but I still remember you guys in my heart). You guys have been part of my life. You all have played an important role in making who I am in 2009. I can remember the first time EME turn up at Bt Timah Plaza to support me, I was truly truly touched.

Would like to take this opportunity to specially mention a few who have really helped me out a lot in one way or another, namely Tony, Nicholas, Mandy, Dewei, Tim, Joseph and Carol. Thank you all so much. And Joanne and Catherine! Thanks for everything!

To Gilberto, though you never once couldnt understand a word of mandarin I spoke, you were always there for all my events. Tricia, Gera, thanks for always standing up for me and being there for me. Carol, Daniel, Yuan Zhuang, Yujing, Mei Ling, Jane, Georgina, Shirley, your physical presence are the best form of support to me. Thank you all for making the effort to come down to my events to give me the support! (",)

I would also like to thank my teachers and behind the scenes people. Dance teacher Alex, Drums teacher Jensen, Acting class mentor Cai Xuan 老师, my beloved vocal coach John Lee, and not forgetting Pin Ming 老师 and Chong for making my album preparation a success.

Must also thank my family, my relatives, my friends, my schoolmates, my army friends. Thank you for everything that you guys done for me and your support.

Lastly, not forgetting all the media, press, radio and magazine. Without you guys, I think I wont last in the trade also. Thank you for helping me all the while. Do continue to give me your support in my new album and upcoming activities.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Last 2 Days

New Year's coming. And I'm totally not in the mood of receiving it yet. Not that I'm unhappy or what. But rather the holiday season just didnt strike me this year. Not for Christmas either. Oh well. Hopefully I can embrace CNY with a wide smile and anticipation. Haha.

Went for my last facial and haircut of 2009 at Angelsky8 today. Darren cut my hair as usual and Connie did my facial. She did a new facial treatment for me today. :)

As I was about the leave for home, I saw J Ai and guess who?

Can you guys recognise him, the one on the right. Haha. He used to be an actor at Mediacorp. I knew him and we last met at Partyworld 3 years ago, and he can still recognise me and remember my name, even though I've been through quite a bit of transformation after army. Haha. (",)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Counting Down

Three more days to 2010! Are you ready yet?

What New Year Resolutions have you made? =)

This is a picture album cover send by Tim, finally get in touch with him and happy to know he is always here for me. He told me that my CD cover have the same feel as the above cover. (",)

Everybody must take care of your own health as recent weather is alittle weird. Drink more water and sleep well. Lol.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

向日葵的约定 - a support to my friend Lawrence

I watched the movie 向日葵的约定 today at Channel U.

Did all of you watch it too? :)

Reason being my friend Lawrence starred in it, so I support him! Haha.

I felt that this show is very meaningful. It teaches us to not have prejudice against the less fortunate people. I always feel that even the least fortunate people can lead a normal life like anyone of us. Maybe they may need a little physical help here and there, but as long as we are willing to render that little assistance to grant them a normal lease of life, why not? So, let's all start with a small gesture. Be it donating a lil amount of money, donating stuffs or buying $1 tissues, or volunteering at a home. Let's all do a part!

I've known Lawrence for quite sometime now. I guess 3 years? First time I met him was at an event, where he hosted the show and I was the guest artiste that night. After that we kept in touch but havent really met until last year's Puma's Friends of Puma campaign. Was really shocked to see him. But still it was a pleasant surprise for me. He also came to my 21st birthday party and we attended quite a few parties together. He's really friendly, humble and a nice friend. Glad to have known him. Support Lawrence ok! Visit his blog @

Today was a lazy day. I accompanied dad to visit the car accessories centre Autobacs. Then had lunch and went home to rest. Evening I went to hospital to pay my Aunt a visit. Didnt know now hospital visits are so stringent. First you have to register, then you have to declare the patient name, relation to patient, and not more than 3 persons can go up at the same time.

After the visit, Sis, Dad and I had dinner together. And that marks my day today. Haha. So fast Christmas long weekend over. I hope everyone had a good rest.

Boss's rabbit passed away today, and he very sad. I hope he is ok now. The rabbit will go to a better place and be happier.

Oh yah. I came to know of this movie. Apparently the trailer shows it being very scary, just like Paranormal Activity. Lol. I want to watch, but I scared. Anybody want to watch together? I think Boss also want to watch. Haha. Cannot be scared ah!!

Scary right? Lol.

Before I go, I wanna wish someone a happy birthday. And that person is Serena! Happy Birthday to you! Here's wishing you good health and may everything goes smoothly for you! It's been great knowing you. Thanks for always being there!

Alright, that's all for now! (",)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Treasure Hunter

Watched The Treasure Hunter with 娟姐 and Boss today.

The Treasure Hunter (刺陵)

Genre: Action
Director: Kevin Chu(朱延平)
Cast: Jay Chou(周杰伦), Lin Chi Ling(林志玲), Eric Tsang(曾志伟), Chen Dao Ming(陈道明)
RunTime: 1 hr 46 mins
Rating: PG

Movie Synopsis
In the northwest desert where countless prosperous dynasties have flourished and fallen, there is rumour of a buried treasure of unbelievable riches. A group of mysterious guardians have kept the map to the location safe, until a fierce rivalry erupts. A notorious international crime group, The Company, hunts down the map keepers and before they manage to secure it, the keeper passes the map to a young chivalrous man named Ciao Fei (Jay Chou). Ciao Fei is forced to give up the map to save the life of his mentor's daughter Lan Ting (Lin Chi Ling). Teaming up with archaeologist Hua Ding Bang and Lan Ting, they embark on a dangerous journey to recover the map and fight to protect the ancient treasure.

Movie Review
Hmmmm... What to say for this movie? It wasnt as good as I expected. Storyline is abit.. I would say cliche and boring at some parts and I couldnt very much appreciate some jokes in the movie. But still..... It's my idol Jay Chou. So I guess it's still ok overall. Effects are good, and the movie also combines and blends the traditional Horse Riding Warriors using sword and spears and kung fu fighting with the modern cars, motorcycles and guns very well. It's nice to see these two come together and rarely movies have them all in one.

Lin Chi Ling's so pretty in the movie, which adds value to the ticket. Hehe. If you are a fan of either, you should watch it!

Overall Rating: 3/5

Official Movie Trailer

I saw Leehom again on the way home. And 娟姐 and I managed to get him to take a picture with us!

HAHAHAHAHA! Dont kill me, I know very lame! :)

娟姐 waste money buy things for me again. Haiyo. She bought me keychains of the two swords in Feng Yun(风云), The Sword of Ultimate Superiority(绝世好剑)and The Snow Sabre(雪饮狂刀)! I like it very much. Thanks 娟姐!

One day when I got money I'll buy the real one. But I think my mum will scold me. Haha.

Nice right? So cool! Alright, it's getting late. I better head off to bed. See ya guys soon, I miss ya all! (",)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hohoho! Merry Christmas to ALL! Was overwhelmed with greetings and wishes from people all around. I tried replying all but IF I left out anyone, please forgive me. Haha. Thank you all soooo much!

Thanks Joseph for helping me play my FB games. I suck at them. Still learning. Haha.

Nothing much today. My aunt was admitted to the hospital. Should be paying her a visit tomorrow. Another uncle's dad passed away. Mum's not around in SG, so I kept dad company.

Stayed home, recuperated. Wrote songs. Did some practices. Exercised. Dinner with dad at Bt Timah.

That basically sums up my Christmas for 2009. How did you spend yours? Share with me!

Oh yah. I saw this, at YEW TEE. Haha. God knows what's it doing at Yew Tee. Wanted to take a photo of it, but it drove off before I could whip my phone out. Lol.

Pictures Courtesy from Lotus Limos.
For more information visit

Cool right? I wanna ride in it also. Maybe for my concert, for my wedding, or just for an evening party out. Haha.

Speaking about concert, have you ever seen clones appearing in concerts? Well, Leehom happened to have them! This is from his Music Man Concert DVD, of course I watched his SG's tour and this trick I tell you, is one of the best (apart from his disappearing act). Haha. Next time when you see Leehom on the streets or anywhere, beware, it may be his clone and not him! Haha. So cool man. I would to have my clones too. (",)

For his "Disappearing Act" trick, forward to 7:23. (If you're lazy to watch the entire thing)

I hope you guys enjoyed the videos. And your Christmas. New year's coming soon, in 6 days. Are you ready for 2010? What are your new year resolutions? Tell me also! Haha.

PS: Yu Jing, there are 12 days of Christmas. So technically speaking, I wasnt late in my greetings! Haha!

Nights all!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve


Finally the hectic schedule has died down a little. Gonna have a good rest these few days. I hope everyone also have a good rest la. (",)

The usual Christmas Eve family gathering held at Swissotel. Aunt booked a room and we just party all night. Pity no pictures because mum took the digi cam away.

Sometimes I wonder, next year this time, what will I be doing? Will things be different already? I dont know. But I sure hope things are getting better!

Alright. Off to bed. Blog more tomorrow! Haha.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Media Visit

Today was a special and exciting day. We are going Media Visiting! Woke up early to prepare and head off to Donut Empire to collect the "Elson Chocolate Donut". Thanks to Donut Empire for making 200 pieces of "Elson Choclate Donut".

First stop is to Mediacorp Radio. We headed into YES 93.3 office and, "Surprise!" Jun Xing 哥 was the first person to greet us. My first time meeting him in person. He's so warm and friendly. And also very suave in person. Haha. He introduced us to the other friends of YES 93.3 and I also saw Li Yi 姐 today. She is really pretty and very friendly too. I'm so touched by them in many ways, dunno how to describe it also. Lol!

After I passed them my Elson Chocolate Donuts, we took some photos and Jun Xing 哥 brought us to Love 97.2 where he introduced us the legendary Zi Gan 大哥! He too is super nice and cute also. He even invited me to record a jingle for their radio station. I'm really touched and honoured. I will do a good job in the jingle recording.

After that Jun Xing 哥 brought us to Capital 95.8 where he introduced other friends of the radio station to us. Thanks Sen Lian 姐 and Di Cong 哥 for their encouragement. Also thanks Carine 大姐 for your kind advise too.
Would like to thank someone who paid a special visit to me during my visit to the radio stations. She is Lilian Ang. Haha. She is also a friend of the radio people and she dropped by LOVE 97.2 office because she saw me in there and she gave me a lovely christmas gift. So sweet of her. Thanks Lilian.

After some more photo takings, we all chatted awhile before leaving for our next stop.

Thank you Jun Xing 大哥, Li Yi 姐 and Zi Gan 哥 for being so supportive, so welcoming and so cordial towards us. (",)
Next we headed to Annex Building to pay the TV station crew a visit. Not forgetting my loves from Channel U Kissable Guy production team too. It's so great meeting Valerie 姐 and Karyn 姐 again. I also met Jeslyn 大姐, and took a group photo with them.

Afterwhich, I visited Channel 5 and Channel 8 Entertainment Productions, passed them my Elson Chocolate Donuts and hope that they like it. They are very friendly too.

Today Paper is the last stop. Christopher 哥 came out to greet us. First time seeing him also. He has a wide and warm smile. Haha. He wanted to do a interview on me and I'm super happy now. Thanks you Christopher 哥.
After that we headed to Peace Center for lunch. Dropped by Leadership Printing to pass them my donuts too. Lunch was great. Ate till super full. Haha. We also visited POMO shopping centre management, finally meet Smith bro. Haha.

Shine Models is our next pit stop. Finally got to see Helen after such a long time. I think the last time we met was at my birthday. Pity Jud and Ice werent around. Would love to see them too!

Dropped by Genting International to give God sis Fiona and Alex some donuts. God mama Irene went to Hong Kong for business trip. Too bad she missed the chance to taste my donuts.

I also went to Angelsky8 to pass the donuts to J.Ai and the friends of Angelsky8. For some reason, I like being there. It's like something very close to my heart now. Seeing the people there and J.Ai, is like seeing a part of my that has etched onto my heart deep within, like a part of family. 3 years have come and gone so fast. And I know there's many more to come! Thanks J.Ai for always being so supportive. And thanks to the friends of Angelsky8 for helping make me into what I am today in a way or another.

Next we head to SPH at Toa Payoh. Woo. We spent quite sometime there. The place is so big! Visited OMY, Lianhe Zao Bao, Shin Min, Wan Bao, The New Paper, The Straits Time Razor TV, U-Weekly and many more. We were greeted with smiles everywhere. The people there were very friendly. I hope they like my donuts too! Haha.

Oh ya, did I mention I saw 美心 today in person during my visit? She's soooooo pretty la. (",)

Last stop was UFM 1003. Saw Angeline and Li Yi outside the office and they brought us in. We chatted for quite awhile. Had a few laughs here and there. Would like to thank their confidence in me to be a successful artiste. I'm very touched and happy!
Headed down to Bukit Timah Plaza after that. Visited Mee Mee Optics, WTS Travel and Liu San Ge, where we had dinner there too. Eileen 姐 not there, maybe she went back to Malaysia already.
That marks the end of our first media visit. There are still many friends whom we havent gone today. So we'll probably do so after the Christmas break. See ya guys!!!

Boss and I headed back to Donut Empire after dinner. Finally tasted the durian donut I wanted so much. I tell you, the taste is ultimate!!! Must eat la. One is not enough!

Met Sky, the CEO, together with Joy, Jessie, Sara and Sam. Sky's so humble. Got no airs, is very friendly, very polite and he likes music too! We all agreed to go KTV session one day together. Haha.

I took many photos today. I like taking photos. Each photo is like a piece of memory in my life, and I would like to make a conscious effort to remember each and every single person I met and I know. So I hope you guys dont mind me taking photos with you all, all the time! (",)

Lastly I would like to thank a few more people.

First to Boss, for everything that he had pre-planned and arranged, as well for everything today. It's really alot of hardwork I know, and I appreciate it!

Sky, Steven and Joy for helping me make and prepare my own "Elson Chocolate Donut", it's very nice and tasty too!

Mark 大哥, for chauffeuring us around the whole day despite only sleeping for 2 hours last night.

Serena and Joseph Di for running around with us today and helping out us. It's been hard on you both. Thanks alot!

Lastly, more photo will be uploaded to My Photo in my blog soon. Otherwise can check out my Facebook, Friendster or Yahoo Group.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


今天特别的开心,所以就用了中文来写这一篇部落格。同时,也是要为一些来自中国,香港,台湾和马来西亚的朋友们而写的。虽然海外认识我的朋友们不多,但还是想对你们说:“如果没有你们的默默支持,可能我的音乐就不能活到今天了。谢谢你们!” 同样,新加坡的朋友们也一样,没有你们,就没有Elson苏奕铨。Thank you!

看到我的第一张专辑封面了吗?喜欢吗?只要在我的部落格留言箱写下你们的想法,有十位朋友们可以获得Donut Empire 送出的Elson 甜甜圈。记得写下你们的email address。

还有,我想在此告诉大家,我的新歌会在12月30日在新加坡全岛电台首播。想要知道哪一首我的作品会在电台播放,那么一定要锁定全岛电台。首先,要谢谢YES 933,因为之前两首单曲‘祝你幸福’和‘了解’,都有在此台播放,只是没有机会上电台宣传。希望在来临的2010年1月或2月份可以到YES 933宣传我的新歌。



最后我希望专辑和歌曲都会受到大家的肯定,也希望大家可以为Elson苏奕铨加油打气,并帮帮忙在你们的Facebook, Friendster, Blog或任何网站宣传一下。在此,我要谢谢一直以来,陪伴着我走过这一段艰苦音乐路程的朋友和家人,也不忘我的经理人,我的老师们,我的赞助商,我的EME。哈哈哈。谢谢大家!Thank You! I love all of you!



Monday, December 21, 2009

Counting Down

We finally finished recording the last song for my upcoming album. Cant wait for the final products to be out so that I can listen to them! Cant wait for even more the release of the album. Date's drawing near, I really hope it can be a huge success!

Ended late as usual. Had only less than 2 hours rest. I had to rush cab to school for oversleeping. Haha. But 老师 OT in the studio even after we are done. Must really thank him for putting in so much effort into producing every song, including doing the arrangements and backing vocals for some songs. And also Chong 大哥 for doing the mixing and mastering for me. Not forgetting Boss, the person who never fails to attend every single recording sessions, staying up late with us, and even later after, and for all the effort and hardwork. I have a good team and I really appreciate everyone of them.

Not forgetting people who morally supported me Yu Jing, Carol, Yuan Zhuang, Mandy, Joyce Stella, Shirley and Joseph (for also coming down during one of the sessions).

I miss EME. Hope to see everyone soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Caught Avatar with Boss and Joseph yesterday. Great movie, but super de duper long. End up reaching home at 5.30am. haha.


Genre: Action
Director: James Cameron
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez
RunTime: 2 hrs 45 mins
Rating: PG

Movie Synopsis
Avatar takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a newcomer from Earth embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home.

We enter the alien world through the eyes of Jake Sully, a former Marine confined to a wheelchair. But despite his broken body, Jake is still a warrior at heart. He is recruited to travel light years to the human outpost on Pandora, where a corporate consortium is mining a rare mineral that is the key to solving Earth's energy crisis. Because Pandora's atmosphere is toxic, they have created the Avatar Program, in which human "drivers" have their consciousness linked to an avatar, a remotely-controlled biological body that can survive in the lethal air. These avatars are genetically engineered hybrids of human DNA mixed with DNA from the natives of Pandora... the Na'vi.

Reborn in his avatar form, Jake can walk again. He is given a mission to infiltrate the Na'vi, who have become a major obstacle to mining the precious ore. But a beautiful Na'vi female, Neytiri, saves Jake's life, and this changes everything. Jake is taken in by her clan, and learns to become one of them, which involves many tests and adventures. As Jake's relationship with his reluctant teacher Neytiri deepens, he learns to respect the Na'vi way and finally takes his place among them. Soon he will face the ultimate test as he leads them in an epic battle that will decide the fate of an entire world.

Some screenshots of the movie:

Movie Review
I'm not a big fan of alien-themed movies. But the visuals and the effects of this show greatly wowed me. I guess that's also the only thing that kept me awake throughout the entire movie (i watched at 1.15am-4am). The storyline is good, but a lil long for me, in a good way. It's due to the progress of the storyline. In a way it's quite well planned, not draggy at all. A good movie to watch on any occasion with anybody, alone, with a date or family and friends. I would recommend everyone to catch this through the Christmas and New Year holidays. The thought of it already makes me warm. (",)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Official Movie Trailer
A Good Trailer

Recording tonight. I hope everything goes well. Last song!

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