Thursday, April 27, 2017

Good education alone does not guarantee Singapore success: Heng Swee Keat

Do you agree with Minister Heng Swee Keat on "Good education alone does not guarantee Singapore success"? In a way YES for me, as being a singer-songwriter to property agent and later becoming an entrepreneur, it seem like whatever I had study in the past, doesn't really apply to what I'm doing now. I believe this happen to many of you as well, but still study is important as we can gain more knowledge and cultivate ourselves to be a better person in this society. 

"What we need is leadership at every level of society so that everyone can play a role to take Singapore forward, and I think that to me is one of the important lessons from Mr Lee Kuan Yew - how we must continue to place a focus on sense of community and for leaders to be stewards of society and stewards of community so that we can continue to take it forward and to look to the future," Mr Heng said.

If everyone can do our part in contributing to Singapore and take Singapore forward, I believe we can receive more recognition to make Singapore proud. Currently apart from my own career as a singer-songwriter and property agent, I'm working on a couple of mobile game APP and lifestyle APP, hopefully my little invention and idea, with the support from my fellow partners and artistes, the various APPs will become a HIT in Asia. 

It is not easy, but I believe if we don't even want to try, how we know we will fail? Anyway, do support JustClick Loyalty Rewards (Click HERE) and Chef Lawrence APP (Click HERE). Check out the Facebook and follow our updates. 

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