Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Headed down to Sony Music for meeting today. So many things to do these days. Concert is coming up in July too!

As we were heading back, we went through Iluma and I was surprised to see our concert stage still intact! Haha.

After that Mr Osman sent me down to the studio for my recording. I'm preparing my second album now. Today we are doing up a malay song for my album.

This is my producer/teacher Moliano. He is the guitarist of a famous Malay band in Singapore called Love Hunters. So honoured to have him to do up this song for me. This is him doing the arrangement for me in progress. Cool yea? His guitar skills are...... WOO!

After recording headed to Fat Boy's Burger Bar for dinner.

Chili Cheese Fries.
My burger the Fat Basterd Meal.

So many things to do, so little time. Going Angelsky8 for facial tomorrow! Thank you J.ai for helping me arrange the facial despite his busy schedule! (",)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

PJC 10th College Day

Before I start, Bryan is a happy boy! He finally got his ipad. Haha.

Made an appearance yesterday at the Singapore Expo for Kee Song Group's event.

Joseph with Sakura and Imperial Chicken

Joseph and I distributing Kami chicken. Yum yum delicious!

EME with their Kee Song Group products!

Thank you all for supporting me and Kee Song Group. Will be making another appearance on Monday, 30 May 2011, at Singapore Expo Hall 5 again for another Kee Song Group event. Do drop by and say hi! Event starts at 5pm!

After that we were headed down to Pioneer Junior College for its 10th College Day.

Singing my song 梦想起飞 (Living Our Dream)

Got the honour to represent PJC to present my album to our minister for health, Mr Gan Kim Yong. (",)

Leading the college for the school song

My principal Mrs Tan, who have been so encouraging and supportive of me

This is Ms Peggy Tan, the grand daughter of our pioneer Mr Tan Kah Kee

Happy to see and catch up with all my teachers!

After which I was approached by my juniors. They were raising awareness for fund-raising for the needy students for the school. Without second thoughts, I agreed to help.

The Pioneer Bear. Selling at $20 each. Proceeds will go to the needy students.

Ok, last pic of the day. Presenting my two cute juniors who have been effortlessly taking care of me through the rehearsals and the entire event. Very capable two youngsters! Thank you Cheryl and Wei Kong!

Cute eh? (",)

It was a tiring but great day. Glad to be able to give back to the school which once gifted me knowledge and transformed me to what I am today. Love Pioneer JC!